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  • This game is going to be so godlike, son! Hopefully I can win, but if not oh we... Dec 6, 2010
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Street Fighter x Tekken Team - "Team Ken Masters"

By: numberviz3r0 Feb 26, 2012 | 6 Comments

This is my entry for the Street Fighter x Tekken giveaway.

Bob is currently my Tekken main and I want to pick him up again due to what DMG|Kor has been showing off on Cross Assault.  Once he was announced, it made me happy and I had a feeling I would play him.  He is probably one of the only Tekken guys I will play, other than Law.  But I would have a lot of fun playing as him and enjoy abusing this speedy tubby.  >:]

Ken Masters is my first legit main in Street Fighter and I want to play him again.  Yeah, yeah, yeah...  I know everyone plays Ken at some point or another and he looks really cheap in what has been shown of SFxT...  But I don't care since I never pay attention to tiers anyways.  So...  Regardless, I'm going to play as him and definitely have fun doing so.

"Team Ken Masters" is definitely going to be my main team!  Remember according to Rufus in the SFxT video, Bob is "Ken Masters".  This is why I dubbed the team, "Team Ken Masters" haha!

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