Video: Dragon Age 2 is a Glitch Fest [Exclusive Video]

goukijones Posted by: goukijones Mar 29, 2011 | 7 comments
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Dragon Age 2 is a Glitch Fest indeed, but I still love it. These videos are from a second play-through. Female Hawke Blood Mage FTW. The later I got in the game, the more it started to freak out.

Dragon Age 2 Hawke Mage Slow Down, Health Bar Glitch & Hold Position Trick

Pretty serious title I know. I wanted to get to the point.

The Hawke mage slow down is exactly that. When this first started to happen in the game, I thought I had done something wrong. Wrong equipment, wrong weapon, maybe somebody cast slow on me. Turns out this is a common thing among Hawke Mages in Dragon Age II.

The Health Bar Glitch seems to happen when your character is raised or is drinking a potion at the time of death. You can see in the video, Aveline just taking a pounding and her health constantly refreshing. At the very end of the video you can see it happen with Hawke as well. (Also with Varric in this Dragon Age II Montage.)

The Hold Position Trick is constantly keeping your party as far back as possible so if invisible walls are tripped, they can stay protected behind them. Like fighting the two Pride Demons in the video. Of course one of your party members has to be in there with the monsters. In another clip you see something strange with Anders. He's on one side of a doorway you can't get through. On the other side are 30 Jimmys and Aveline crackin' them over the head with a club. Brilliant stuff.

Dragon Age 2 Missing Textures Glitch

This video will speak for itself once you see it. This is from a second play-through on hard. When this first happened I thought it was just ash, because the castle was on fire. Then I fought the giant gold statues in their underway again. Only they were plain untexture mapped grey statues. What did I do to break Dragon Age II like this?

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