Blog: Played The "Halo Infinite" Test All Weekend Long With Killer Bots

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"Goddamnit Jenkins, fire your weapon!"

How was the stability? The first two days it was bad. It was bad because Grrrty and I sit side-by-side when we game and we are both ethernet connected directly to our Xbox One X’s. The game itself runs fine on Xbox One X btw. We could not stay together for more than 1-2 games on the first two days. By the third day, it was working pretty well. Long ass load screens. Maybe that’s because I was playing Xbox One X or maybe not.

What were my settings? I switched to inverted. I raised the look sensitivity by 1. I didn’t change the FOV or make any other changes to the default settings. Shit, I still don’t understand what down on the dpad does. Some sort of beacon pops off your Spartan, but I wasn’t using it effectively for anything while actually in a gunfight or hunting down other players. Google it.

How was the shooting? The shooting was great. I only had the shotgun once. I love the shotgun. I played with all of the weapons a few times. There are two new covenant weapons, one was like the Dead Space gun where you could shoot the bullets in a line straight across or shoot them vertically. Then they would bounce all over the place. You have to be really close to get a quick kill. It was kinda like a Covenant shotgun. The other one felt like a Covenant Rocket Launcher, it would shoot flaming red balls at your enemies. There was also this Brute Rocket Launcher that fired this giant spike. I was fucking terrible shooting that thing.

Were the maps cool? Of course they were. Now with vaulting the maps have all of these little edges and are tucked in passageways with hidden exits all throughout the maps. Very cool, I can’t wait to see more of them. On the last day an extra map was released which was like a modern Old Mombasa. That was the best one. I’m not a fan of the small combat arenas in Halo in general. I want vehicles and Big Team Battle.

What about them bots? The bots were fucked up, they were definitely harder than the humans. After we won our very first match against human players I took a moment to reflect on just how PWNn the bots actually are in this game. The humans got rekt, you know, classic Halo Nubfarm. The bots, they were different. They would come around the corner 4 deep. The bots would drop grenades as soon as you got in their sight and they would throw them up, down, around corners, bank them, do all kinds of shit with g’nades. Look out! The bots would sense you when you were behind them, below or above or even coming out of a doorway on the other side of the map. I mean it was instant shots to your grill. By the third day the bots were on fire, we finally lost to them 47-48 because the time ran out. 

The bots had their moments too. You would see four of them run to the tower where the overshield spawn and just jump up against it like there were trying to figure out how to climb up. Other times you could be in a fire fight with them and they would just stop moving and stand there until you killed them. Maybe their mom came into the room. 

I think it was a good weekend for the Halo Infinite Technical Test. Grrrty and I got a lot of games in and for somebody that has never played Halo Matchmaking, Grrrty seemed to really like it. There were no vehicles or Big Team Battle this time, so we’ll have to wait for the next test to see if we get more game types. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you online!

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