News: 3DS Blow out! A handheld preview

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The 3DS is a beast!!

What up you Jimmies? Rei here with your Nintendo news! Any news! So listen, read, up!

First thing first, this will change the way we handheld games(both better and worse lol)! The 3DS will have eight games at the launch, in Japan, and here they are with their yen value and my assumtion value of it;

Nintendogs & Cats ¥4,800 (+$50)

Winning Eleven Soccer 3D ¥5,800 (+$60)

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ¥4,800 (+$50)

Samurai Warriors: Chronicle ¥6,090 (+$65)

Puzzle Bobble 3D ¥4,980 (+$55)

Ridge Racer 3D ¥6,090 (+$65)

Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs 3D ¥5,040 (+$52)

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle ¥5,980 (+$62)

And what a line up! Ridge Racer 3D and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will be my pick. So you might be asking, "Jimmy! How much ya nub?!" Well, with no pinpoint price, I'm calling it at $250. Yup.

But let's be realistic. The Yen is stronger than the dollar, so those games would really cost between $30 and $40. And with the system at your hands, you can play a max of 8hrs with no 3D on and low light.... But it's "3D" so around 4hrs max. Not bad but could've been WWWAAAYYYY better. Just take a look at both Resident Evil: The Mercenaries and Dead or Alive Dimension respectfully;

With graphic that look GREAT on a handheld, this little monster will be a force to be dealt with! Just watch this small preview of their expected line up!

The 3DS will also have eight, 8, gigs of cartridge! That's more than SIX, 6, times the amount of umd from the PSP(1.8gigs)! Oh yeah! Graphics and gameplay in the palm of your hand!
if you don't like those choices of games, you can download old classic game too! Just like that dusty Wii you have being used as a night stand, it can download games from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color catalog! That way, you can see how far we have came....

Take a look at some sexy pictures too!

So, are you guys excited too? Let us know, down below!

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Jan 11, 2011 by reipuerto

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[UPDATED] Jan 13, 2011 7:49:50 PM

Jan 13, 2011 by reipuerto


Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, have spoken about 3D video in a regular questions and answer. And Iwata-san said to Miyamota-san that;

"In a future, improved version, I think it would be enjoyable if you were able to film video,"

Hot damn! Do you Jimmies know what that means? You can, in the future, with a MAYBE firmware update or something, record yourself naked playing video games like I do.... Or in the toilet. You're choice....

In other news, the 3DS MIGHT be region locked and MIGHT have friend codes..... Region lock means you CAN'T export those crazy Japanese games that let you touch anime chick in 3D, and friend codes are a cumbersome way of exchanging friend information. The friend code is longer than your social security number and not even that useful...

Now what do you think? I'm still stroked to hear about a POSSIBLE 3D video feature. It'll POP out...!  :D


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