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PSVita Review

By: hoho23 Mar 8, 2012 | 4 Comments

Sony’s PSP successor comes out swinging, but does this mobile juggernaut have enough features and most importantly software to get the “casual gamer” away from their i-Devices and .99-cent games?

              There is no denying that the iPhone 4 was an influence in the Vita’s design and form factor. The volume keys could be almost ripped straight off my iPhone and placed on the Vita and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The metallic bezel that wraps around the system is also a nod to Apple’s iPhone. The Vita’s screen is a massive beauty – measuring at 5 inches (diagonally) and doesn’t disappoint. The colors and backgrounds in game almost pop off the screen. The screen is also capable of multi-touch gestures and swipes. Vita also features a rear touch panel – the first on a gaming or mobile device.  The rear touch panel is incorporated in a numerous amount of the launch games. The best or better yet, most fun I had with the rear touch controls were on FIFA 12 for the Vita. The controls were still mapped to the face and shoulder – while still letting you use the BTP (back touch panel) to shoot. This let you place a shot any where on goal by just swiping your finger in that direction. (You use the BTP ‘s area as the width and length of the goal) Hopefully more developers can make more games that take advantage of this new feature and not let it fall to the wayside like the Six-axis on the PS3 controllers. Speaking of the PS3 controller’s – one of the biggest concerns I had prior to holding a Vita in my hand were the analog sticks. I’m sure many who haven’t held one were also curious about this. I for one never liked the loose-ness or sensitive feel of the Dualshocks and prefer the more stiff and sturdy 360 sticks. Rest assured the Vita sticks are less sensitive than the Dualshocks stick’s, but are still a bit loose, not to say they don’t get the job done. Now to one of my favorite parts of the Vita – the D-pad, yes the D-PAD! I grew up on the NES and SNES and have always loved a great D-pad and with the Vita this could be one of the very best I’ve ever played on. I recently put it to the test as with Megaman X Maverick hunter for PSP (more about PSP games later) and it performs excellently. If you’ve ever used a D-pad for fighting games, I’m sure you’ve gotten your fair share of sore thumb and calices from it. With Vita I’ve yet to experience this while playing UMvC3 for hours or during a Vita hill UMvC3 tournament. Playing the same game on the PS3 with the D-pad left me with a beat up thumb and calices. Fighting game fans will be happy to know that they can take a portable copy of their favorite fighter on the go and be able to pick-up where they left off and continue to practice.  The Vita’s build feels very high quality and is surprisingly light for having such a big screen, which probably has to do with there being no moving parts inside – i.e. no UMD drive.

            The Vita features two cameras – front and rear facing.  While both are suitable for augmented reality or capturing a mug shot, they leave a lot to be desired. The 3DS cameras, which are pretty terrible in their own, look far better than the Vita’s. That being said, I don’t think anyone will be buying a Vita for capturing breathtaking vistas or sunsets.

            The UI (user interface) on the Vita is all touch based, and features app icons, again drawing from the iPhone’s success. The UI however, feels and looks Android based, which isn’t surprising since Sony made a PSP GO type phone that ran Android a year or two ago. Apps open up quickly, but are a bit annoying since you have to tap them twice to start, regardless of whether it’s a game or and actual application, such as the PS Store. This method of opening is a bit confusing, since with iPhone or any touch-based phone you only need to touch the app once to open – going with this system would’ve made more sense since Sony is clearly trying to cater to the iPhone and Android market with the UI choice. The Vita requires you to tap once to open up a page for that app that displays update and website info along with the games manuals and once more on the start button on the center of this page.

            The Vita is built around a speedy and A9 quad-core processor – meaning it will be able to handle mostly anything thrown its way along with multi-tasking. I put the Vita to the test while having multiple programs running at the same time. Trophies, PS Store, Voice Chat, Group messaging all while playing a game, and the Vita never slowed down or chugged once. The Vita is superior to PS3 in some aspects and is almost graphically powerful as it’s console big brother. The PS3 while being a very powerful and capable system can’t do some functions the older and weaker 360 can. Learning from its mistakes, Sony has corrected many if not all of the complaints people had with the PS3 and its infrastructure. The Vita, equipped with 512 MB of RAM is now capable of cross-game and party chats with other Vita users. Testing out this feature with a couple friends worked flawlessly and will please plenty of Vita users playing with friends or who just want to chat while playing different games. You can sync/plug in any wired or Bluetooth headset with or without a mic for chat use. Battery life on the Vita is not bad and is about 4-5 hours on a full charge. With a device this powerful and screen so big it’s understandable the battery life wouldn’t last longer.

            Software on any home or mobile console is the bread and butter now days it doesn’t matter how great your system is if it doesn’t have the games then it’s useless. Luckily the Vita has a very good and robust lineup out the gate. From retail games to strictly PSN downloadable titles to Facebook, Netflix and Twitter apps the Vita has you covered out the box. The Vita doesn’t offer backward compatibility for your old UMD’s, but it does let you transfer digital PSP games you might’ve already purchase. The PS store is offering about 200 PSP titles at launch, with promise of adding more over time. PSP games on the Vita look great and better than they did on the any of the previous PSP models. The colors pop and the load times are a bit quicker – for people who never played or owned a PSP this is the best way to do so.

            One of my favorite things Sony has offered with the Vita is the ability to purchase full retail games right from the PSN store on day one launch. I love this so much! Being able to have all my games on a memory stick and not have to switch out game cards is awesome and reducing the game boxes in the process. This is a bold move by Sony and not only are the games available on day one, most of the games and all first-party titles will be about 10% cheaper - roughly $5 off the in store price. Sony is leading the digital charge with this move and I applaud them.

            Things I hate – ok, maybe not things I hate, but more like I wish were done better. I honestly don’t think I have found anything I hate on the Vita. The thing I didn’t like the most was the cost of memory cards. For all strides Sony took in fixing the mistakes with the PSP and PS3 I felt they took 3 back with the prices on there proprietary memory cards. 4gb stick only cost $20, but a 32gb stick cost $100. The prices being this high are due to Sony going with a another set of proprietary cards rather than simply use one of the numerous readily and more cheaply available. Also, not carrying sleeve or minimal memory card included with the purchase of the Vita. One Vita, charger and manuals are all you get with your purchase. Sony would’ve done well to include a 4gb card with every purchase to make the system complete out the box.

            Those negatives aside – the Vita is an amazing portable device. The price might seem a bit steep starting at $250 for the Wi-Fi and $300 for the 3G models respectively, but for a premium device that offers console quality games and functions – I believe the price is justifiable. For gamers on the go who wish they had something more akin to a console experience then the Vita is for you.


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Jimmy Gem Video Game Awards 2017

By: goukijones Dec 31, 2017 | 2 Comments

GoukiJones' top 9 favorite games from 2017. Old and new.

#9 Halo Wars 2: was the first major release for me this year that I was really into.  The original came out in 2009 or something and I was still playing it up to the release of this new version.  I played the new version for a little while, but as I sit here and try to recollect my experiences… There isn’t much.  I don’t have much desire to play this game, it just seems to have way too much going on.  I’d try to play the original Halo Wars again before I booted part 2 up.

#8 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age: This is my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time.  I was so thrilled to hear Square was planning to re-release this game in 2017.  I got it and beat it again.  Easily the FF game I’ve beaten the most.  I plan to go back in, one more time, to max out every character.  One of these days...
Check out my REVIEW

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Rev3 shows off 20 min of DLC gameplay in BL2. This DLC is not outsourced, looks good.

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E3 2012 Awards. Not Your Typical Award Show

By: goukijones Jun 12, 2012 | 5 Comments

Every year we attend E3 and every year we want to share some of the most ridiculous stuff we come across. So here are our awards for E3 2012 you might not be thinking about while watching/playing all the new games.

Best Booth
GoukiJones Says: 2K for the free drinks and having two playable versions of Borderlands. Also Nintendo for having the hottest booth babes and easy to play demos. *Shout out to Square for having a proper set up as well.

BatRastered Says: Square for being the best overall lay out (big screen, lots of stations, demo booths running every 30 min on a published schedule), and line passes for the press to play games.

Best Console
GoukiJones Says: Xbox. Halo 4 shocked me and I will be playing it day 1. More importantly though, Xbox wins because of Summer of Arcade again. I played all the games at E3 and I want to play them all when they come out. Which ones I’ll actually buy? Dust for sure. Wasn’t there a game called Dust last year? Do I even know what I’m talking about? No.

BatRastered Says: Meh - none of the consoles impressed me in any way. Xbox wins by default because that’s what I play at home?

Best Press Conference
GoukiJones Says: Ubisoft - Watch Dogs bro, Watch Dogs.

BatRastered Says: Ubisoft - not even a contest, big 3 all had one or two cool things to show off, followed by Zzzz. EA is all FPS and Maddens.

Worst Booth

GoukiJones Says: 2K for the red wall of doom.

BatRastered Says: 2K red wall literally made me ill whenever I walked by it.
Capcom for the black box of nothing (when you could play most of those games elsewhere on the floor).

Best Swag
GoukiJones Says: Borderlands 2 for having 2 different t-shirts, a button and loot to download later for the PC version.

BatRastered Says: Borderlands 2 all of the above, plus they[2K] gave us beer.

Most Laughable
GoukiJones Says: Sleeping Dogs. The guy driving the car wasn’t even touching the steering wheel. AND the steering wheel wasn’t even moving! I was pointing and laughing during the entire demo. 

BatRastered Says: Sleeping Dogs - Shooting out a car’s tire makes it launch into the air like a rocket ship. Shooting the driver while the car is flipping allows it to land correctly and drive away. WTF? Why even show me this demo?

Most slept through moment
BatRastered Says: Wonderbook - J.K. Rowling and Sony team up to make an augmented reality book work with the Move... boredom ensues for like 20+ minutes. The boat scene from AssCreed3 was also slept through with GoukiJones waking up twice and not believing it was still the same game on the screen.

Not what we expected
GoukiJones Says: Dishonored. I watched a demo and played this game. Although it may look like Bioshock from the outside, there were some interesting features. You could possess creatures in the world such as fish, dogs, other animals AND humans. There was also a lot of climbing. Who doesn’t like getting to the top of things in video games?

BatRastered Says: Hybrid - it wasn’t just the normal shooter that seems to be thrown in the summer of arcade every year. It had some different gameplay mechanics.

Most worthless accessory
BatRastered Says: Wii-U gamepad. Yeah you can only use this in the new SMBU to assist (or hinder) the other players by placing blocks, you don’t really get to play. It’s cool for mini-games and great for in-game menus... but I came away underwhelmed.

GoukiJones Says: Nyko Fightstick. It’s great that Nyko wants to compete in the Fight Stick market. The stick separates and you can set it up for a lefty or righty control scheme. BUT $180?! That’s not gonna work.

Most unnecessary use of 3D
GoukiJones Says: Star Trek The Movie The Game. Nobody had anything to do with 3D on the floor or during the press conferences this year. The Star Trek Jimmys just could resist showing off their demo with 3D glasses. Guess what, they didn’t need it all. The game looks interesting and exciting, we don’t need 3D.

BatRastered Says: I didn’t see any 3D this year... WOOHOO!

Shortest demo with a Developer
GoukiJones Says: XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Inside the 2K booth XCOM was shown, but only for like 10 minutes. I mean, they literally just should a couple of turns from the combat and kicked us out. (Read more)

BatRastered Says: XCOM: Everybody in the demo was so surprised it was over that the guy had to tell us to leave 3 times before it sunk in. The look of confusion all around was amazing.

Most Useless
GoukiJones Says: Hawken. I’ve been hype for Hawken since I first saw the trailer 2 years ago. I’ve contacted those Jimmys a few times about an interview and they always blow us off. I finally got to play at E3, but with 0 help. I would get killed upon first contact and then teabagged. I’d go around the consoles to see who I was playing against and it was some nuab in a Hawken t-shirt. Classy company.

BatRastered Says: Konami: They emailed us asking if we wanted a booth tour. I replied saying yes and asking for a date/time. No response. I reply again a week before the show and get and out-of-office reply with a new person to email if I’m trying to book E3 appointments. I email the new contact. No response. The line to play Metal Gear Rising: Revengence is too long for us to wait in at the show, we have other things to do, so I ask about a line pass for media. No dice. Okay, enjoy the lack of coverage of your big game!

Hottest Booth
GoukiJones Says: Activision Transfomers Rise of the Fallen Dark Moon. This shit was HOT AS HELL. I left 3 pounds lighter, easily. We were going to shoot a GoukiJones VS FnJimmy video in there, but we just couldn’t stand it after one play through of the demo. One of the worst moments ever at E3. Drippin'!

BatRastered Says: Activision Transformers: I thought I was getting rained on, turned out it was just sweat dripping from my head onto my shoulders. It was like a sauna in there only without the nice cedar smell.

Worst Presentation

GoukiJones Says: Bethesda. 45 minutes, 2 demos. I was fighting to stay awake during this. If I ever wanted to know what narcolepsy felt like, it was watching The Elder Scrolls Online & Dishonored demo. Now I’m hype for both of these games, but there was something in that room that was fucking putting me to sleep. The Elder Scrolls Online demo was just video presentations with some nuab talking in between them. Maybe I’ll write more about that later. The Dishonored part had two Jimmys reading a script -who could barely read mind you- and some “dev” in the room behind them playing the demo. LIES. That was a recording too. How do I know you ask? Because the two Jimmys were reading a script and somehow knew what to say when he died or finished certain areas. Terrible.

BatRastered Says: Nintendo Media Briefing: First of all, which one? Nintendo had 3 confusing conferences. It started on Sunday with an online show of Iwata talking about the Wii-U hardware. He showed off what had changed on the gamepad from what was shown last year, and announced the “Pro” controller (which looks a lot like an Xbox controller). On Tuesday, we got the full on conference which started off with Miyamoto showing us Pikmin 3, followed by Reggie telling us they were just going to talk games today and not announce Wii-U specs, release date, or price. There was a demo of Arkham City’s “Armored Edition” for the Wii-U where you could have heard a pin drop people were so bored. Then they came out to talk about the 3DS, saying we’ve only got time to show you a few things, but there will be ANOTHER online press conference for just the 3DS (ugh!) people seemed bored by the short 3DS demos shown. Then there was the WTF moment of Nintendoland which ended the show twice (I don’t know how to explain it other than once you thought it was over, Reggie comes out says it’s over, goodbye, etc.. but here’s more Nintendoland then it shows some rendered fireworks as the lights come up, WTF?)

Biggest Disappointment
GoukiJones Says: Aliens: Colonial Marines. Non playable Xenos?! Only the Devs got use them. That’s right. I remember getting raiped from above constantly. #dontbeajimmy

BatRastered Says: Aliens: Colonial Marines: I was plotting in line to let people pass so we got to be on the Xeno side, then FnJimmy pointed out that the players on the other side weren’t moving between games. I looked at their badges and sure enough, they were all Gearbox employees. I was still hyped to try out the game, but I really wanted to know what it was like to play as the aliens.

Coolest Sideshow
GoukiJones Says: AverMedia. Team Gouki competed in an Avermedia Super Street Fighter IV AE2012 edition tournament. FnJimmy was the first eliminated. GoukiJones and BatRastered made it further into the tournament, but were both taken out by the same pro Snake Eyes. PWNT!

Where are they now?
BatRastered Says: Games from the last year or two of E3 that were no-shows this year: Overstrike, Furious 4, The Last Guardian, Agent, Transformers Universe (MMO), XCOM (FPS)

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Dishonored Best Community Kills Montage Video

By: goukijones Nov 15, 2012 | 1 Comments

This video had me mesmerized from the start. Now I have no idea what is happening with the menus or what guns or how much power any of these moves take, but watching these kills continues my hype for Dishonored.

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Vlog #15 The Resur-Erection

By: goukijones Nov 7, 2010 | 19 Comments

It's been a long time since I got shit faced and just rambled in front of the camera. I hope you guys enjoy the new Vlog. Please leave a comment on this story. Thank you for watching.

Featuring: Cinderkin, Akskiller, Billy Mays, BatRastered, FNJimmy and ErikEstrada.

Thanks for watching and please leave a comment.

If you like this vlog watch the other vlogs 1-14.

Batman Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition giveaway.

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FnJimmy stops by as this week's special guest on This Week in Anime & Gaming with Jake aka WeebBizMan. 11/4/2016 Episode 5.

Make sure you follow @FnJimmy & @WeebBizMan on the Twitta!

This new Developer Diary for Deus Ex: Human Revolution shows off the first part of the game and different ways you can maneuver through the world.

Wow, this is....




Exclusive Hands-on with Marvel VS Capcom 3

By: goukijones Feb 11, 2011 | 18 Comments got to play Marvel VS Capcom 3 all day. Check out our thoughts and these exclusive gameplay videos.

After playing Marverl VS Capcom 3 all day long yesterday. I sit here today only wanting to play more. MvC3 is one of the most spectacular looking video games I've seen in years. The colors and effects on screen are simply amazing. Capcom, Marvel have out done themselves. Marvel VS Capcom 3 is the sequel fans have wanted for over 10 years.

The character selection is great, there's a ton of classic characters you can use like Magneto and Captain America. The new characters are strange, but I'm really glad that both companies did some reaching. For example The Dog and the Bionic Commando Jimmy from Capcom and M.O.D.O.K. and TaskMaster from the depths of Marvels character catalog. Really cool stuff.

DLC characters in the future also have tons of potential, unless Shuma and Jill are the disc. If they are on the disc we could be screwed, but if not well then that opens the door for more characters to be downloadable content. There was rumor of M. Bison being in the game, but that could have been Photoshoped right? MvC2 had over 50 characters, I expect this roster to grow too.

Something I didn't like for instance were the stages, there's only like 6-7 stages to do battle on. You can't do versus on Galactus' stage, which doesn't make sense to me. No spectator mode is a really bad idea. I think that not haveing a spectator mode turns the game into more of a party game with friends in house, other than playing online. I'm not gonna sit on a blank screen while I wait for others to fight. Why does Capcom go backwards with some of these designs. It's odd to me that you can't do versus against the computer, practicing in training mode and doing the trials will only take you so far. Although the best experience you're probably going to get is online. Get ready for that Dante, Wolverine and Deadpool match up every time. Don't be a Jimmy!

Finally we were lucky enough to capture a few matches:

Cinderkin VS goukijones

Cinderkin VS BatRastered

goukijones VS BatRastered

With the release of the remastered version of Ducktales having been released a few weeks ago comes the inevitable(?) flood of limited edition art prints

We all saw it coming.    Okay none of us probably saw it coming, but for some reason, home of Tyler Stout, Olly Moss, and all the other artists with near impossible to get limited edition art prints is releasing 6(!!!) art prints tomorrow morning at a random time depicting Scrooge, the boys, and some duck witch I've never seen in my life.

I have a feeling these won't sell out instantly, but then again some have very small edition sizes so some of them probably will.

keep an eye out for @mondonews on twitter for the exact release time (which usually is fruitless in a quest to score a print from them, but in this case maybe not)

Here are the prints (they usually run about $40-$60:

JJ Harrison (featuring the full cast)

Scrooge by DKNG (regular edition)

Scrooge (Variant) by DKNG

Nephews by Anne Benjamin

Magica De Spell by Phantom City Creative

Magica De Spell (Variant)

Still available if these dont tickle your fancy is Dave Perillo's take on Ducktales, in what might just be the best one of the bunch

Mortal Kombat lives. People are still playing it and apparently so are a lot of hot chicks. Oh and it's on the Vita or something.


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Oh Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is real

By: goukijones Oct 13, 2011 | 3 Comments

Typical Bioware ... turning 1 of their games into an MMO. Okay maybe Mass Effect 3 isn't quite the MMO co-op multiplayer experience SOME of you may want, but here it is. Different classes and races, your choices affect main story, and play with friends.

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