Blog: GoukiJones Played The "Battlefield 2042" Open Beta

goukijones Posted by: goukijones Oct 11, 2021 | 0 comments
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Absolutely Bananas!

This game is nothing but chaos. I had guys behind me while I’m running out of my base spawn. Everybody has jets, choppers, tanks, jeeps, all of the vehicles were out all of the time. It's a 30 minute match of complete mayhem. I don’t think I like it. I was playing by myself - because of the no friends issue - and I tried all of the different classes. I didn’t realize the complete chaos until I tried playing the Medic. I would try to spawn on my own squad, but it was rare that we were all alive or safe to spawn on at all. When I did see downed teammates on the field I would sprint to them to try and get them up, but they would respawn before I could get there. Then I would get shot and I would be on respawn. I attempt to respawn on a teammate and now he’s flying a chopper and I’m on the gun. This is a constant during the match. Spawn, run, shoot, die. Didn’t see the guy who was shooting you. It is fuckin’ nuts and it is like this for 24-30 minute long matches. I wasn’t really feeling the satisfaction. There is 0 strategy. Anyway I did get 1 kill during the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.




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