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By Arthvader — February 15, 2012
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Back again with another team I would possibly use in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game.

After I wrote my previous story about what characters I would use as a team in Street Fighter X Tekken, I figured I write another story dedicated to a possible second team. This time, I'll be talking about the following two characters:


Chun-Li from Street Fighter             &       Jin Kazama from Tekken

I'll first talk about Chun-Li, Since I have more history involving her than I do with Jin.

     The First time I've ever used her was on Street Fighter II back on the SNES. She was one of the characters I loved using, along with Ryu, and Guile (Vega wasn't playable until Championship Edition). Most of the time, I just play it on Single player mode, just to get better with her, She's also the only character in the game (besides Vega) who can also jump off the wall, which in a sense, gives her a bit of an advantage against most characters. it was because of this fact that she became one my mainstay characters for a good long time.

     It was the Alpha Series that really got me into using Chun-Li on a much more higher level, especially in Alpha 3, in which I was able to win countless battles using her (I was playing battles through gametap, and kailera). In terms of usage, I would say she's really high on my list, just below Gen (who is my main in many street fighter games that he appears in). Once in a while, I'll load up a game in the Alpha series to brush up on my skills with her.

     It wasn't until Street Fighter III: Third Strike in which my skills with Chun-Li rose even higher. When I played Third Strike on the Street Fighter Anniversary Edition, I pour my time into using Chun-Li (as well as Remy, Elena, and Oro). Recently, I managed to get my hands on the Online Edition of Third Strike on XBL, and with it, my competitive ways with her. Just recently, I managed to finish a arcade run on the highest difficulty using her. For the time being, I'll be playing this game a lot online. Challenge me if you want, I'll be waiting.

     Unlike the previous Street Fighter games, Street Fighter IV is one of the few games in which Chun-Li isn't a actual main for me (Vega and Gen takes Main and secondary, respectively). I still do use her from time to time, just trying to master more of her unique combos. Sure, I've already completed all her trials (both in SF IV and SSF IV), but I still need more practice to be more efficient with her. Just like with Third Strike, I'll be willing to challenge anyone (be wary, though, for I might pick Vega instead).

     Aside from the mainstream Street Fighter games, I've also used her in the many crossover games, including the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, Capcom Vs. SNK series, and Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. I can't wait to test her out in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game.

     Now I could start talking about Jin Kazama. When I first played Tekken 3, at first glance, I tried out Jin. In a sense, he felt similar to that of his father, Kazuya, who was absent in the game. when i played this game at a local laundromat, I usually get a lot of wins with either Jin, or dare i say it, Eddy (total cheap character).

     Things definitely changed in Tekken 4 for Jin. First of all, he decided to unlearn the style his father, Kazuya, and his grandfather, Heihachi, studied over, and instead, uses a more, traditional style of Karate. This change made him a more interesting character for me to use. I've also played as him at a local arcade area within the mall when it used to be there, and to be honest, I had a good time using him. His new style was unique to him, giving me the chance to do some stunning combos with him.

     With Tekken 5, I still practiced with Jin, who pretty much felt the same. He was becoming a much more useable choice for me. I've also took some time to try out Devil Jin, but wasn't as interested in using Devil Jin as I would with Jin. I kind of liked the devil's within mode in Tekken 5 as well, which has you play through it as Jin. I don't think I've finished it yet, but if i had the chance to, I will finish it.

     Anyone who sees this image should know what I will most likely talk about. I still play Tekken 6 from time to time, fighting randoms and friends online and local. I would say Jin is fairly up on my list of most used characters (I believe he's 3rd on my list, just behind Mokujin and Steve Fox). Now, as you may all know, if you were to play through the arcade mode, before the battle with Azazel (the final boss), you'll have to deal with a nasty, pin in the butt, always rage mode Jin. This was one of the more frustrating moments for me in Tekken 6, especially when you fight Jin, it always has ghost data of some player who is really high up in the rankings, making it all the much harder. Other than that, with some new moves added, Jin definitely proved to be a great character for me. If you want to face me here, send me a message, I'll be waiting.

     I can't wait to use Jin when the game comes out. Just saw the latest trailer, and It's good to see that he retains some of his better known moves.

     Well, I guess this will wrap up my talk about my potential second team for Street Fighter X Tekken. I see plenty of potential using an interpol agent, and the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Get Hyped for this game!!!!!

Leave you comments in the bottom, and don't be a Jimmy!

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