News: Capcom chose the Jimmys for that SFxT Cross Assault Reality Show

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Don't worry it's nobody that placed in the top 8 at EVO last year. At least from what I can tell. The big bonus is that we won't have to hear Marn crying & whining the entire show. Here's the reveal trailer and Gouki's picks to win it all!

I don't know any of these Jimmys. Well I heard of NerdJosh. How about I share with you are two favorites on each side. First up Tekken. 

Tasty Steve

SuperYan - She promised to give money to the local arcade. Go gurl!

Street Fighter picks

TFA Hornet - Representing pad players.

Dr Sub Zero - This guy looks like an excellent Jimmy to cheer for. Plus if a girl beats a guy from the Street Fighter team he's going to punch himself in the nuts everytime. 

Is still don't have any real clue as to how this show will be. I hope it's entertaining and more importantly, educational. I want to hear the Valle training sessions and learn some serious stuff about fighting games in general, not just SFxT. I'm semi hype right now for this show, but I'll know right away after I watch the first episode. Don't be a Jimmy! Vote comment and share.

Street Fighter X Tekken

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Release Date: Mar 6, 2012

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