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iPhone 4 vs XBox 360 and Playstation.

By: PapaBear420 Oct 4, 2010 | 8 Comments

iPhone 4 a new way of gaming.

Hey what's up Gouki fam. I haven't played XBox much these days. I mean don't get me wrong the new Halo Reach is cool and all but everything is starting to seem like the same crap over and over again with just new boards. I don't mind dropping 60 or 70 dollars on a game but shit give me something new. More than just 5 new boards and some crappy mission that after a few bong hits I'm going to forget about anyway. Side note if you play a game beat it and then a few months later play it again because it was just so cool. Well, your a douche nozzle, I mean no offence, but.....your still a douche nozzle (that means you are not the bag but just the stick, and that's gross). I'm sure you can find something better to do with your time then get pissed at Mission 2 Level 3 all over again, YOU FUCKING POOP STICK..But again I mean no offence. You didn't see the US saying "hey we should do that Mexican-American war thing again". Oh wait they are kind of, you know with the whole wall thing and all. Bad example, but you know what I mean.

Anyway what was I talking about, oh yea the iPhone 4. I love this thing, you can get games for 99 cents most of the time and they can keep you busy for hours. Granted I smoke and one time stared at light socket for 15 minutes and thought wow they look like happy faces saying "oooooo". Go look, they do. Oh yea back to the phone. The thing about the iPhone and even the Droid is that you can take these on the go and have fun playing them. There's like 200000 games to choose from. Granted you can't take them to Game Stop and get credit for them, but with GameStop exchange rate you'll walk out owing them money. (GAMESTOP ARE ASSMONKEYS!! DIRTY DIRTY ASSMONKEYS!!) no offence to any monkeys out there. Unless your are an assmonkey then you should be very offended. It's portable gaming people, you can play a game on the crapper check your email and all at the same time. Thank you multitasking :). Granted it does have its faults like when my wife told me to say hi to her mother while on face chat and I was on the toilet. Don't judge me I make all my calls from the bathroom, great acoustics but a very weird moment for us both. 

I know it these shitty little games don't compare to Halo or Call of Duty by any means but you can only play that crap so much. You can play Angry Birds or Enigmo anywhere and even use your iPod at the same time. There's even a app that can change your voice during a phone call. A huge stalker favorite.  So put down your controller and pick up your phone there some cool games in your app store, and you can go out and see boobies that aren't virtual.


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Blur Review and Cheat

By: papabear420 Jun 2, 2010 | 4 Comments

I think Blur has got to be one of the best multiplayer game out. Plus check out this quick cheat.

Hey what's up gamers it's The Bear, and before you go off on a 3 day caffeine and or drug induced binge playing the 5 new Modern Warfare map pack Resurgence, which you can download for XBox 360 June 3, 2010. Let's talk a bit about Blur.

Blur box

This game is nothing but pure fun. You know like the kind of fun you have when your in another country and you can do what ever you want because nobody knows you fun, that kind of fun. Well maybe not that fun, but if you played the beta then you already know now fun this game can be. The multiplayer is nothing but a trash talkers dream. One minute your in first place and then some 14 year old kid who didn't go to school because it's 11:45 on a Monday afternoon.  Shoots you and you end up in like 9th place out of nowhere. Your screaming at the top of your lungs at the little prick and all your neighbors hear is you yelling "screw you, you little jackass" and they think that I am yelling at my kids. I'm yelling how I'm going to blast him right in the ass with my shunt cannon (a weapon in the game) and all I have to say is that it was a long ride in the elevator that day. My kids weren't even home they were in school, where that little douch bag should have been.

Oh yea almost forgot those cheats.

Unlock the Chrome BMW
Cheat code: Highlight the BMW Concept 1 Series car within the Multiplayer Car Showroom and enter the code 'Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger.'

Fully Upgrade the Ford Bronco
Cheat code: Highlight the Ford Bronco within the Multiplayer Car Showroom and enter the code 'Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger.'

I haven't done them so I can't tell you if they work. Give em a try and get back to me.

They added some great new tracks and citys. L.A. to Spain to Tokyo. You get to drive drunk down some of the coolest road in the world. I think that's why they called it blur, because every time I play it I'm smashed. The controllers a blur the t.v. is a blur, everything.  I love this game man.  I think I have met more cool people playing  Blur than i have on any other game, ever. There's something about light hearted f bombs that brings people together. Don't get me wrong you still have to do the career to upgrade your cars and mods, but in the long run it's worth it.

So if you don't have it and you have two boxes in your hands Blur and Split Second. Take that Split Second and wipe your but with it and fling it at that 12 year old you won't get off the XBox 360 display controller and let somebody else play and buy  Blur. You won't regret it, and if you do well "Im sorry, my bad".

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The World of Borecraft

By: papabear420 Apr 8, 2010 | 5 Comments

World of Warcraft, it's the closest you can come to watching paint dry.

Hey fam, what's going on? I've missed you guys. I went to Atlanta and did a few shows.  Then the week after that I took my kids to the state fare and enjoyed free entrance for the kids and even discount tickets for me and the wife. Then went in and spent like $300 bucks on, well basically on crap. Pure crap.

Well let me explain why I'm calling World of Warcraft a bore. I felt that I couldn't talk about something unless I tried it out for myself. So on the advice of a close friend IGuapo, I got the 10 day trial and got started in a world of 11 million dorks and adventures. After carefully giving life to an Org or Ork what ever the hell that things name is,  named him "iamwetoddit" and got started off on a quest to kill some pigs.  About half way through I realized that I would rather teabag a piranna tank. All your doing is running and running and running. If there's 11 million people running around in this World of Dorkcraft the only thing that gives me peace of mind is that there safe at home and not getting beat up in a ally somewhere by a level 11 thug, The only muscles these guys must have are all focused on the 3 fingers on their left hands and the pointer finger on the right. 

If you really want to have some fun, check out Blur. This game is like Mario Cart for adults.  I'm having so much fun with this demo. It's a kick ass multiplayer game that I can't wait to pick up. Might even bring some of my used games to Gamestop so they could knock a cool $3.42 off my bill. GOD I HATE THAT PLACE.

So to cut it short. Turn on your XBox and download Blur, and if your more into the World of Warcraft just grab your balls and put them in the nearest door jam and smash them.  YOU SHOULD NOT PROCREATE....


Cuidate mi Jente.... 


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Xbox Live: Disconnect....

By: PapaBear420 Mar 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

Take a minute to smell the......

Hey, what's up fam? How's everything tonight? I played a few games this week, even finished Assassin's Creed 2 but took a break today. That's right I took a break.  When was the last time you took a day off?

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to Splinter Cell Conviction and all, UFC 2010 and all that, but there's a break in good games at the moment and we should take advantage. Shit man, take a moment to smell the vagina/balls, whatever you're into. Today I went out with my lady and just looked for crab to cook for dinner,  In other words, I didn't play Xbox 360 today!! Well at least most of today, at one point she was in the shower and I didn't know what to do.

I don't want to cut this short or sound like I'm bragging but,,,,

Shit people, take time in your busy lives to enjoy things that Xbox didn't make. I heard that thing called vagina is pretty good.

As far as I go, I'm gonna go get some. In other words I'll see you in a few minutes...Gotta download some demos..

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Alice in Wonderland preview

By: PapaBear420 Mar 4, 2010 | 8 Comments

Alice in Wonderland opens March 5. Get your fungus ready...

I'm not going to give you the same old preview that everyone else is doing. You know the story of Alice and if you don't you'll get it the second time. I recommend shrooms the first time, then go see it straight. It'll be like watching two movies.

Anyway, the person I want to spotlight in the movie is Matt Lucas (Tweedledee/Tweedledum), this guy 's got guts. Think about it, he is putting himself in Tim Burtons circus of freaks like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and that little indian guy that played a Oompa Loompa (you think he pulls hoes). He will never live this down, like the girl that did the herpes commercials. Well I don't think he'll have the same problems. I can see a girl calling a friend and bragging that she just banged Tweedledum but I don't think that people are going to rush to the phone and say "hey dude, I just banged the chick from the herpes commercial" at least not with the same excitement in their voice.

So if you ever see Matt Lucas pat him on the back and say "hey at least your not the herpes chick"(that would be funny if people actually started doing that, the guy would flip). In fact if you ever see a friend having a bad time tell him/her the same thing and it will cheer him/her up. Well, if they don't have herpes, then you might get a different response.

Oh and there's a game based on the movie for the Wii ... creepy.

Alice in wonderland wii

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