News: Halo Infinite Beta Are You Ready? Are You On The List?

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I been on the list since Halo 3.

I’ve played multiple Halo betas and tests. I’m ready for the Infinite. I need the Infinite bad. Will Halo Infinite finally hit the nostalgic feeling that I can’t barely feel anymore from Halo 2 or Halo 3 days? Recently Grrrty and I have been playing through the MCC and it’s great. What I really need is a new multiplayer. Big Team Battle! What about you? Are you ready?

Step one: Go to Halo Insider and update your account or create a new one. Link your consoles.

Step two: Register yourself for the Halo Insider program and apply for all of the flights. Double check all your info and make sure you have the green checkmarks.

Step three: Cross your fingers and wait for the email to join.

Follow John Junyszek the Halo Community manager for more updates.

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