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GoukiJones reviews Tomb Raider (2013) After he beats the poo out of on Hard. Get's 100% & plays a little multiplayer. Check out these exclusive videos & pro-tips.

So what do we have here, the new Lara Croft? Oh I don't care about that shit, never really played the old games from back in the day. What? This is an open world adventure with leveling up perks & enhancing guns? Okay, I'll try it out.

Turns out, I love this game. I'm saying right now, in May, Tomb Raider is Game of the Year.

Basically what is happening here is, I've killed everything in the area & I'm looking for the treasures & documents & GPS thingys hidden in this area. Those of you familiar with Borderlands know how something are hidden in areas & they don't really tell you what they look like or where they are. Tomb Raider has the same shit. Eventually tho, Tomb Raider will show you the location of most missing items & Lara can use here "Survival Instinct" aka Detective Mode to spot important items/animals & other shit in the wilderness. 
I don't know what you are watching here. This guy either timed out & died or I killed him by jumping on his head Mario style. The combat is the worst part about the game unfortunately & I have some more videos, that are gonna make you shit. Don't worry about the combat too much, there's much more to do.
All of the climbing & level design is brilliant, really fun to run around & look for all of the secrets. Lara has great control when she is jumping. Like you can turn her around in mid-air & she sometimes gets a little extra float if she's trying to grab onto something from a long jump. Plus she can get on top of most things. She could definitely get on top of me. What? I like any game where I can climb to the top of that giant structure in the middle. 
So I played the game on Hard. I don't fuck around with games on Easy anymore. I think it's a waste of time. Playing games on easy where enemies just fall over & you thru the game too fast & miss what half the levels look like because you're too busy just blazing thru ... yeah I don't like that. Plus combat is my favorite thing, it why I play most games like this. Is the combat like Drake's? No not all. 1: Lara doesn't have grenades. EVER. 2: the enemies are DUMB AS FUCK.
The clips of the AI don't get any better unfortunately, they glitch out sometimes, they spawn, despawn & respawn right in front of you. That's Jimmy ass!
0:06 Spawn in front of me.
1:21 Respawn right in front of me. :(
Okay so maybe I spent a lot of time talking about the stuff I didn't like, but mainly it's just the combat & that's too bad. Hard doesn't really do anything. There isn't even an achievement for beating it on that difficulty, so it's not like I can every prove my accomplishment. As far as getting 100%, there's an perk you can unlock that shows the location of every hidden item in the game. Fallout had something similar. 
Watch these Jimmys just walkthru the wall. No problem.
So despite the stupid AI & the poor combat, Lara Croft is still fun to play. The level design is great & the tomb raiding, did I forget to mention the tomb raiding? Yes there is actual tomb raiding. There's like 5 or 6 of them in the game, maybe more. They are just puzzle rooms or challenge room like from Batman. This all good stuff too, I just wish there was more.
Oh wait, there is! There is Multiplayer. This is another copy of what Uncharted had, hell even when the characters are waiting to start the game, it looks just like Uncharted. I played 2 games of this. The first game I came in halfway thru & of course had no idea what was happening. In the second game, the game froze. The Xbox just couldn't handle all of the thunder & lightning. I guess I'm not missing much here tho. I haven't played Lara Croft since & that's because there really isn't any reason too. 
It's still worth your money. Shit we got it for $35 bucks! Stolen! #dealsjimmy

Tomb Raider

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