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One thing is for sure Crimson Relic IS NOT Jimmy of the month. The one time of the month when its okay to be a Jimmy. Well not really. Lets get to it.

A couple of shout outs to some regular Jimmys. Arthvader is everywhere with Gouki, we appreciate the stalking bro. Shoutout to DragonKiss for pulling out of the lead in the Fightstick bags giveaway, what a Jimmy. Somebody owes you one brother. A couple of new comers getting shout outs right here - sNsKid, derkasan, Brad_Ry, genxsis83, peacekper, AnthonyOgborn, Xorlathor, Audio33. We appreciate you checkin' out the the site.  

Congratulations to everyone who won one our game codes over the weekend. Shout to Speedbrkr and derkasan, who both won a FightStick bag from #Gouki.  

And now the moment you've all been waiting for. After a near death suicide attempt on his life, the man spent over a year in the hospital(none of this true.) He has returned to and has been writing and commenting up a storm. He is currently ranked #1 on the leaderboards.  

Jimmy of the Month November 2011


This will unlock the Jimmy of the Month Achievement worth 100,000,000 points. Number 1 in the World! You also get to choose 2 games from the Gouki shop. Single games only and 1 must be a $4.20 special.  

Jalex post in the comment below what 2 games you want. Or a shirt from GoukiGear .


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