Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2018 Sign Up For The Beta Edition

By goukijones — June 11, 2018
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Almost every game Ubisoft showed today was going to have a beta you could register for. You can definitely try it before you buy it with most of these titles.  That is probably a good thing since nothing really stood out for me here.  I was hoping to see something new that I could be excited for, but that didn’t happen.  I was looking forward to seeing Skull and Bones, but that game looked unfinished and not at all fun.  The best looking game was Beyond Good and Evil 2, buuuuuut even in the gameplay clips of this game it looks just like every other action beat ‘em up.  Around 6:35 you can see the combat.

Here’s the entire clip from the press conference for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Just Dance is just horrible.  I mean, do we need a 10-minute dance routine at the beginning of the show?  Haven’t we seen this before?  These press conferences are so weird sometimes.  There was an awkward moment where the CEO of Ubisoft gave Miyamoto a plastic toy from a game HE created.  I guess as long as Nintendo keeps letting Ubisoft use their characters, then Yves is gonna be suckin’ up to Miyamoto.  Here’s a look at the game using Starfox.

Let’s end this.  The Division 2 looks just like Division 1. Ubisoft even did the same walkthrough demo of people casually having a conversation while playing a game like this.  Next time pick 4 RANDOM Xbox gamer tags and let these kids run up on stage and play. That would have been much more interesting to watch.  There’s a new Trials, It’s not called Trials 3 or Trials 4. It is Trials Rising. Ridiculous.  Assassin's Creed Umpteen. lol. NO.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gouki Box Art

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