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goukijones Posted by: goukijones Apr 26, 2011 | 11 comments
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Anomaly Warzone Earth is a tower defense reversal & is an instant classic. It's only on PC & Mac, but it's priced to sell. You will get your monies worth out of this game. Check out my thoughts after playing 3 days straight. (2 Steam copies to giveaway)

Aliens have landed on earth and set up one helluva a reverse style tower defense game. Your job as the field commander is to successfully lead your squad through the objective area. You mark your own path on the overhead map, which you can change at any time. You will lead your vehicle convoy through three different cities where aliens have set up defense towers. Your vehicle convoy is what causes damage to the aliens tower defense, you must protect them at all costs. You get items like smoke bombs, energy distractions and heal kits for your vehicles. You can upgrade the different units, a couple of times adding damage and armor. Then you take your convoy of vehicles and worm your way through these beautiful top down maps.

There are a few different types of vehicles you can choose from. The ranged vehicles seem to be the strongest. The Dragon hits on both sides, but only up close and the tank just seems to be worthless so far. I can't find a good use for the tank, even leveled up all of the ways, it seems worthless. I'd rather have another ranged unit for damage. You can also attach shields and supplies vehicles to your convoy. They both take up one spot and if you want your front vehicle to be shielded, your next attacking vehicle will be third in line. This is where the solider class comes in, it has a solid machine gun on top and can armor up. Send this bad boy to take hits while the rest of your vehicles follow to rail.

The game takes place in Baghdad and Tokyo. Both areas have unique graphics and music. The campaign is spread out over three missions and all of the maps are very original. There are also two bonus game types, Tokyo Raid and Baghdad Rush. Tokyo Raid has you go from point A to B. There seems to be two sets of maps for this game type. Heads up, personally I've fucked this one up a few times. There are a few missions where you must clear the path for an airship to pass over. I get railed every time on that one so pay attention. They mix in ground escorts also on Tokyo Raid, so cover that bonus unit Jimmy.

In the Baghdad Rush, you race against the clock to destroy four cores on a power generator. Once one generator is destroyed another pops up. There is a 10 cycle version of this game type and an 18 cycle. I have beaten the 18 cycle on Advanced. On a side note I was doing the 18 cycle again last night -because I'm addicted- made it to level 17, my stupid Jimmys made a right turn, when they should have made a left and got railed. Pro-tip: Before you go into big battles -especially when you have to run away from your convoy to blow something else up- make sure they are on the exact path you want.

I've played a lot of Anomaly Earth Warzone the last few days. I've beaten the entire game, except the Tokyo Raid, we talked about that remember? I'm still going to play this. I have to try the campaign on the hardest difficulty. It's very addictive, there are no glitches or bugs. They game runs very smoothly on my PC. I highly recommend Anomaly Earth Warzone.

Buy it!

Anomaly Warzone Earth PC & MAC gameplay Trailer


Anomaly Warzone Earth

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Apr 28, 2011 by goukijones

Special shout out to PaweĊ‚ Miechowski for hooking us up with 2 steam codes to giveaway. To win one, leave a comment on this story. For a second chance, like us on FaceBook and leave a comment on our wall. Good luck, I'll announce the winners in a few days.


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