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Las Vegas, NV Fashion Show Mall - Halo Master Chief Launch

This is the second time we've been the Microsoft store in the Fashion Show Mall, right here, in good ole Las Vegas.  The first time was amazing 3 of us bought an Xbox One & Destiny that night.  It was an incredible deal too, we got an Xbox One & Destiny for less than $300 bucks.  Destiny turned to be worth $0 in the long run.  #sadface

So last night we were down there again.  It's Halo bruh ... I would say there were a few more people there for Halo than for Destiny.  The Microsoft Store had a DJ, an MC, Drinks, Gift bags, Raffles, Game Stations, Pro-Gamers & the Master Chief himself!

MrsViolence was there & she faced off against GameWorks eSports director Matt Levin.  Matt railed her.  He had a huge pop off about half & I think that really threw MrsV off her game.  In her defense tho, she was like 8 years old when Halo 2 came out.

It was another success for the Microsoft store here in Las Vegas.  We're lucky to have a place like that.  Shit, I wonder if their doing it for Dragon Age now...  Probably not.  I've waited in malls before for a midnight release.  IN A LINE.  With nothing to do.  No internet phones & shit back in those days.  I've waited outside in the rain & cold for GameStops to open.  So yeah, thank you to the Microsoft store for making me actually want to go to Launch events!

Halo: the Master Chief Collection

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