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A-Cho brings us KOF13!

By: iorilamia Dec 31, 2010 | 9 Comments

A-Cho, busting out the KOF Jimmy!

A-Cho has been bringing us direct feed ssf4:AE videos along with GuiltyGear, now they have 2 KOF13 videos both 30 min +. I'm still bummed about because it feels like this is never coming to home console (its been so long...and still no word), so any gameplay gets me excited! Especially since this has commentary, enjoy and leave a comment! (And its not just a bunch of K' and Raiden, we got variety!)


-Also, what the fuck up is with Yuri and King's top busting off and exposing their bra's when they get defeated? T_T-

Youtube channel here :



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Arthvader Previews: The King of Fighters XIII

By: Arthvader Sep 11, 2011 | 4 Comments

My[Arthvader] preview for The King of Fighters XIII. An in-depth look at the most important reasons why Arthvader is hype for KOF13.

With The King of Fighters XIII coming this November, I'm soo hyped up for this game. I've been a fan of the series since 94, and from the looks of it, I'm sure it'll be one of the best one yet. Here's the trailer:


     The story takes place after the event's of KoF XI. Ash Crimson has just recently managed to claim two of the three power held by the decedents of those who sealed the Orochi 1,800 years ago (Chizuru Kagura and Iori Yagami), while leaving Kyo Kusanagai to be his final victim. As Elisabeth Blanctorche, a former comrade of Ash, prepares to stop him, fighters from around the world received a letter with an invitation to another King of Fighters tournament tournament, in which it's be hosted by a person being simply labeled as "R". This person is Rose, the sponsor of the tournament, who is currently being controlled by "Those from the Past", the organization behind the two previously held tournaments that has been trying to break the seal of the Orochi.


     Let's talk modes first. The game will have the following modes: Story, Practice, Challenge, Customize, Tutorial, Replay, Gallery, and Online.

     In the Story mode, you can view events from the perspective of multiple characters, and it will be influenced by the decisions you make, as well as your battle results. when it comes to battling the CPU in the story mode, you'll be given random objectives, or Target Actions, which when completed, will give you bonus points, as well as some bonuses for the next round. Also, pre-battle dialog will be shown during the single player mode.

     With the Tutorial mode, newcomers will be able to learn the basics of the game. the tournament sponsor Rose will explain the basic controls of each character, as well as the importance of each gauge.

     The Challenge mode will consist of three modes within itself: Survival, where you fight for as long as you can, Time Attack, Where you pretty much just play through the game for the fastest time, and Trial, which you perform various combos with each character.

     The Replay mode is where you can view replays of matches you saved after battles. I don't know yet if you can watch replays with friends yet.

     The Gallery is, well, it's self explanatory. in this mode, you can view various pieces of art done by the staff.

     Another neat feature for this game is the fact that you can customize the character's colors to whatever you want. Sure, at first, there won't be as many colors available at first, but as you keep playing the game, more colors will be available, allowing for unlimited customizations. the best part is, you can use those customizations in online play.

     The next thing I'll mention is gameplay changes. First of all, the following gameplay mechanics from the previous game were removed for this game: the Critical Counter system, the the Clash system, and the dynamic, zooming camera. In the place of these mechanics, the following systems and changes has been added:

  • The EX Mode: Players will be able to use powerful version if their moves for the cost of one meter for EX Desperation Moves, and two meters for EX Super Desperation Moves.
  • The Triple Cancel: this mechanic allows players to unlimitedly cancel their character's moves. the Triple Cancel is dependent on the Hyper Drive Gauge.
  • The Hyper Drive Gauge: A three-tier gauge which will gradually drain as player cancel the moves. Whenever the the gauge reaches the max, the player will then go into a state called "Hyper Drive Mode" in which players will be able to cancel unlimitedly for a short amount of time.
  • Neo Max Desperation Move: whenever the player is in the "Hyper Drive Mode" while having at least three power stocks, they'll be able to pull off this powerful technique. Players can also link this move into a combo, in which you'll do a "Max Cancel".


All I have to say is this, the songs in this game are soo totally badass. Instead of having generic songs for the stages, we get back songs for each team. Not only that, each team's theme, in my opinion, sounds like it belongs with them. Listen to Team Japan's theme here, and see for yourself:


As you can see from the image above, you can tell that the game improves on the graphics. The game will feature a total of at least 8 new hand-drawn stages, while returning stages from the previous game will get a visual upgrade. each characters themselves will have at least 20 different colors to choose from, all of which looks really nice, while some characters might have head swaps (Raiden & Takuma, I'm looking at you), and if the twenty colors aren't enough, you can use your own customized colors (I explained customization mode in the gameplay section of the preview.)

Final Verdict: HYPED!!!

Even though the game won't be out just yet, I'd say BUY IT!!!!!

Also, pre-order this game to get a special 4-disk set consisting of KoF music spanning the whole franchise.

Before I go, here's some videoes of high level KoF XIII players (I found these on iplaywinner's youtube page):

Read full story...

Community News


More unfortunate SNKP news

By: iorilamia Jan 19, 2011 | 14 Comments

SNK Playmore is only looking worse and worse, and as a fan I'm pretty upset.

Article used from DreamCancel

"Neithan from Bas Gros Poing is reporting that Masaaki Kukineo, producer of KOF XII and XIII, left SNKPlaymore in November. This news creates some doubt about the port of KOF XIII. Furthermore, sources within SNKP are reporting that the new president, Ryo Mizufune, wants to shut down the video game division and focus on licensing instead, such as porting old titles and creating pachinko games and figures. With the lack of news regarding the console release of XIII, the future for King of Fighters is looking bleak."

Also, Neithans original post with more detail below, but it is in French and google translate is pretty ass. but to fill in some blanks, an example of the liscensing he spoke of was "Queen's Blade, kof sky stage" ? don't know what you could do with kof sky stage...

broken heart

First off, this has to due with my old story about the ex-programmar tweeting on how much snkplaymore sucks and problems with kof12-13. It is officially not a rumor anymore. As soon as I read this new news, I was just speechless and in awe. SNK(P) has been through way too much shit. Bankruptcy, new company and a dissapointment like kof12 that pissed off many people and lost a lot of respect ( a long with the 360 release of milenium match that had complete shit netcode). Basically KOF13 was going to save their name in fighting games. They even fucked that up, but were bro enough to fix EVERY arcade machine wtih a free patch and updates. So yea, we have all been anxiously waiting for kof13 to be released on home concosle since like mid 2010. The producer leaving is shocking enough, but you think, oh its not that bad, the game is COMPLETE and they fixed all buggs, the only thing wrong is Raidens dropkick(lol) and K's meterless rape combos from anywhere. It will just be a simple port. But no, this Mizufune guy wants to end the video game side and focus on kiddy ass pachinko games? PA-FUCKING CHINKO GAMES?! In a way, it makes sense due to SNKP's hardcore failure, that Mizufune will try to generate more $ with old ports and liscensing. Hopefully he realizes kof13 home version is what people were foaming at the mouth for, and if they shut down their gaming division, this will be released as a final horah.

How does this make you guys waiting on KOF13 feel? Or about companies in general possibly making huge changes?  Does snk-p need to make a change? I'm definately worried.

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EX-Programmer talks KOF 12 problems and SNKP problems

By: iorilamia Jan 3, 2011 | 4 Comments

Get them Labor-Laws Bro

The Professor" at MMCAFE translated a number of tweets from an EX-programmer from SNKP who talks about the working conditions at the company and the current situation surrounding porting the KOF games to console. It sounds pretty sad man, but its just one persons translated story, but it gives us a little insight on why kof12 sucked so much ass and what could be in-store for the future. Worries me a bit, but I am sure kof have learned from their lesson and the reason why 13 is taking forever is because it is kinda their last chance, they fuck this up, and I'm am not sure how people will feel towards SNKP. I'll still love them, but with little trust in and new releases. How you guys feeling about this? Leave a comment below.

Sources go to Professors post in MMCAFE -

the tweets -

and iplaywinners article

"For anyone wondering where some of the recent rumors regarding SNKP's situation with the KOF franchise's current development statuses are coming from, it stems from a programmer, who supposedly worked for the company and quit in late September after six years under their payroll.

I was taking it with a grain of salt and didn't think it was worth a mention due to the lack of legitimacy until recently, when I realized that he was talking together with Dokimajo producer Yoshiyasu Matsushita about the company's internal situation.

His tweets has some very.. 'raw' tidbits, such as this entry

"Around the end of the development period, I was sleeping under my desk with a towel rolled around me, laying on newspaper. It's just memories now, like the way how I almost caught a cold with the air conditioner on while asleep, or like how I hit my head on my desk when I woke up. XII's console [development] period was seriously really bad."

He avoids directly naming his ex-company, but there's quite a number of entries about the workplace and its treatment. Like the way how his supervisor ordered his staff to work on a sleepover for a full week without letting them go home (note: the company doesn't have a shower room). Or like in another instance, how he wasn't allowed to even get a replacement for a very unconfortable chair and had to wait for another staff to quit so he could swap it. The company simply seems to be tight on money.

I symphasize with the programmer. He very obviously loves coding, enough that he'd buy expensive reference books on his own money since his company isn't willing to pick up the expense.

For anyone nutty enough to scroll all the way to the end of September to read some entries of what seems to be about XIII's home port situation, feel free.

Some snippets, but not all, are provided below. The figures sound small, and I assume that he's just talking in terms of the number of programmers... or is he. Either way, it can somewhat explain the bad net code in XII.

"It seems like the rest has to be done by two staffs and one part-timer at my company too.. I guess there's a lot of projects like that." 

"I had quit without worrying because they were saying that the home port is going to be outsourced" *

"I heard later that they were going to do it in-house, and I'm left feeling like, wait what...?" *

"Just to add, the previous home version for the PS3 and Xbox360 was developed with 5 people, so as a company, they might have been thinking that "it's no problem if just one or two people left." Acheiving results is important, but I don't like the idea that we had set a weird previous example..." 

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Story Image

KOF XIII pre-order bonus!

By: blazemanx Jul 29, 2011 | 16 Comments

take a look a what you get for pre ordering KOF XIII.

As far as i know this preorder is going on with Gamestop us/ca and Amazon us/ca. This is a pretty sweet deal seeing as the game is already 10 bucks cheaper than the standard new game price. KOF has always had good music and a 4 disc set spanning their 15 year history is amazing for KOF fans. I don't know if this is enough to make you go pre order but it is for me i love soundtracks that comes with games and it doesn't get much better than this. Also im going to leave you with the newest trailer to hype you up more i know im hype. Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy.

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Billy Kane Confirmed for KOF XIII

By: blazemanx Jun 29, 2011 | 5 Comments

SNK brings back one of its old school fighters in KOF 13!

Siliconera reported that Famitsu has confirmed Billy Kane as a playable character for the console version of King of Fighters XIII. I was always fond of billy back in the old fatal fury days. Im happy to see that he has made the cut. Hopefully this means we can expect a few more console exclusive characters? Im really looking forward to this game when it drops this holiday season. I'll try to keep you guys posted with the latest news on this game. Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy.



Community Preview

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KOF XIII Max Cancel Combo

By: blazemanx Jul 14, 2011 | 5 Comments

A video showing off the max cancel system of KOF XIII

The max cancel system from what i can tell is similar to the MVC3 DHC. Although insted of canceling into a partners super you cancel into a more powerful super of your own. With all the SFXT and SSF4AE and MVC3 talk KOF XIII is deep under the radar. This video is a game changer and by that i mean it can sway those who are on the fence about buying it. Take a look for yourself and see why KOF XIII has the goods. Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy.


Story Image

KOF XIII delayed

By: blazemanx Sep 27, 2011 | 6 Comments

KOF XIII has been pushed back :(

KOF XIII was originally supposed to be released on October 25th 2011 but plans have changed. It has been pushed back to November 22 that is a whole extra month fans will have to wait. I feel that this is a bad move from snk/atlus because they put this low profile game in with high profile november releases. Games like MW3, UMVC3, Uncharted 3, WWE 12, Zelda Skyward Sword, Assassins creed revelations and Elder Scrolls V skyrim are all being released in november. I think this move REALLY hurts KOF XIII's chance to make an impact which i feel it really needs to do. This game is a underdog among giants and im pulling for the little guy so with that being said i'll leave you with the newest trailer released today to help hype you guys up. Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy!

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KOF XIII character combo tutorials

By: blazemanx Jun 30, 2011 | 5 Comments

KOF XIII character specific combo videos.

I came across these awesome character specific combo videos for KOF XIII. KOF will never be as popular as street fighter and that is understandable but i really hope more people get into it. It is one of my favorite franchises and i think it would be great if KOF had a following similar to street fighter. I intend to get this when it drops this holiday season and i hope many people will pick it up so KOF can gain more exposure. Here are some awesome vids for fans and non fans to get you hype.

Terry Bogard

Iori Yagami

Kyo kusanagi


I know most of us love fighting games and we need to suppoprt KOF and SNK. So i'll try to bring as much attention to this up coming game as i can. Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy.

visit for more vids.


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