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About: Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition (x) was hand-on with Street Fighter 3 online Edition. Live gameplay from the E3 2011 show floor. My official take on the game after just playing it. Also the trailer if you have seen it. Third Strike is back bahby!

That's right I officially played the game. First watch the video of the gameplay from the show floor. You will get to see a Jimmy working his way through the different screen settings. Widescreen, classic arcade cab, HD, SD. Pay attention and you will notice the different. This is exclusive access for you to E3. See it from the eyes of a PWNr. Me.

Here's my official take.

Official trailer for SF3O - Get hype!


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The Nuki Story : It's all about Daigo

By: iorilamia Jan 12, 2011 | 3 Comments

Daigo...the could have been Pro Mahjong player...

We hear a lot of stories about peoples past, but not as much info as this one. Nuki tells the story about his early years in gaming, how he came across Daigo, his impresions of him , how they met in other games and became rivals (ultimately bros) and Daigos secret obsession with Player Cards. I won't spoil too much so check out the two videos below. They are originally from a nico video, but cccloner999 has been taking parts of them and fully translating it to us in english with captions, also in the description box he has left notes for some things that may not make sense, like Arcade names and such. He has part 1 and part 2 done (ending in great suspense haha) still waiting on the epic part 3. Enjoy guys. And remember to turn the CAPTIONS on ;)

original -

from where cccloner999 riped video from

Uploaded episodes from cccloner999

Episode 1

Episode 2

Some pretty sweet looking shots in 3D. If you are a fan of Street Fighter, you've got to check this out.

We got to talk to this smooth Jimmy about Street Fighter III Online Edition. Derek Neal is the producer and he's pretty hype for SF3oe. So am I, it's my favorite Street Fighter. Don't be a Jimmy!

This interview was on day 3 at EVO 2011. Capcom had already packed up their entire booth (in less than 30 mins, mind you.) They left these cool crates with Capcom spray painted on them. Backdrop heard. Get hype for hype D. Derek Neal.


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SF3 Third Strike Zero Damage Combo Video

By: Cinderkin Feb 4, 2011 | 10 Comments

His1Nightmare did an amazing Zero Damage Combo Video featuring Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. Check it out!

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Source: HisNightmare Youtube Channel

Exclusive: hands-on with SF3oe. BatRastered and GoukiJones share their takes on the different screen settings, training modes, tournament brackets & more. Gameplay footage & dialogue from our time with Third Strike. 2 Exclusive videos.

I received a code late Friday afternoon and plugged it in right away. I only have a few moments with the game at that time here are some of my notes. Followed by the rest of what happened with SF3oe over the weekend.

Street Fighter III Online Edition During Embargo
It’s been a long time since I’ve played Street Fighter III and it’s been an even longer time since I’ve played it with a stick. I was terrible with Dudley’s Uppercut Super. My Dudley was PRO once. I played the arcade mode and lost to Makoto and Necro. I fought Necro 3 times and then a gave up. I’m terrible. The graphics are great and the gameplay is the EXACT same, without a doubt this is a sweet game to have for any fighting game fan. That pretty much wraps it up I guess.

The training feature is just like Marvel VS Capcom 3 and I love that. I did a few with Dudley and Hugo, who is also my boy. Some seemed impossible, but after about 45 minutes of doing low roundhouse, half circle back LP, EX Jet Uppercut, into regular jet uppercut juggle. Wow! Cool. This type of training is what made MvC3 so interesting to me at first. Now I love it. Can’t wait to try out the SF3 training mode more later.

Tonight (Saturday) I took the game over to Choke's estate. Choke, BatRastered, FnJimmy, Nififf and Chuck Deez were all there. Put a good few hours into the game tonight as well, just straight up playing versus. Everybody seemed to be loving the 3's. We all agreed that the controls were very tight and it was funny watching people trying to pull off supers. Frustration was all through out the room. Don't be a Jimmy.

BatRastered and I just filmed a video review. We thought, what better way to review the game, then to let you see what we're seeing. An guess what, we're seeing some really cool stuff. The tournament mode is cool. Online?! Double bonus. RANDOM! Holy shit, unPWNeevable there is random is Street Fighter III. Honestly I'm not that hype about that, a feature like that should be obvious. But I know it excites a lot of the Jimmys.

Here's the video 

GoukiJones VS BatRastered Exhibition Championship


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Keep It Classy! 3rd Strike Dudley Combo Video!

By: Cinderkin Sep 16, 2010 | 6 Comments

KYSG has put together a fantastic Street Fighter 3 Third Strike combo video for Dudley. This has some really technical and crazy stuff in it.



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Scripted 3rd Strike Match Makoto vs Urien

By: Cinderkin Oct 7, 2010 | 8 Comments

DevilAzite uploaded another tool-assisted Street Fighter 3 Third Strike match.

This is pretty cool for being a scripted fight. check it out below.


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



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3rd Strike Online Edition Achievements Leaked!

By: blazemanx Jul 2, 2011 | 3 Comments

3rd Strike Online Edition Achievements Leaked come check them out!

This leaked image appears to show the various challenges for unlocking achievements/trophies in Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. No details or descriptions appear next to the achievements however, so for the moment, good luck guessing what they are.

Now that these have been leaked i feel that the release is getting closer and closer. As far as i know capcom has not released a date yet for this game all we know is that it will drop this summer. Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy.


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Street Fighter 3 : OE Trailer sheds info on amazing features

By: iorilamia Jul 20, 2011 | 8 Comments

Third Strike Online coming this August with a load of sweet off/on-line features.

Third Strike Online Edition is coming out August 23-24 (psn and xbl). Trailer was released showing us what has been added to the game and it's gotten me really pumped. Features include:

  • GGPO Netcode (one of the best around, shouldn't be too much complaining about online play)
  • Trial mode with "hundreds" of challenges. The layout looks cool.
  • # visual modes! Classic, Arcade and HD wide.
  • 8-person Tournament mode
  • Spectator mode (yes!)
  • A vault. You earn points online and spend them to get collectables ( like artwork and probably special videos)
  • Godlike replay technology. This is what has gotten me the most excited. Besides the typical viewing replays and creating history, you can live stream and upload directly to youtube! (Fingers crossed for UMVC3 to implement something this in depth)



Uploaded by




Yes, no, maybe so? sf3 OE looks promising. Don't be a jimmy, tell us what you think of all of this.

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3rd Strike The Online Warrior Ep. 26, starring Maximilian

By: Arthvader Dec 27, 2012 | 3 Comments

Maximilian (of Assist Me fame) has uploaded his latest episode of his 3rd Strike the Online Warrior. Be on the lookout in this episode for a match between me and Max.

Here's the Video:

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I'm back with more matches from Third Strike. Today's Character Feature: Chun-Li.

Welcome once again to another installment of Arthvader Fights. As you may all know, this is where I put up some of my more recent ranked matches that I have fought on. This time around, I've decided to go ahead and use Chun-Li again. Just like Remy, I've been using Chun-Li for a long time now. In fact, I've been using her since back in the SFII days, and I'm still rocking with her. I do hope you enjoy watching these matches as I had in fighting in them.

These matches were fought on and uploaded on 12-17-2012.

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