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I made this to show fnjimmy how to grab a bunch of nubfarm mobs.

grasp rastered title

This build video will show you how to design your level 72 Amara in Borderlands 3 to kill the most mobs in the least time... it's okay for bosses too as long as there's some adds to grab.

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More loot, more Eridium and even more... The 2 year anniversary of Borderlands 3 release is coming up on September 13. Gearbox is planning 5 weeks of events leading up to then. Let's see what's in store.

Starting August 12, the fan-favorite Loot the Universe series of mini-events that reward you with loads of Legendary loot for seeing (then shooting) the planetary sights will be back. Each week during Loot the Universe, Borderlands 3's planets will take turns becoming a bastion of better drops, with specific types of Legendary loot having increased chances of dropping in one of that planet's zones.

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Looks like a secret chest is in that room so there must be something good in it right?

“Lots of speed boosts to make this happen and timing... Rewards are... crap.” That’s the quote from BatRastered after making the jump. You’ve got to hand it to Gearbox time and time again in all of the Borderlands  games you can find these very uncommon gaming moments. Is that a Snowdrift relic? Slide: +95% Cryo Damage & +158% Speed Slide launches Cryo Snowball. Cooldown: 5s…

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Weren't you just asking when was the last update for Borderlands 3?

As some of you may know we here at are huge fans of Borderlands 3 and the entire Borderlands series. We were just having a conversation the other night about how there seemed to be not even a little hotfix for Borderlands in weeks. Was it when they added the Cartels back, was that the last update? Starting now you can buy more SDU to raise your bank to 500. We all need that right. 500 guns to take out 40 at a time to throw out when the level cap goes to 80. I still need to delete 300 level 65 gear.

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NOW They increase the LEVEL CAP?!

We’ve got a lot of major revelations here. First of all the level cap has been increased by 7 and the maximum level is 72. I’m guessing in less than 2 days we’re going to see all kinds of crazy new builds. Plus this means I can literally throw everything in my bank away. Awesome! The other cool thing is that all seasonal events are now unlocked. So you can access the Halloween and Valentine’s Day event and REWARDS year-round. Oh and this includes the Cartel. Let’s go!

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Eschaton Row is my favorite track in the game right now.

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Check out our best clips Episode 1 from GoukiTV's adventures in Borderlands 3.

We could have made an entire video about crashes and glitches and getting booted from games, but we decided to show the best of Borderlands 3 instead. The game has been patched well since release and the next video in this series is going to be even better! You can watch us all the time on Twitch. You can also watch all of our VODs and more funny clips. Follow GoukiTV on Twitch

The trailers just keep coming!

Final character story trailer released along with all 4 character skill trees. also released all the the character skill trees.  You can put the points in and build out your character and see what all the different perks and moves are.  I love that this is available now, this should certainly help me decide which character I want to choose.  FL4K lookin' good in that trailer tho!

Is the the coolest of the Vault Hunters so far or what?

September isn't that far off and that means finally... we will have the new Borderlands.

Borderlands 3 comes out on September 3, 2019.  Check out all the Borderlands Merchandise from Amazon.


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Moze from Borderlands 3 Character Trailer

By: goukijones Aug 1, 2019 | 1 Comments

Trying to decide which character to start with in Borderlands 3 is maybe the hardest boss!

Thanks the video game Jesus' that September is right around the corner because I can not wait to play this new Borderlands.

Check out Borderlands 3 Zane, the merk with a smerk!

There basically isn't anything they could show me at this point that wouldn't make me want to play Borderlands 3.  Let's go!

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