WWE SDvR2011 Capitol Punishment PPV AI Simulation

By goukijones — June 17, 2011
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For the 8th WWE PPV in a row Gouki.com has simulated every match for the Capitol Punishment PPV. AI controlled, the computer battles it out in the center of the ring. Something we refer to as the Madden Bowl of WWE Wrestling. Check out the full card.

Matches accurate as of 6/17/2011 from WWE.com's official Capitol Punishment card.

I get a lot of questions on YouTube about how I do this and how I do that with SmackDown VS Raw 2011. FnJimmy and I meticulously go over every wrestler before we film a match. Below I'll describe some of our thought process that went into Capitol Punishment and some of the tricks we have, also the secret power of post production. BTW enjoy the card. 

CM Punk VS Rey Mysterio

Not much here, both of these characters have remained the same in the real world since this game has come out. We've editied which shows they are on. You should notice from the picture below we're using the Bash arena. Capitol Punishment does not have an arena in SDvR2011.

US Championship Kofi Kingston VS Dolph Ziggler

Same thing with these two wrestlers, their roles have not changed much in the real world, but they have switched shows. Dolph comes out with Vicki, but she is a CAWs we DL'd from the Superstar's share list. I can't explain why the announcer announces that Dolph is accompanied by two people(The Princess, which is Vicki and Angus which is ???) We triple checked all of the settings and it still happened. I think it's a glitch with DL CAW's. Unconfirmed, but a similar situation can be heard in this video (WWE Over The Limit WWE Championship The Miz VS John Cena) with another DL'd CAWs.

Intercontinental Championship Ezekiel Jackson VS Wade Barrett

Zeke is already in the game, with his full on music and everything. Believe it or not. The Wade Barrett music is no right, I know. It's a combination of FnJimmy fucking up and talking shit. A double Jimmy whammy. Wade Barrett apparently has a new theme, but it's not available for DL anywhere. So we left it blank and I eventually just added the newest best sounding theme I could find.

Alex Riley VS The Miz

Alex Riley's music is totally post production. This song is also not available on the internet. Even the actual band does not have a link or a place where they sell it. WTF? So I found this "OKAY" sounding version, but it was real short and I had to loop it.

Alberto Del Rio VS Big Show

Our Alberto Del Rio(Santos) was originally DL'd from the Superstar's share list, but we have since modified him. We also DL'd a Rodriguez. Rodriguez is an actual name you can select in the game for the announcer to say. Our Alberto Del Rio was once referred to as Rodriguez, now he goes by Santos. FnJimmy added the music to the game itself and is responsible for the Titantron, no post production here. Big Show is already in the game.

World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton VS Christian

Not much work needed here, both of these characters we already in the game. We only altered boos for Christian and which show they were on. Special note with all that said. We remove all allies and foes to avoid weird Jimmys from running in. That's why run-ins are rare in our videos.

WWE Championship R. Truth VS John Cena

R. Truth has been switched to Boo and we removed his song. This passed Monday I captured "The truth will set you free!" directly from my TV with a voice recorder. The John Cena I believe is from the DLC, he won't take his shirt off to wrestle for some reason. We can't explain it, it appears to be another DLC glitch or something the developers over looked.

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011 Gouki Box Art

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