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Brink isn't so S.M.A.R.T. after all - The Review

By: goukijones May 22, 2011 | 11 Comments

Brink has been in the making for a few years now and promises something new, something we've never seen before in a FPS game. Is it true? Did Brink live up to the hype? Is it the future of FPS?

So I've been procrastinating about doing my write up for Brink, a new FPS game from Splash Damage. Splash Damage worked on Wolfenstien games, Doom 3(multiplayer only) and Quake Wars, so one would think they have some good experience under their belts right? Personally I've been following Brink since 2009 and I've been totally hyped for it ever since. All the ideas and concepts I've been hearing about the game, sounded like it was going to be the most revolutionary FPS of all time. Featuring the S.M.A.R.T. engine (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) and what the developers referred to as being able to seamlessly switch between online and offline play and not know the difference.

Well I'm absolutely embarrassed to say that Brink did not live up to an ounce of it's hype. I told all my friends on Facebook, tweeted to all my followers on twitter and tried my damnedest to sell this game to all the members here on I can honestly say this will be the last time you ever hear me talk about Brink, unless I bring it up to remind somebody how terribly wrong a game can go. We ordered 3 copies of this game to the office, one we didn't even open and sent it back to Amazon immediately, the other two were put on eBay less than two days after receiving them. We were lucky to get $39 for both copies. One of the people that bought a copy was named Jimmy, ha! Go figure.

One of the online reviews I watched said it best, the two sides in the game are simply there just to fight against each other. They all look the same, there's no women in this world. I'd be trying to get the fuck out too, if titties were banned on this beautiful floating city island thingy. There's a short cutscene before and after each level and even while playing multiplayer and you can't skip through this stuff fast enough. Anybody that knows my gaming style, knows I don't watch cut scenes anyway. Brink just did this completely wrong.

This is where I plan to really ramble, so try and keep up. Leveling up is just like COD or Crysis, the more you play the more experience you get and the more goodies you can buy. (Except weapon upgrades, which I'll explain more later.) Each class has a group of "perks" you can unlock by playing the game. Then there is an overall perk list, which adds more health or more special moves. Once you've leveled up all of this, then what? That fun is gone and I expect anybody still playing this game right now, is probably maxed out. The 4 different classes are a great idea in Brink, but if you're playing offline and you're the not class that the objective is asking for, well then you're fucked, because the AI don't do shit. Remember that seamlessly switching between online and offline? Yeah totally fails here.

Weapon upgrades are no different from other games, extended clips, different sights, grenade attachments, yeah all cool. Here's the thing though, you have to do the challenges to unlock these attachments. You can do the challenges with your friends up to four people. The difficulty increases with stars and you can unlock more and more stuff. But wait there's a catch, you can't unlock items if you play with your friends online. That's right, you have to do these challenges offline and alone to unlock the items. No fun there. Seamlessly switch between online and offline.

Playing online with friends was fun for about 2-3 games. Oh that was while we were playing private matches with bots. The bots are dumb as hell and playing public games were no different, if nobody had operative leveled up then nobody played operative. That lead to the objective not getting done and well ... equaled Team Sad Face. When we switched to public games and actually started playing random Jimmys online, the game came to a screeching halt and I witnessed lag like I have never seen before in my life. I didn't know what was going on and we eventually switched back to just playing private matches. Public matches eventually did work for me, but I was playing alone, all of my friends had given up already. Another feature of the "seamlessly switch between online and offline."

I would give Halo Reach a hard time about it only being two colors most of the maps, but Brink took it to a whole-notha-level. I really think you can define the color of Brink and just grey bland. That's an official color now. Splash Damage could have easily made at least one or two stages in an atrium or on a beach of this Jimmy ass island city. Every level either takes place in a grey building, with the exception of the level that is in the shipping yard. That level is red bland.

The characters look cool and I like the idea behind the design and this is probably the best feature in the game. There's no girls though, like I mentioned earlier and that move right there I think turned off a lot of female gamers. On a side note, one stupid thing about the customization was that when you were selecting different colors for you gear, they were like shaded or grayed out and you couldn't really see what color it was until you actually put the gear on your character. Somebody was asleep on this one.

There's nothing really good to say about Brink. This game shouldn't have cost more that 1200 MSP points or $15 bucks for you PS3 Jimmys. There's only 8 maps, no campaign and maybe 3-4 game types. Not even a pair of the most spectacular elongated boobs would have save this game.

Flush it!


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Brink Video Review with Bonus Upset Face

By: fnjimmy May 18, 2011 | 9 Comments

FnJimmy Golden Video Review of Brink. Nothing spectacular here at all. No depth whatsoever and FnJimmy does not ever want to play this game ever again. Don't talk to him about Brink. Thanks for watching.

Brink is the only game I had to be to stop playing. Reminder: I have played all the way through Tron Evolution and Enslaved Odyssey to the West and I'd play those games again before ever putting Brink back into my Xbox. While warming up for this review I fell asleep with the controller in my hand. God it was terrible. Leave comments.

Brink Golden Video Review featuring FnJimmy


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Brink Review: A rant on a terrible game

By: BatRastered May 12, 2011 | 8 Comments

For a game that promised so much innovation, we got a fairly basic shooter that doesn't have much going for it that hasn't been done before.

This is not a full review so if you don't know what Brink is about, check out our previous coverage of Brink. I'm also not going to talk about any technical troubles like graphical glitches or multiplayer lag. The first has been patched (on the 360) already, and Bethesda and Splash Damage are allegedly looking into the later.

Brink was supposed to revolutionize shooters with the SMART engine (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Easy joke: SMART is dumb. Ok, now that that's out of the way, SMART seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately it is not "smooth" in the least bit. If you hold the button down while standing next to an object, nothing happens, you have to back up and get a running start. It doesn't work well on "random" terrain either, certain objects will not be climbed or jumped over like the small robot vehicle you're taking cover behind. The running, jumping, mantling, and sliding felt so much better in Crysis 2 (which came out 2 months ago) that Brink already feels dated.

Worse, for a shooter, Brink's shooting just doesn't feel right. I'm not sure if I ever got a head shot. The guns didn't feel very different once you get beyond the gun type (shotguns felt different than assault rifles, but there are half a dozen different assault rifles and I couldn't tell the difference between them or worse between any AR and any SMG).

The party system for multiplayer doesn't even exist on the XBOX, it just uses your XBL party. I don't know how this works on PSN since the PSN is still down. There's no lobby system to set up the game before going in, the leader goes in and you join him. Everything about Brink felt like I was going backwards in game technology.

There are only 8 maps for multiplayer, and the levels are the same as the campaign. In the story, you just play with bots to fill in the empty slots. You can play either side for a total of 16 scenarios (plus 4 what-if missions). This obviously gets repetitive very quickly. For some reason, you don't get credit for beating the missions in multiplayer, so enjoy doing them again by yourself if you want the rewards. WTF? When you're playing multiplayer, pray you are on offense, because if you are on defense you will have to defend the objectives for 20 minutes. This is extremely tedious and leads to a lot of rage quits.

I was excited when I saw Brink had different classes (Soldier, Engineer, Medic, and Operative). I hoped it would be like Borderlands where each class was different. Unfortunately, these classes amount to little more than one specific ability. The classes don't feel different at all and you will often forget which one you are until you get to the objective and find out you are not the right class to complete the job and have to back track to the command post to switch your class. The different body types do make a difference, but you have to play a few hours before the light body type (the one that can do all the cool stuff you saw in the videos) becomes available. Sadly, Brink is just not worth your time.

TL;DR We've sent one copy back unopened and will be selling our other copies ASAP!

Bottom line: Flush it




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Brink Launch Trailer the HypeFest Continues

By: goukijones May 9, 2011 | 10 Comments

Official Launch Trailer for Brink.

The hype machine of Brink continues with the official launch trailer. It looks amazing, but the no HUD, should put up warning flags. A little worried there. This game is extremely boring and difficult by yourself, so make sure you're up on the Official Brink Blowout Tuesday 5/10/2011 Team Gouki Style.

Brink Launch Trailer

The UPS man should be here around 11am on Tuesday. That's right, I have games delivered to my doorstep. Save gas Jimmy. Brink Blowout Tuesday 5/10/2011 Xbox Live, Don't be a Jimmy!

Again and again I continue to express my hype for this game. Splash Damage has been releasing these slick How To Play this game videos for the last couple of weeks. Each one is an in depth look at the many different things brink as to offer. Going back to my lastest Rage story, compared to a video like this Brink video below, WTF does Rage have to offer? Pretty water dripping effects? (Arms spread out like WTF)

Brink lets you switch classes at any time AND when you're switching classes Brink tells you how many of each class is on your team. Brilliant, that's just one of the many things that stood out to me while watching this video. I really can not wait to get into this game and test out all of this stuff and of course see if it's fun. That's the important part right?

Brink Get SMART Series: The Battlefield

Now with all that stuff out the way, lets talk about partying up. I don't play with Jimmys, I play to win, I don't have my notifications on so don't expect quick responses from me. When I'm PWNn I'm PWNn. Been PWNn, since before PWNn was PWNn. Ok, that's enough. If you wanna play, send me a message on Xbox Live. You can find my gamertag in my profile on Nnnnnnnnnnnnnuab!


The future -or the end of the FPS depending on how you look at it- could possible be Brink. A game long in development over seas in the UK is finally about to grace our consoles. Learn about the gameplay of Brink with these 2 new videos.

You Jimmys know I'm excited for this game. If you're on Xbox 360 and planing on getting Brink make sure you hit me up so we can get the Team Gouki Brink Clan, the TGBC PWNn on Tuesday. And for those of you wondering, no, FnJimmy will not be on our team. We can't be looking like nuabs online.

Brink Get SMART Series: HUD

From YouTube: Always wondered what that collection of shapes and text are just in your peripheral view? - this video explains the Heads Up Display language of Brink

Brink Get SMART Series: Classes

From YouTube: Learn things about Brink's classes in the latest installment of our Get SMART series.


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Brink Get SMART Series: General Gameplay

By: BatRastered Apr 28, 2011 | 7 Comments

More on the SMART system... wait, did she say Random again?

So is it Rough or Random? Looks like it was Random and someone mis-spoke before...

Get SMART Series: General Gameplay

GoukiJones discusses briefly how Brink has grown since 2009. Just two weeks to go until the release of Brink, we get another look at full on gameplay. Brink is looking to set a NEW STANDARD. If Brink fails, it could be the end of the FPS.

May 10, 2011 will be the release of Brink. Brink is developed by Splash Damage, who made 2 Wolfenstein games, Doom 3 and Quake Wars. Splash Damage has tons of experience making FPS games and whenever I hear Paul Wedgwood talk about Brink, I get real excited. Real excited. The first ever video I saw of Brink was the SMART engine walkthrough video narrated by Paul 2 years ago. There is no combat in the video, Paul just demonstrates how you move around in the Brink. SMART back then meant Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain.

You can read more about that in my original story: Is the SMART engine in Brink the future of FPS

Recently on Machinima interview Paul referred to the SMART engine as Smooth Movement Across Rough Terrain. (@3:17 in the video.) Now I'm just saying here, Rough and Random are two different things. I like the sound of Random more, Rough may not mean as much freedom in the game as I once expected. Granted, Paul could have just slipped up or forgot the name of his engine right? Or, during development Splash Damage just could not do what they wanted to do with the SMART Engine, so they changed the name a little to represent better. Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain sounds like I can go anywhere. "Rough Terrain" not so much. 

Here's that Machinima Interview.

IG Extended: Brink Interview w/ Paul Wedgwood (Splash Damage)

So you want to know about the Get Smart, The Basics. I'm not going to fully describe the video I expect you to watch below, but I'd like to point out a couple of key things that are keeping me hyped up. FYI, I don't care about character customization, I don't care what my guy looks like, I can't see him. The missions and tasks during the game look very exciting, I hope it's a continuous PWNfest. Being able to switch whatever your task is, will keep you thinking, what can you do next. If you look closely in the video you can see a few clips of the SMART engine and it is looking Badass nice. The bottobline is the SMART engine is going to shock people when they first play Brink.  

Brink Get SMART Series: The Basics

Brink's got a lot of hype to live up to with me personally, I've been following the game since 2009. I played it last year at E3 and spoke with Bongo Boy Ed Stern himself. This genre is failing right now, there's no inovation, games and velopers are going backwards. If Brink doesn't show me something new, you can expect my FPS Hiatus. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think about Brink. I will have it launch day and I will be looking for a party. Don't be a Jimmy!

Read full story...


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Brink release date moved up a week

By: BatRastered Apr 11, 2011 | 5 Comments

Play Brink on May 10th in the US and May 13th in Europe.

From the official Bethesda blog comes some good news today:

Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced that its acclaimed first-person shooter, Brink, will be available one week EARLIER than originally scheduled. Brink will now first be available for purchase in North America on May 10th instead of May 17th, and in Europe on May 13th instead of May 20th.

“Production wrapped on Brink earlier than we planned and we didn’t see any reason to keep gamers from getting their hands on this highly anticipated game as soon as it was ready,” said Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks. “It’s apparent from the tremendous reaction so far that people are eager to jump online and play, and if we can make that happen earlier – we’re going to.”


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BRINK "Ready & Able" Abilities Trailer!

By: Cinderkin Apr 5, 2011 | 11 Comments

The all new BRINK trailer has been released today. Showing off some of the abilities for the game. Check it out!

BRINK is set to release on May 17th so pre order now! Don't be a Jimmy!

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More good news from Brink

By: DragonKiss83 Mar 17, 2011 | 6 Comments

Expect lots to change with brink

Let me start with what caught my attention.

The anti-no-skill-kills rundown:

-- The focus is on team play and using your particular skills to help your squad achieve objectives.

-- The XP system rewards you for fulfilling objectives and helping teammates, rather than racking up kills.

-- No airstrikes, and no kill-streak reward abilities that can't be countered.

-- No grenade spam. Grenade-throwing is timed, and the weapons knock opponents down, but don't kill them instantly.

-- Overhauled sniping. No traditional one-shot, one-kill sniper rifles here!

From Gamespy


Read full story...

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Brink Class Video

By: DragonKiss83 Mar 15, 2011 | 7 Comments

I had almost no interest in the game until seeing this video.

Brink - A Matter of Class Gameplay Trailer

Splash Damage Official YouTube Channel

Read full story...

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