News: 18 Characters Playable "Street Fighter 6" Launch Roster

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There was a leak!

Everybody be leaking stuff on the internet about games. Turns out the Street Fighter character roster is true. An epic 18 fighters at launch. T. Hawk’s little sister? Not sure. Buff chick with hair that looks like a helmet - first new character I’m going to try. Street Fighter was blowing up over the weekend at TGS. We now finally have official word from Capcom about the cast of Street Fighter VI!

  1. Blanka
  2. Cammy
  3. Chun Li
  4. Dee Jay
  5. Dhalsim
  6. E Honda
  7. Guile
  8. Jamie
  9. JP
  10. Juri
  11. Ken
  12. Kimberly
  13. Lily
  14. Luke
  15. Manon
  16. Marisa
  17. Ryu
  18. Zangief

Street Fighter 6

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Release Date: 2023

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