News: Ninja Breaks Internet Live Streaming Record with Rapper Drake & More

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The stars have aligned for Ninja, Fortnite and the Twitch community.

The previous record was somewhere around 300k.  That was the return on DrDisRespect back in February.  I'm not certain if my numbers are accurate here, but the Doc did crash twitch that day.

Then we have Ninja.  Ninja has been streaming for years, he's a Halo god and has played other games online like Destiny, H1Z1, PUBG, LoL.  His fame recently started to skyrocket with Fortnite.  Epic Games' Action Building game.  If you've played Fallout 4, it's kind of like that base building with a third person shooter.  The main game is, you build a 'fort' and defend it from Zombies.  The other part of the game is a Free-to-Play Battle Royal.  Where 100 players drop onto a large map, scramble for weapons and shields and whoever is the last man standing wins the match.

Ninja, Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Travis Scott and even KimDotCom were recently seen playing together.  Here are some internet highlights from the transcending event. 

I believe sharing gameplay like this with all to see really humanizes a person.  Listening to Drake and Ninja chat the same way we do with our friends online is just surreal.  A lot of us are playing Fortnite right now and I can't remember what was the last video game to really cross genres and be so recognized.  Congratulations to Ninja, Drake, Epic Games and Twitch for creating this moment in Video Game history.  We were up that night watching this live like it was the SuperBowl.


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