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Written by: ThaBrad (x)

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Sega Brings Games to Toilets with the Toylet

By: ThaBrad Jan 10, 2011 | 12 Comments

Sega has introduced gaming to the bathroom with urine controlled video game

I guess this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Flushing your life away playing video games." Sega has introduced a game that is played by how hard or how much you piss.

These video games have been released in Tokyo and place an led screen above the urinal. You are able to put a flash drive in the bottom of these that will keep your stats. The 4 mini games that are offered are below:

  1. Manneken Pis - this calculates exactly how much a player peed.
  2. Graffiti Eraser - players try to blast graffiti off of a wall Read full story...

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Razer Onza available for pre-order January 17, 2011

By: ThaBrad Jan 6, 2011 | 13 Comments

Razer finally announced the release date of the Onza. With it's adjustable thumbsticks, extra bumpers that you can remap, and 49 dollar price tag, what's not to like?

For over a year now I have been looking and searching for more information on the Razer Onza and when it would be released. Finally today I get an email letting me know that it's been released... sort of. It's an email letting me know that it'll be available for pre-order January 17.

I think this controller will put every other controller out there to shame. First off, it's cheaper, and who don't like a good deal Jimmy? Secondly, the ability to adjust the sensitivity of your thumbsticks is awesome. I remember how much more I liked the stiffness of the original xbox controllers over the new 360 ones. It makes those need for precision situations a lot more easier to deal with. The third good reason to get this controller is an extra set of bumper stops at the top that you can re-map to any other button on the controller. This means when a certain move or action requires you to use the directional pad, you can remap it to a bumper so you don't have to take your fingers off the stick, Awesome to say the least!

There are two versions, the tournament edition and the Standard. From what i've read it seems like the tournament edition comes with the adjustable thumbsticks and that's the only addition. The full set of features for the Tournament Edition are:

  • 2 Adjustable resistance analog sticks
  • 2 Multi-Function Buttons
  • 4 backlit Hyperresponse action buttons
  • Precision D-Pad
  • Non-slip rubber surface (For all of those Sweaty and Heated "Endless" battles with yourself)
  • Quick released USB connector
  • Fully PC compatible
  • 15 foot, lightweigh, braided fiber cable

They come in a white or a black background. The standard controller is only 39.99. I don't know about you guys but I'll definately be making an order on the 17th, popping in Halo Reach, and using the precision of my newly adjusted thumbsticks to pwnn some Jimmys.

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Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed

By: ThaBrad Dec 16, 2010 | 10 Comments

Limited edition includes 3 cars and 40 additional career events.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm very excited about this game. The progressions that they made with hot pursuit were phenomenal, and I can only expect the same with this title.

Need for Speed is set to release March 31st, 2011, according to Amazon. If you preorder, you get 3 cars and 40 more career events, so head over to the catalog and take advantage of this. The cars are as follows:

Nissan Silvia spec.R Aero (S15)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640

Here's the link to the trailer, enjoy ...

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Halo Reach Player Analyzer

By: ThaBrad Dec 2, 2010 | 8 Comments

HaloCharts has come up with a way to tell you where your weaknesses are... or have they?

First let me say that I've been a member of HaloCharts for a little while now and love the extra stats that they give you for certain things in all of the Halos. An example would be that they tell you what you would be ranked in Halo Reach if they'd kept the original ranking system. Hell, I've even played their texted based Halo game, HaloSphere.

 I was very disappointed with this feature from HaloCharts. First off, Bungie posted on their site in the news section that HaloCharts had released this, and HaloCharts was in no way prepared to handle this...result  = epic failure. Halo Charts was down all day yesterday. If you went to their site it said, HaloCharts is very busy right now. The second reason is that the analyzing that they do is just against their community and doesn't help you in any way. They are only telling you how much better or worse you are then the population average on their site, for example in Competitive - Games Won.  

To sum this thing up, definately check out HaloCharts sometime, but don't do it just for the analyzer.

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Win a PS3 Collector's Edition Playing Need For Speed

By: ThaBrad Dec 2, 2010 | 7 Comments

Add NFSDrew to your friends list, beat his times, take a picture, post it, win a PS3!

From the Need for Speed Website News...

NFSDrew is a staple in the NFS community. Not only that but he’s also pretty damn good at the games. All of them. We figured that we would let you guys take him on in a two-week long competition! Here’s what you need to do to be entered into the contest to win a CUSTOM NFS PS3 (pictured below)!

Send NFSDrew a friend request on XBOX or PS3

- He is limited to 100 friends on each console so we will be RESETTING his friend list every  day**
- Find a Speedwall where you beat NFSDrew
- Log-in to Autolog on the web
     -- Click on Autolog Recommends
     -- Select one of the Recommendations on the left side of the screen
     -- Take a screenshot of the Speedwall if you’re beating NFSDrew
- Second option is to take an in-game picture with your phone of yourself beating NFSDrew (again on ANY Speedwall you're beating NFSDrew)
- Take your shot and post it as a twitpic with the following somewhere in the tweet
     -- #AutologRecommends and @needforspeed

This contest will go until December 10th at 5pm PST! Good luck and take NFSDrew down (because I can’t)!!

** Note: Weekends are considered one day, so there will be a reset on Friday and then again on Monday.
*** Additional note: This is an NTSC PlayStation 3, but still an extremely rare collector's edition. For those in the Europe area, just know that it may not play your PlayStation copies.

I was having trouble adding him so I emailed him and this is what he said ....

My friends list is generally reset every morning pacific standard time.  However, it fill up quick so it’s best to send the friend request around 10am (PST).

Also, you can add NeedforSpeed on Twitter and they've been posting when his friends list is reset.

Hope this helps guys... good luck winning the PS3

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Follow Up

By: ThaBrad Nov 23, 2010 | 14 Comments

After a couple of weeks of playing, it's still as fun as the first night thanks to a couple of features from the makers of Need for Speed.

After playing a few weeks with King of Jimmys("The Ultimate Enforcer") and Erik Estrada("Online Pwner"), I've been having as much fun as I've had since I got it. One of the best features about the game is the Autolog.

"The heart of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is Autolog, which is where your journey begins every time you enter Seacrest County. Autolog is the intelligent engine at the center of our most connected Need for Speed ever, keeping you in the middle of the action both in and out of the game. Through Autolog, you’ll be able to track your career progress, Personal Best times and how they compare against your friends, check out all your captured game photos, brag about your latest accomplishments, and jump into challenges recommended by Autolog’s comparison engine based on your friends’ gameplay."

"If your mug is going to be plastered all over your friends’ walls, you better make sure that your profile picture is exactly how you want it looking. If you’ve got photos on your computer that you’d rather use, log into Autolog on the web and change up your profile picture. It’s as easy as busting your friends! Just log into click on Career and then look for the camera icon on the profile picture space. Simple. " Lets take a look at a Rent a Cop Jimmy..


"Trash-talking is one of the best parts of gaming. Who doesn’t enjoy beating a friends time in an event and then bragging to them about it? Well, we’ve incorporated that right into the game thanks to Autolog, but when you’re not playing, that doesn’t mean the smack can’t continue to fly! Jump on to Autolog on the Web and access your wall. From there you can write a message to all your friends, or comment on anything your friend has said! Give it a try!" Lets take a look at some of the comments on my wall..

 So now that I've seen that Jimmy has beated a few of my times, I'll want to go look at those races. So after drilling down to each individual race I come up with this.

Take a look at the attempts,WOW, so as you can see this Jimmy has put a lot of hard work into trying to beat my times. So this goes back to my very first point, this game is just as addictive now as it was when it was first released. I don't recommend you go off the deep end and play hours on top of hours trying to beat someone's time like this Jimmy did, but I definately recommend checking it out if you haven't.

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OnLive Launches Cloud Video Game Console - Next generation gamin

By: ThaBrad Nov 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

On-demand video game company OnLive announced Thursday that its cloud-based instant-play game system is available for pre-order with delivery beginning on Dec. 2.

This seems pretty cool. It hooks up just like any other console with internet connection and a tv connection. You can have up to four controllers being used, and can also use a keyboard and Mouse.

Even at the products launch they will have more than 35 games. These games include anything from Borderlands to NBA2K11.

The games can be tested for free and then converted to a three day or five day rental or Full PlayPass. They said in the future they will add a monthly flat rate plan, giving users access to a game library..


You can read the full story here.  

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New Halo Reach Armor and Ranks Now Available

By: thabrad Nov 2, 2010 | 9 Comments

The Halo Reach Cap has been removed!

What a coincidence, the halo reach cap gets removed on Tuesday, and i wonder if anyone thinks it's because of Black Ops?

Check out the full story, they are supposed to write a little more on it later on.

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Halo Reach Button Glitch

By: ThaBrad Oct 13, 2010 | 10 Comments

Just a heads up for you Jimmys out there thinking that someone is cheating because you're getting pwned so much, you actually may be right.

While doing some reading in forums, I've came across an interesting glitch. It seems that the old BXB and BXR from Halo 2 is back.  Whether or not Bungie thinks it's cheating is still unknown. Just do a simple search to read more about this.

Apparently there are a lot of conditions that have to be met to perform this. First you have to be the host of the game and secondly you have to have a pistol equipped. From what I've read it seems to be a little inconsistent. Hopefully, since only one person can do it a game because of host, you won't run into someone using this exploit.

Triggers Down Jimmys

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My wake up call in Halo CE

By: ThaBrad Aug 26, 2010 | 5 Comments

After dominating my area in Halo CE, I made a 2 hour trip to find out how good I really was.

I first started with an Atari, like many others. We didn’t have many games for it, so I also had a few games on the computer I would play at that time. Some kind of flight simulator, which I had to access everything from the command prompt, and at that time was a pain in the ass. There were like 7, 5.25 diskettes. I then moved to the Nintendo, super Nintendo, sega, and sega cd. I had one game for the sega cd, Sewer Rats or something like that. I was thinking that was going to be the future, first gaming system to take cds. Epic Fail.!

Once I got in community college, I got an xbox. I was one of the first people in my area to try out halo. I was also on the baseball team there, so after practices, I would invite a good bit of them over and we would play split screen. I totally wiped their ass over and over and felt great about it. Didn’t feel so great when it was report card time, and I was having to stay after practice and run because my grades we so low from not doing homework. It drove me insane that everyone else was getting to go back to the dorms and play Halo and practice. Well after a couple months of beating their asses, one of the guys on the team said he knew of someone that played at Southern Miss. College and was real good and said he would wipe the floor with me. At that time I thought I could maybe be one of the best in the country. So one weekend I go down there to check everything out. Man was I surprised. I walk into their apartment, and they have timers sitting on the ground in front of them, I ask them, what are you guys cooking, only to find out it was me, and I looked real stupid for asking. I played the best guy there to start off, I remember it like it was yesterday because of how bad he embarrassed me, Chief SlapaHo. Well game one starts out and he beats me to a power weapon and kills me. As I spawn, I hear….Ding, 1 second later, I’m dead. I was like, WTF! After quite a few more deaths, I figured out they had everything set on timers, gun respawns, when I would spawn, and the couple places I could spawn. I wasn’t ever embarrassed so much in my life. They were cool guys though, they ended up teaching me a good bit about the game.

Halo 2 was my favorite out of everything. I played it constantly, from learning super jumps to the double shot. I would miss so much class because of this game. I was so addicted to hearing everything that I could make that guy say behind the curtains, double kill, triple hill, killtacular. The 360 came out and we tried playing halo 2 on it. I saved up and saved up and also got an LCD monitor. It was so much harder to play with that new controller and that wider screen for some reason, I couldn’t get used to it. It eventually led to me playing less and less of it.

Halo 3 came out and I picked up where I left off at halo 2, sucking. When I say sucking, I mean going even every game, when the guys I’m usually playing with are always double k/d. I didn’t like a lot of the things they added. The bubble shield, and especially that radar jammer. At the time I may have been blaming that stuff one the reason I wasn’t playing as much, but it was really I couldn’t compete at the level I wanted to. My cousin, didn’t take long to become a 50 in lone wolves. It wouldn’t be long and the 3 guys I’d always played with were 50’s in team slayer. I wanted that 50. I played with them, and basically felt like they were carrying me. They carried me to a 48 and that was as close as I got.

I was so ready for the next halo. The beta finally rolled around, and by this time I had a real job and my own money. I turned the beta on and by that night I had looked up to see what was being used at MLG events and I went and bought that LCD monitor. I never had any idea that it was the monitor the whole time. I still wasn’t crazy about the 360’s controller, but the response time and the ratio made everything so much smoother. I was finally back to my usual k/d ratio and our team winning about every match. There wasn’t a big blur across my screen when I turned. Now that Razr is making a controller that you can adjust the sensitivity of the thumb sticks on, I should be good to go. I can’t wait until the release and playing with some of my new co workers like Estrada. This one being closer to Halo CE is really good since that was my favorite out of all of them. Wouldn’t it be cool if I ran into Chief SlapaHo. You guys hit me up on Reach when it comes out, ThaBrad.


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