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Something incredible has been in the works for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans!

Revealed recently at a hands on demo, the company Bandai Namco showed off a playable version of their JoJo’s Battle Royale Arcade setups.  Each arcade cabinet is modular for another cabinet to hook up to it.  So you could have your very own JoJo’s Battle Royale Arcade set up for 4-30 people!  Or you can fly out to Japan and play this in their arcades.  The first video is gameplay uploaded from the event from YouTube Channel: Akiba-Ninja.  Back to back wins!  Total domination!

In the video below gameplay from the event begins and with the spectator/commentator mode you get a nice tour of what the game is like and the different characters.  The fact that so much time and effort has gone into this Arcade Machine is incredible to me.  I definitely see it getting a port to consoles and PC.  Not because it’s JoJo’s, but because it’s a battle royale, there’s enough fanbase for that genre and then you add in JoJo’s name and it’s a no brainer.

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I edited down just a little bit. Good luck understanding what any of the Final Fantasy XIII characters are talking about, the entire game is like this. The combat shows my strategy against Cid Raines.

Cid Raines beat the shit out of me for three days. It sucks that if the party leader dies, it's game over. I hate that about Final Fantasy XIII. I finally figured out how to beat him and I captured it. So I hope you enjoy. I editing the story a little to avoid spoilers and hopefully make a little more entertaining for you. 

Have your questions been answered? Ensuring that everyone is always having fun with the game seems to be something they are extremely focused on. That’s a great thing! I’m even more excited after watching this video.

*Pro-tip the video starts 38Mins in.

The Perks Video was the only new video shown during the Q&A.

There was no mention of selling these packs.  I don’t believe there will be any microtransactions, the game won’t need anything like that.  If it does… all I can say is… Don’t be an EA.

Thanks for reading!


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Latest Footage From Anthem Full Gameplay Demo

By: goukijones Jul 17, 2018 | 1 Comments

Looks like the complete play through of the E3 demo. Definitely new footage.

They show a ton of the combat and menus.  And I mean a ton.  There is a full combat boss fight and you can get a good gist of what the gameplay is going to feel like. I'm really hoping there are not a lot of repetitive fights.  I'm really hoping for more Borderlands type gameplay over a Destiny style.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Featuring Team Gouki: Gorilla Warbear, xErik Estradax and GoukiJones PWNn some Battlefield 3. We're new to the online streaming, please stop by and check it out sometime.

This is also somewhat of a test of the upload and transfer process from to YouTube. I believe it worked out very smoothly. Unfortunately the quality is HD, but its watchable. Lets get started with a quickie shall we.

'Cision 'Nade 001

I chuck g'nades. Sometimes they hit the mark. A badass nice toss up to some nuab camping in the rafters or some shit. #dontbeajimmy

Tanktage 001 Gorilla Warbear approves

In this highlight GoukiJones is seen PWNn the defending camp with a tank. Thermal & Motion detector FTW.

Tanktage 002 23-0

A deluxe PWNn clip from GoukiJones in a tank. Goes 23-0. The other team was just a bunch of proper nuabs.

If you're playing the Battlefield 3 and want to party up and be on the stream. Let me know, leave a comment and we shall PWN. Vote, comment and share. Don't be a Jimmy.

Ubisoft has released the new world premiere gameplay video for the upcoming Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. Check it out!

In this all-new extended gameplay, see Captain Edward Kenway fight, sail and explore the vast and diverse pirate world of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag.

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A quick visit to the Majesco booth at E3 2011. BloodRayne Betrayal is for XBLA and PSN.

While at E3 -now almost a month ago, I can't believe it- I stopped by the Majesco booth to see BloodRayne Betrayal. I met with Michael Herbster who also worked on last years Batman: The Brave and the Bold video games. Mike was cool and I was in a rush to another appointment and only had a few minutes with Majesco. Mike explained the game to me and showed me some of his moves in the game.

BloodRayne Betrayal is a hack and slash XBLA/PSN game. It's $15 and honestly that's a little steep. There's only a few levels and even less boss fights. The game tries to give you replay value with a scoring system for each map, but still $15? Check out the video, wait hold on, let me show you something more interesting.

E3 2011 Exclusive Video


Uncharted 3 Multiplayer has some very unique features, like nothing in any other game to date. Once again NaughtyDog may revolutionize gaming. Also a How To get in the exclusive Beta in June.

Let the groin kicking begin. Sony and Naughty Dog have released a ton of new information for Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception today. It's all about the Multiplayer. A little background here, I played the multiplayer for Uncharted 2, twice and didn't like one second of it. It seemed like something just put together real quick, so they could say they had a multiplayer. This goes in line with other games that have added multiplayer, even though the game didn't need it all, the Nubs demanded it. Bioshock 2 is a classic example of a game that didn't need multiplayer. 

Uncharted 3 wants to show you something completely different. 

UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception- Multiplayer Trailer

Bonus for the music selection. Great song for a great video. Not enough sound from the game is the only issue here. But I'm sure it sounds great. There's ton of explosions and a lot of action on screen, something the PS3 does so well. It's unfortunate very few developers know what to do with the PlayStation. Some of the new Uncharted 2 deatures like the Medal Perks sound like a cool idea:

You have to option to select a specific Medal Kickback, which activates when you’ve racked up the required number of Medals for that specific Kickback. You can see this in the Multiplayer Trailer when the RPG Kickback is activated at 00:50 into the video. You’re taking a little chance when you select these, as some really choice Kickbacks require you to get a significant number of Medals before you can activate them.

So with your typical loadout selection, main weapon, side arm, perks and bonuses, you will also select something for medal kickbacks. The cooler the shit, the more medals you gotta collect. The vertical levels of Uncharted seem to be way more invloved with this multiplayer version, you can see in a few clips, Jimmys getting grabbed and thrown off buildings. It's gonna be sweet if it's a smooth motion of climbing and running. Hardcore Parkour Jimmy! No game has successfully done that yet. We're all waiting to see what happens with Brink, because Crysis 2 Multiplayer sucks.

Some of the game types seemed to be outside of the box. Some of the map desgin is certainly something you've never seen before. Power Plays change the end of the game and sudden death in Uncharted 2 is one of the most exciting things from all of the news today.

If matches are too close to call as they get close to the end, Overtime will activate, giving either time an opportunity to win the match by more than one point within a limited time. If the game is still too close to call, the match enters Sudden Death. Sudden Death is similar to Elimination – there are no respawns and the last player standing wins the match for their team.

That sounds awesome right? A winner will be decided by the last man standing. I wish other games had done this. As far map design, on the airstrip, one team starts on a plane going down the runway and the other team starts on a bunch of trucks chasing after the plane, you can see that in the video too and it is just bananas.

Now lemme go back and talk about the games types. I've watched this trailer like 4 times now and yes, the song is a quite addicting, but I really wanna test this game out too. Three team deathmatch, vintage Halo Multi-teamesque, but 2v2v2. Free for all, which is classic FFA. These two game types will be available on the beta. More info on game types and other features for Uncharted 3 (Including the sad face social networking experience) will be released at a later date.

Want to play the Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception multiplayer beta? There's only two ways to get in as of right now. Be a member of Playstation Plus and get early access to the beta or purchase a copy of Infamous 2. The beta starts on begins WORLDWIDE on June 28, 2011.

Thanks for reading. Please leave your comments below. 

The first in a series of gameplay videos showing off the ways to accomplish your goals in Watch Dogs.


A software bug led to a breakdown of services during the Northeast blackout of 2003, including communication, transportation and power. Now, 10 years later, how much more secure are we? See the hacking features in Part 1 of the Watch Dogs gameplay series and discover how vulnerable we really are.

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Devil May Cry HUDless "Gameplay" trailer

By: goukijones Aug 16, 2011 | 3 Comments

Here's a quick look at what the Devil May Cry gameplay MIGHT look like. lol, this game isn't even in the catalog.

The first Devil May Cry games was the last DMC game I played. I remember getting a real kick out of the combat in that game and feeling like a real bad ass. I never beat it though. Don't know why. I was never interested in the following DMC's, what weren't there like 6 of them? Anyway here's a new looks at some DMC gameplay which is heavily edited and shows no HUD or anything else really. Images represent an incomplete game ...

DMC Gameplay

It's Duke Nukem Jimmy! I think I might be the most excited person I know about Duke Nukem. When the pig Jimmys are throwing jars of pickles and mayonnaise at Duke ... Awesome. This game is going to shock a lot of people. At least on that first playthrough.

Sometimes bigger isn't always better!

Duke Nukem Forever - Shrinkage

Team Gouki hit up the Bastion at E3. Check out my hands on time with the co-founder of Super Giant Games, Davin Simon. He destroys the demo right on front of me and I got some of on video. Plus FnJimmy's official take.

I just learned of Bastion while at E3. I love hunting, gathering, leveling up type games. FnJimmy says "It's like Final Fantasy Tactics." I think he means, because of the squares. Bastion is a Summer of Arcade XBLA Exclusive. I stopped by the booth at a different time from FnJimmy and BatRastered. I met Gavin Simon, co-founder of Super Giant Games.

The first question I asked was if his gear changed when he got new armor and leveled up. He does not and Gavin was surprised by that question he told me. Nobody else had asked that. Okay, so maybe it's just me then, but I like seeing the gear change. Irrelevant. 

Bastion looks sweet and it looks like it's going to be a hell of a value. Check out this video below, it starts off with a little FnJimmy gameplay to warm you up. Then in the third clip 0:47, Gavin shows me how to PWN with Bastion. Badass Nice.

E3 2011 Bastion Developer Gameplay Off Screen

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