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3DS Blow out! A handheld preview

By: reipuerto Jan 11, 2011 | 11 Comments

The 3DS is a beast!!

What up you Jimmies? Rei here with your Nintendo news! Any news! So listen, read, up!

First thing first, this will change the way we handheld games(both better and worse lol)! The 3DS will have eight games at the launch, in Japan, and here they are with their yen value and my assumtion value of it;

Nintendogs & Cats ¥4,800 (+$50)

Winning Eleven Soccer 3D ¥5,800 (+$60)

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ¥4,800 (+$50)

Samurai Warriors: Chronicle ¥6,090 (+$65)

Puzzle Bobble 3D ¥4,980 (+$55)

Ridge Racer 3D ¥6,090 (+$65)

Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs 3D ¥5,040 (+$52)

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle ¥5,980 (+$62)

And what a line up! Ridge Racer 3D and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will be my pick. So you might be asking, "Jimmy! How much ya nub?!" Well, with no pinpoint price, I'm calling it at $250. Yup.

But let's be realistic. The Yen is stronger than the dollar, so those games would really cost between $30 and $40. And with the system at your hands, you can play a max of 8hrs with no 3D on and low light.... But it's "3D" so around 4hrs max. Not bad but could've been WWWAAAYYYY better. Just take a look at both Resident Evil: The Mercenaries and Dead or Alive Dimension respectfully;

With graphic that look GREAT on a handheld, this little monster will be a force to be dealt with! Just watch this small preview of their expected line up!

The 3DS will also have eight, 8, gigs of cartridge! That's more than SIX, 6, times the amount of umd from the PSP(1.8gigs)! Oh yeah! Graphics and gameplay in the palm of your hand!
if you don't like those choices of games, you can download old classic game too! Just like that dusty Wii you have being used as a night stand, it can download games from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color catalog! That way, you can see how far we have came....

Take a look at some sexy pictures too!

So, are you guys excited too? Let us know, down below!



Street Fighter High: The Musical

By: reipuerto Sep 8, 2010 | 3 Comments

It's a MUST for any Street Fighter out there.

Just when you though Street Fighter won't get any more better.... The Fighters would have to go through what wee all went through...

The kids of Street Fighter High are back... in the big screen musical you hadouk-ant miss!


And they won't leave you hanging. Check out part 2!

This is the best in style and humor the the champions! How's your favorite character protrated?! Tell us!
My personal favorite is Makoto. She's so hot...



MegaCon 2011 Pictures Part One

By: reipuerto Mar 28, 2011 | 8 Comments

The first of four rounds of picture. How are they? Best viewed on Firefox and Chrome :D

What up Jimmies? Rei here with the LARGEST convention in Florida, Megacon 2011!
This, is a special convention in my heart... It was the first one that I cosplayed Yun, from Street Fighter 3, and the first of many since I started doing this... You don't want to hear my story, you want pictures! Yeah!

So, let's get started! What's your pick for the first round?!



Two new Naruto games are coming!

By: reipuerto Aug 24, 2010 | 6 Comments

Two new games in different system with similar style.

Atlus announced today, a new Naruto Shippuden game! One is called Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles for Wii™ and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Naruto vs. Sasuke for Nintendo DS™. These two chapters in the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN franchise, based on the extremely popular anime series, are currently scheduled for release on November 16, 2010.  Over the next few weeks certain retailers will offer special bundles, pre-order bonus items, and gifts-with-purchase for the games, making them perfect gifts for the holiday season!

"We're very excited to work with Tomy Corp. and VIZ Media to present two new NARUTO SHIPPUDEN games to fans across North America," said Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus. "We're sure fans will have NARUTO SHIPPUDEN on their holiday wish lists as they do every year, and we're happy to bring them not only the games but also exciting bonus offers at retailers such as,, Best Buy, EB Games Canada, GameStop, and Toys 'R' Us."

About NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Dragon Blade Chronicles (Wii)
Take control of both Naruto and Sasuke as they go their own ways to seek out the mysteries and power behind Genryu, the mighty Elemental Dragons, in an all-new epic adventure. The world is in danger and only the power of the legendary Dragon Blade and rare elemental orbs hidden across the land can save it.  As Naruto, you will use special orbs collected from the powerful Genryu to enhance your Dragon Blade with new powers, acquire new skills by finding and equipping dozens of Ninja Scrolls hidden throughout the world, and take on gigantic dragons in incredible boss battles! With two superstars in one game, you won't want to miss this amazing adventure!



About NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Naruto vs. Sasuke (Nintendo DS)
Experience first-hand one of the most popular storylines from the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN arc as Naruto and Sasuke face off amidst a backdrop laced with intrigue and subterfuge!  Discover, recruit, and swap fighters into your team to meet the needs of any given situation.  Compete against your friends in Wireless Battle Mode for up to four players, or play cooperatively in the new Boss Rush Mode (local wireless only).  Take part in thrilling battles and exciting mysteries, all leading up to the epic showdown between Naruto and Sasuke!




MetroCon 2010 Pictures P1

By: reipuerto Jul 27, 2010 | 5 Comments

How under-aged are they?! Lol!



Florida Super Con 2010 Pictures!

By: reipuerto Jun 23, 2010 | 6 Comments

This is what you've been waiting for!

Just check these pictures out! Rate and leave a comment! You're picture might be next!


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Demon’s Souls Review

By: reipuerto Aug 25, 2010 | 5 Comments

You will get beat. A lot. And then some. Until you learned your lesson. And still come back for more.

Demon’s Souls is one of the MOST UNDERAPPRECIATED game of last year. Once this game was praised for unorthodox reasons, it kicked off and reminded us, the gamers, that games aren’t only meant to be enjoyed, but to be challenged in them too. Making the experience worth the purchase. The makes of Demon’s Souls, From Software, know how to make a game. They also published the Tenchu and Armored Core series too. And Atlus made a great investment of taking the publishing rights and releasing it here in North America. So let’s get started shall we?

[copyrighted image removed]

Story- You are in a corrupted Kingdom called Boletaria and the King is a selfish bastard and uses dark ritual to gain power. So heroes try to service the people but get destroyed in the process. There is a fantastic story behind this but the game’s narrative is lost. A shame because some the character you meet SEEM to have a bigger story than the main character! Seriously! It makes you think that you are really there to help them and finish their. But you also get your own place in the world. There is a character that helps you instead of killing you. Referred to as the Maiden in Black, and your source of leveling up, she helps you with your quest. And there are even some secrets of the story, you’ll wondering for a WHILE.

Gameplay- This game is at your control. Like InFamous, the controls are spot on. The only mistake is the player. You can block, roll, back step, put up your shield, swing weapon, swing weapon with two hands, light and heavy strikes with single and cast magic/miracles. You also have to watch your stamina bar. To “level up”, you use the game’s currency, demon’s souls, to increase your personal style of preference. On the out skirts of the game, you get to pick you class, not race, and ride with it. But after that, you can make a magicians with strong attack, and soldiers with strong magic. Weigh and inertia of your equipment do matter. Carry all that junk and you’re as slow as a cow. Pack light and you can use less stamina and maneuver much faster. The game is yours. The control is yours. It’s like more Zelda sword play. And you’ll die. More times than you can count too. Why? Because you’re reckless and you play too much Halo and Call of Duty. Those game hold your hand. Demon’s Souls will look at you fail and kick you while you are down too. Because not only dying means to reset the level from the beginning with EVERY enemy you killed, RESPAWN, but you lose your all-in-one currency too. Demon’s Souls takes you back to the old days. No training wheels here folks. You die because you are rash. You die because you got cocky. You die because you are careless. Slow and a steady wins the race here. There is a REAL tension here.
The gameplay also has “online” play offline play. What that means Jimmy is, you are always connected to PSN. And you will see ghost or Souls wondering around doing something in your world. Those are real players living in your game, doing something in that area. If you see blood stains on the floor, get ready for a blast. You get to view the last few seconds of that poor bastard that made the wrong move. They are your help. And you can leave writing on the wall and people will read it. If they “like” it, your health gets replenish because of your helpful deed. Else, nothing. You can even trick people into their own death…
Souls can also INVADE your game and try to kill you, if you‘re in human form. They are known as Black Phantom, and they crash your adventure and try to take your life so they can be revived in their world. But as human, you can summon White Phantom to help you fight back. As human form, you have full health, you can summon others but your footsteps are loud, yes, that matter! In Soul form, you health is reduced to half, you can invade/assist others games, and are quite!
If you progress the game while doing good deeds, in a sense of banishing the demons and not dying, the World’s Tendency will get brighter, making the game SLIGHTY easy. But if you die and invade others, the World gets darker and game get harder.

Sound- The game has an amazing orcastrated sound. The sounds of real drums and instruments make it better. The clash of swords and bow guns launching, arrows bouncing of your shield, fire, beast, and blood spatter, all sound superb!

Graphics- The game has a beautiful scenery. It will capture your attention, when you’re not looking at the game over screen time and time again. It is unfortunate that the came comes off as generic. The detail in deforming your ugly human is humorous. But hey, that’s what armor is for.

Over all- Buy it! It is an adventure WORTH taking. Not many games can deliver this kind of intensity and the sense of defeating a foe, is on par with beating a game. The DEEP mechanics are insane! Just to beat Demon’s Souls will require a talent that we as gamers lost, patience and perseverance! BUY IT twice because it’s a rare jewel.

Just listen to the beauty...

It's the final batch! Do you like what you see?

What up you Jimmies?!

Rei here with the last batch of pictures from Wizard World Comic Con 2011 in Miami, Florida.

Read full story...



Anime Festival Orlando(AFO) 2010 Pictures P1

By: reipuerto Aug 10, 2010 | 4 Comments

Are you ready for another round of cosplayers? Chrome and Firefox best viewed!

Tell us, which one is your favorite one?



Halo Legend Review

By: reipuerto Mar 12, 2010 | 3 Comments

Halo on the PS3?

Yes. Halo IS on the PS3. The Legends Blu-Ray movie that is.

This is a short story similar to the Batman: Gotham Knight  and the Animatrix as well, where they are all animated to life. Where a certain amount of studios take the story and add their own style and flavor to the franchise  making the universe more rich and creative.

The movie starts out with the first two stories called Origins one and two. It tells the tale of the Forerunners, Floods and those unlucky bastards later on, humans. It's honestly a good back story for those uninitiated to the universe and sets the story up.

The third story, The Duel depicts the Elite with some human emotions and gives them samurai spirits. Its distinct art style is a mix of water color and canvels.

Fourth story is called Homecoming. This one has incredible coincidence. There is a FEMALE in a SUIT and fights alien in her RED armor. She's BLOND but has short hair. I honestly thought I was watching Samus Aran whopping ass until I realized it was Halo. It's alright, I guess.

This one is the funniest one of the seven story. Called Odd One Out, it tells the story of a Spartan named 1337 who falls from the ship and it's a comic relief for the over dramatic story. It has Dragon Ball Z aspect where the fights are concerned. I nice twist to this one.

The sixth story is my personal favorite, called Prototype. It tells the tale of a solder that lost his whole squad and be came a Spartan called Ghost. In a mission to destroy a Prototype suit, his squad gets pinned down and they assume that Ghost has abandoned them. Ghost not only saves them from death but uses the Prototype to save is man. He is a cold hearted soldier with no feeling but after getting his troops to safety, he finally becomes human in a last strike in the battle field.

The Babysitter, being the seventh story, is more of the arrogant one. Hot shots believe they got the biggest whanks in the universe are assigned with a Spartan for a mission of assassination. The character development is a bit better where one of the soldiers see his ways of being an arrogant jerk.

Finally, The Package finishes the story well. The Chief making his way to save some broad in a mix of all 3D and smooth animation. More Spartans are here so the story is action packed.

This movie ISN'T for everyone. Thus, this movie will be enjoyed more for those fans of anime THAN those of the game. Because everyone knows, people who play Halo can't go 27seconds without killing something. So there IS a story but they don't care because of the development in the story and mild action(with the exception of the Odd One Out).

Over I give this movie who's clearly riding on the fans that don't watch, let alone buy a movie, 3.9/5

I would Buy it if you love anime, other wise Flush it!



AFO 2010 Pictures P2 and Video

By: reipuerto Aug 10, 2010 | 3 Comments

My two hit combo. Check it out. Chrome and Firefox best viewed!

What a treat from you guys! Not only pictures but the video too. Let me know in the comment section below on your favorite cosplayer and what did you think about the video too!


Over all. AFO was a fun convention.
They had good panels every other hour, the vendor's room was an abundance size, sufficient cosplayer, and the rave(and the after party) was worth it!

Jimmy likes!



Metro Con 2010 Preview

By: reipuerto Jul 7, 2010 | 5 Comments

MetroCon… You know you like futile Japan when the theme is Ninjas vs. Samurai!

What is MetroCon and where is it?

MetroCon is the largest anime convention in Florida. Located in Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida, it will be their eighth year. MetroCon will be rocking out and jamming with special guests, artist, cosplayers, music bands, and more!

MetroCon will have an all-star cast of special guests.

First, lets start off with the talented Yaya Han. A cosplayer, costume designer, model and entertainer, she travels all over the United States and in other countries too, showing her talent and skills of designer of ten years! Her passion burns deep and she’s not afraid to get in the line of judging costumes. She will pull off and amazing feat this time. With Comic Con and MetroCon going on the same weekend, she’ll finish off her weekend with us! A first for her! What a gall!

Second we have Spike Spencer. The first time you meet Spike, you’ll never forget. His style is unmatched. A voice actor since the early nineties, his voice talent lead him to animes and video games, such as Evangelion, Suikoden, Orphen, Mar ,  Buso Renkin, Bleach and many more on anime. On the video game side, he has done video game voices on World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusades, Tales of Vesperia, Steambot Chronicles, Star Ocean 2, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and much more. This guy is worth shecking out because of his panels that include but are not limited to "How to Be A Frickin Genius Voice Actor, Step One", "What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con?", And "Don't Kill Your Date (And Other Cooking Tips)". Can’t pass up this opportunity!


Let’s break this heavy text with some Jimmyfied slide show.

Next we have the dynamic KellyJane and TealPirate (aka Kelly and Jenn) are two cosplayers from the UK, and are rated as some of the highest-ranking comedians on YouTube. Just check them out on their channel! Here

They are well known for their Kingdom Hearts shows "Demyx Time" and "The Sora Show". They write, film and edit everything themselves, along with the rest of their cosplay group known as Parlé Productions. Between them, their cosplays cover a wide range of shows from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, Ace Attorney, Legend of Zelda, and a ton more!

Check this Jimmy out with his pictures of 2009 MetroCon.

For more information, check out their website, twitter, myspace, and attend their facebook event at

Hope to see you Jimmys there!

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