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A how-to guide for unlocking the three extra characters in Street Fighter Zero 3 (Alpha 3).

Local Gouki user Guano brought over his new UD-CPS2 system with a copy of the Japaneese Street Fighter Zero 3 (alpha 3 in the US). GoukiJones wanted to play as Juni, a favorite from back in the day when alpha was the new game in town.

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It's the most brilliant ad for a video game ever.


Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III - Force Unleashed Sketch

As the shift change on the Death Star passes, Stormtroopers head back to the barracks and others head out to their posts. Their one stop in common is the Imperial Cafeteria. Here, one lone coffee maker sits. Empty. Used. Un-refilled. Destined to serve millions of cups of coffee a day across the space station, the promise of the device remains unfulfilled. And Vader is not a morning person.

Here we go again. WTF is a "Gamer's Day?" This is just another trailer. Perhaps Gamer's Day is something I'm completely out of the loop on. Don't be a Jimmy!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game that came out of know where. Last we saw of XCOM was an FPS at E3 2011 & then this game comes out first. Was this game rushed out the door for no reason?

XCOM is a turn based strategy game where you, as humans, battle aliens -or should I say, an unknown enemy- from space.  This is 1 of the most broken games in the recent era & definitely the top of 2012. I'm sure of it, 56 hours of gameplay sure of it. That's right, I've played the shit out of this game in just under a week. Now I'm just going to blither & blather about my experiences with XCOM. 

When I first started I had it on the number 3 difficulty. There's Jimmy, Normal, Classic, & Impossible. I figured, I'm pro, I can handle Classic no problem. I must have started over 3 or 4 times in the first 6 hour sesh. I knew if I didn't switch it to normal, I wasn't going to continue.

I was already aware by this point that the enemies can shoot thru walls, buildings, cars, whatever the fuck is on the screen like it wasn't even there. Just today on 1 of those stages where you have to save the humans hiding around the map, an alien, inside a building shoots thru the wall & a car to kill the human in hiding. That was 1 of the last straws right there. Oh you don't believe me how ridiculous this game is? I figured this miracle shooting thru walls must work for me the same way. So at 1 point I just moved up only in the space which allowed you still do 1 action & put all of my team in over watch. Sooner than later my squad was shooting thru the walls as well.

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SfxT Cross Assault - Cross Over Ep. 3

By: Cybuster89 Feb 29, 2012 | 5 Comments

It's that time again for another episode of CROSS ASSAULT! :)




and the other episodes if you missed it:



Set your VCR's to record history tonight Jimmy! First ever short film made from a video game to be on national tv.

This should be awesome. Tonight May 29, 2010 at Midnight Eastern & Pacific on FOX. Everything about the game already feels like a movie. The acting and character mannerisms are great in the game, you can get a real sense for what a character is thinking by just seeing them on screen. The scenery in the game alone could just be a nature video. Set your Tivo Jimmy ... trust me. You'll watch.

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Crazy Taxi get release date

By: Arthvader Oct 16, 2010 | 5 Comments

Sega's taxi service game get's a crazy release date.

Sega announced that Crazy Taxi will be released onto PSN and XBLA on Nov.23 and Nov.24 , repectivaly, for the price of $9.99, or 800 Microsoft Points.


Back when Crazy Taxi first came out for the Dreamcast, I would constantly play this game over, and over, and over, Just doing all sorts of crazy stuff that i could possibly do (drifting for long peroids of time, driving on the wrong side of the lane on purpose, jumping off of the parking garage, etc.). I remember one time I managed to get the CRAZY Licence andter playing a round for at least a good half-hour to a hour. Whenever the game comes out, I'll be getting this game to do all that crazy stuff again.


Here's the Source, from the guys at Sega:


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Valve Announces SteamOS

By: guano Sep 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

Steam is ready to move past Windows with an in house Linux distro. Does it have the right stuff to make the PC relevant in this next gen climate?

    Based on other stories I've written recently, I wanted to comment on Steam's announcement today. SteamOS is the next phase of their plan to take over the world.  On the website created just for this announcement they tell us only a few real pieces on info. It will be open source, derived from the Linux kernel. Linux in the simplest description is this small piece of software that can be thought of as the brain of the computer, that has the know how to control the computer's hardware and offers the tools required to access and operate them by the user or other software. You put layers of software (a user interface and apps) on top of that kernel, they can be open source, proprietary or a combination of both to give the box all the features you want it to do.

    Steam is doing all this to divorce Microsoft. Gabe Newell, CEO at Steam, is of the opinion that they are at the mercy of their competitor when it comes to getting changes committed to Windows or even new features added that allow PC gaming to grow. Microsoft is in the business of selling Xbox One's and an OS that is tailored to general computer usage, not gaming. They are going so far as to end their Games for Windows program, albeit unsuccessful, is conveniently anticompetitive to end at the beginning of this console cycle. So now steam will be free to tune this OS as if it were embedded and maximize performance on a console-like level and add or remove features as they please.

    Along with performance they can now build this cohesive and hopefully appealing platform.  For years they have been touting if you build your game on their in house engine, Source, your game can easily move across platforms. That vision is clear now, that if you not only had been taking advantage of selling your games on Windows, Linux and MacOS, now you can sell it on SteamOS with no effort. If you didn't make your game in their ecosystem then you can stream the games across your home network to the SteamOS computer, from another Steam client. This says SteamOS will not use wine or such technology to emulate the Windows API, they will use network streaming to support playing non-Source Engine games. The only other notable features they covered are Netflix-like, multi-user options, so you don't have to see your wives Bejeweled in your library.  Family Sharing of Steam Accounts was also mentioned, which will be in beta soon, allowing one to share their entire library with a friend, with the hook that only one of you can be logged in at a time. They will have Pandora, Netflix, blah blah blah on SteamOS... Who cares...

    Less overhead than Windows, means console level performance and you lose the cost of having Windows includedin the cost of your PC build, if all you're really doing on it is gaming (that applies to me!). There will be a real chance for another player in the game to do something different or special is very exciting. The big dogs need to be shaken out of their complacency. Competition is great for the consumer. You should all embrace this platform. I believe that SteamOS will be offered as a free download for users to build gaming PCs. Sure they may sell their own hardware for those who don't want to roll their own. The SteamOS is just a way to sell more games, which is where they make most of their money. I have no idea what their other announcements could possibly be besides the SteamBox everyone has been going on about. So the third one is a real mystery to me. If I had to speculate, I will guess it will be a new API for the community to build apps for SteamOS. The only problem with that is I could only see this hurting gaming performance, having stuff running in the background on your gaming box, which is a real perk of moving past Windows. We will all see soon enough.

Can you name 50 JoJo Characters?

JoJo fighting games have been around as long as I can remember. Cyberconnect 2 and Bandai released JoJos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle back in 2012. This new one has 50 characters and you know what that means. Tag team and assists in battle. Each character will have customization options for outfits, poses, and dialogue. Plus they will all be voiced by their current anime voice actors. Very cool for JoJo fans. We’ll see more this Fall when the game is released.

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Special shout out to everyone who has visited Check out our stats from last year. Also the January 2012 Jimmy of the Month winner.

It's no lie that we kind dropped off at the end of the year and you can see that in the stats above. BatRastered and  I were kind of sitting back and getting our shit together for 2012. We also manage full time. That site is about to get a new version in April. If you're a wrestling fan check dat.

Back to Gouki. Thank you to everyone who has ever visited, comment, shared and especially wrote a story on Cinderkin, JalexBrown, and Crimson Relic. What up Jimmy?! We miss your content and hope to hear from you soon. Very special note to ArthVader, a great friend and supporter of for over 2 years now. Thank you. 

In 2012 a new version of will be launched WAAAY later in the year. It will be more ambitious than ever. (Just don't tell BatRastered yet.) We've got some great apps for you guys to check and share. The PricePWNr tracks prices on video games across Amazon, GameStop & Find stuff on sale, go back and get  games cheap that you want to play. Save money on video games! There's plenty of ways to save.

Have you seen the early beta build of the brackets? Gouki Brackets Beitch! We will be taking over the FGC with this one Jimmy. The beta is really testing that the product works. Right now we're working on the look and whatever minor tweaks the programing needs. Most importantly it needs to look like a bracket, right? And we're hoping to have a new look for you in early February or May. lol. We're busy yo.

So if you don't know by now, BatRastered and I run from a secret location in Las Vegas, NV. This is our business. We're gamers and we're tech and internet fanatics. BatRastered has always been working with computers and doing programming. I have always been in customer service. I've also always enjoyed creative writing and making short films. We hope that our unique style of a video game website will keep growing and entertaining you Jimmys in 2012.

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FREE "Dying Light 2" Ronin DLC & How To Redeem

By: goukijones Feb 23, 2022 | 0 Comments

Free gear is always great for starting off in games.

This latest free DLC from Techland, the company who brought us Dying Light 2. You will get 7 pieces of gear over the course of 3 days. Those days are now. Make sure you head over to their site and that the same system you play Dying Light 2 on is linked to the Techland website. More details below.

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Tom Holland Is The Drake "Uncharted" Final Trailer

By: goukijones Jan 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

In theaters February 18, 2022!

Does he look like the Drake? Maybe a little, I guess. A little short for my imagination. I’m hoping this movie is not Peter Parker pretending to be Indiana Jones for 2 hours. The action looks good and there’s a lot of pressure to make a video game movie from an iconic franchise. Hopefully it’s fun to watch. Check out the final trailer!

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