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Exclusive pictures from SDCC 2010

By: goukijones Jul 29, 2010 | 10 Comments

Just a couple of photos from the Comic-con I took. Don't be a Jimmy. You can not miss the Street Fighter cosplay.

I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures. The Juri isn't enough for you?

Can't see the pics?! Click here!!

That Juri is super hot yes? Well she is a professional, Jimmy. Check out her site and tell her said WHAT UP?!



Comic Con 2010

By: fnjimmy Aug 1, 2010 | 6 Comments

One Crazy Trip

Well what can I say but this is the first time in 14 years since I was at Comic Con. On the first day the man Goukijones goes and destroyed the hotel mirror, afterwards we headed for Comic Con and for the first time we get to stay late after closing for the Capcoms panel seeing the upcoming Megaman Universe and the full gameplay to Star Wars The Force Unleased 2.

On day 2 we get there late again but only me (Sean Harper-Professional) and Batratered walked around for awhile until Goukijones meet up with us, once we were together we headed for the Iron Man anime panel and finally the G4 network will have Iron Man, Wolferine, X-men, and Blade so hopefully now I don't have to see Cops anymore. Next we stayed until midnight watching Batman: Under the red hood even though I saw it, I would still buy it good film.

Now on day 3 we actually woke up early to go and get a few items to sell for a lot Choke gave us on the go tips so i hope we do well. Later we went to the Super Street Fighter 4 panel and let me tell you the surprise annousment and the other news I never thought they reveiled so much but it was really good.

And on day 4 we finish the glorious Comic Con adventure with trying to get into the season 10 finally of Smallville and man the line was a mile long failed there, I was dress as Akuma again and I got in with a lot of cool looking people, loved the female Bubafet. And that ends Comic Con 2010, see you in 2011. 


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Dragon Age II hands-on SDCC 2010 preview

By: goukijones Aug 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

Exclusive audio clip from the developer Mike Laidlaw chat. My hands-on opinion and a few exclusive pictures.

Dragon Age II hands-on giant poster

So we waited in line to get into a 30 minute discussion about Dragon Age II and a short hands-on demo. The other line was to play Dead Space 2. It looked like the same level we saw at E3. Surprisingly nobody was really interested in the Dead Space 2. We waited in line for Dragon Age II for 1 hour.

Dragon Age II hands-on

While waiting in line, you could walk over and play the NEW DLC for Dragon Age Origins. I did. I didn't know what was happening. It was on PC and I had no idea what the controls were. When I came back into to line I was explaining to BatRastered that I had died, it was the PC version. "No wheel for the spells." I said to him, "like on the Xbox." Craziness. Then this handicap kid(who got to cut us in line) in front of me starts calling me out for not knowing what I was talking about. Completely all up in my conversation with BatRastered. Now he must have misunderstood me or not known which version of the game I was talking about. +1, The kids dad was standing there with him the entire time he berated me. I let the kid finish and I tried to explain to him, that the demo over there is on the PC, and I had never played it on the PC before. He continued to rant on about the spell wheel and that I didn't know what I was talking about and that I sucked. I shoulda took that god damn crutch and wrapped it around his grill. I knew if I did that, I probably wouldn't get a chance to see Dragon Age II that day.

Dragon Age II hands-on. After Mike Laidlaw made his speech, which you can listen to below. I got to sit and play Dragon Age II finally. After waiting almost an hour and a half. Anybody who has seen me play Dragon Age Origins know I do not listen to any of the dialogue, I just skip through it all very fast and then select the most rude or violent option. Plus Mike just demo'd the same exact thing I was playing right now, so I already knew what the characters were talking about it. The space for the demo is really just a demo battlefield. You get to see the new graphics, which for the Dragon Age heads, you will know right away that they are enhanced. Better? Not by much, but improved and enhanced. Irrelevant. The Darkspawn comes over the hill and the pwnn begins. Only 2 people in the party, the main Jimmy and a mage. BTW Mages have finishing moves now with magic, like the soldiers and Assassin's had in the first Dragon Age. Darkspawn come over the hill and I'm pwnn like it was Dragon Age Origins. You have to push the A/X button to attack, that doesn't make it a hack and slash that some Jimmys have reported. It's still the same game. A/X ... the button attacks, it makes sense. You still can switch to the mage on the fly and control the other party members that way. When the dialogue wheel pops up the selections also have an emotion attached to them. So when you say you're gonna kill everything by yourself, the "asshole" emotion is shown with like a color or symbol in the selection.

Now I don't know what everyone else in the room was doing, but I railed that demo in less than 2 minutes. Everything the developer just showed and demo'd in front of us was the same exact thing we got to play. So yeah, I just tested out the combat. I didn't need to hear any talking, I never have in Dragon Age. Never will. Afterward I went up and spoke to Mike Laidlaw, told him who I was and that we wanted to be in contact with their PR department. No response.

Here's a video of the TardClan VS the Nubfarm in an inflatable sword death match.

Regardless Dragon Age II looks very promising. I'm sure if you played the first one, picking up part two should not be an issue. Now how about that audio recording I promised of the developer chat. Don't be a Jimmy!

Dragon Age II hands-on dragon


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FNJimmy as Gouki SDCC 2010 cosplay

By: goukijones Jul 29, 2010 | 3 Comments

The man is back once again at the San Diego Comic-con throwing fireballs at nerds. JIMAH!

FNJimmy returns as Gouki to the San Diego Comic-con for some serious Akuma cosplay action!

Can't see the pics?! Click here!!


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Cutest lil Chun Li ever VS Akuma exclusive video

By: goukijones Jul 30, 2010 | 9 Comments

Extremely violent. The most viscous(and yes viscous) Akuma I have ever seen. Not for children. !!!NSFW!!!

In a brutal match last week at the San Diego Comic-Con, Chun Li faced off against Akuma. Blow after blow, vicious uppercuts and devastating hurricane kicks, Chun Li kept getting back up and kept throwing fireballs at Akuma. Akuma only teleported back and forth as if he was mocking her, until Chun Li finally caught him with a low short into a EX Lightning kick, chained into a Ultra. Unbelievable finish.

Street Fighter on the 3DS, New Super Street Fighter IV DLC, Darkstalkers IV teased, More SSF4 characters to come? AND STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN!!

Outside while we waited in line we were so lucky to be entertained by some bad ass Street Fighter Cosplay.

Juri and Chun Li cosplay

And check out this Gouki!!

FNJimmy as Gouki SDCC 2010 Capcom booth

Here's how I remember it ... Ono-chin got right into talking about the new DLC for Super Street Fighter IV which is just new/old costumes. For example the Chun Li Alpha sweat pants are back. Blanka has some seriously ridiculous looking shit on. You can find better pictures on the net, but this is a picture I took.

Super Street Fighter IV DLC

I may recall things out of order. At one point Ono-chin teases about Darkstalkers again. He asks everyone to pull out some money and hold it up in the air. He took a picture and told everyone that he was going to show it to the head Jimmys in charge back in Japan. "See people are ready to pay for Darkstalkers." He joked. I hope you follow Ono-chin on twitter he has one of the best accounts. @yoshi_onochin

Then there was talk of the Super Street Fighter IV 3DS version. Which looks amazing and I won't play. There isn't much for me to comment on here. What about the Super Street Fighter IV arcade release? I don't know who is saying what and what we are exactly talking about on stage, because I know like two words in Japanese so I think I can speak it. What am I talking about here ... I believe that Ono-chin was hinting that  NEW characters will be in the arcade release. Which if this is true, it only means that another inevitable Street Fighter IV will be coming to the home consoles sometime. It's inevitable.

One of the characters already announced is Birdie. j/k

Then on the screen in front of the room the words "Here comes a new challenger!" pops up and the lights go out.

Then from out of nowhere a crazy man in the back of the room is screaming in Japanese. Throwing copies of Tekken 6 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 across the room. Aiming for Jimmys dressed in Street Fighter costumes. The lights come on and my eyes jump over to the goofy white guy who starts translating the Japanese. Oh it's Harada, the Tekken Jimmy and his translator that pronounced EVO "EV-VO" Nubfarm!

Ono-chin VS Harada

So yes, Ono and Harada are good friends. Their shenanigans went on for over 45 minutes at EVO earlier this month. They are both very theatrical as well. They both dressed the same with the robes although Ono claimed he just woke up late. I don't know what these crazy Japanese guys are up to. They do make incredible games. And then Ono-chin announced Street Fighter X Tekken. Yes "X!" It means cross, I think. He continued to blow everybody's mind and said he had a playable copy of Street Fighter X Tekken. Just watch my video below. Prepare to be amazed.

Did you notice RYU almost has an expression like "C'mon really?" When he sees Kazuya. Kazuya makes a face too, but RYU thinks this is a joke. The graphics are beautiful and the tag partner element is always a crazy gameplay design. Ono insisted that this was a live play, but I'm just saying it could have been a video. As set up as everything was there were still on stage. Either way we won't be seeing this game probably for a couple of years. Expect the next serious update E3 2010 E3 2011. Now play me in Super Street Fighter IV!!

THOR and AMATERASU join the cast.

For those of you following Marvel vs Capcom 3 you'll know that Thor (Marvel Super Hero) and Amaterasu (Capcoms Okami) were leaked last night. Those who don't know may be happy or not about these two additions. I for one can't see myself playing a 4 legged wolf in a high speed fighting game, but thats just me. I am however happy to see Thor. He has been a long awaited character for far to long.

Check out these Pics below of the two in action.



More Info and Screens over at Eventhubs



Don't be a Jimmy! Let us know what you think of the upcoming game and characters in the comments below. Number 1 in the World!


goukijones goes to San Diego Comic-Con 2010

By: goukijones Jul 19, 2010 | 6 Comments has been invited to attend Comic-con 2010 has members of the media. Here's a preview of what I'm personally looking forward to seeing.

San Diego in July? Seaworld? Wind Surfing? Naval base tours? No, I'll stay inside as usual. Except I'll be at the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON. Suer exciting about returning to the comic-con this year. I have been to San Diego in over 10 years. Things are a little different this time, Co-founder BatRastered and myself will be attending as members of the press and we're going to bring you all types of our unique coverage from all over this year's San Diego Comic-con. Here's a little preview of what I'm looking forward to.

Our private jet lands on Thursday, so we probably won't actually be on the floor until around 3pm. So let's start there.


3:30 Star Wars: TFU2 demo. Hopefully we get to see some new stuff. Although it doesn't really matter, I will be getting this game the first day it comes out. It's just so much fun to watch.

4:45 Capcom 2010 and Beyond! Capcom is going to be showing off the latest updates for all the new games coming out within the next year. Ono-chin has been teasing something new about Super Street Fighter IV and he promised it will be revealed at Comic-con.

6:00 Halo: Reach again, there's no discussion here. I'll be getting Halo Reach at a midnight release somewhere. hopefully they show some stuff from the campaign that really blows my mind. Please confirm the 6 man co-op campaign ya Bungie Jimmys!

7:30 Penn and Teller more bullshit I'm sure. This will probably close the night out for us. We'll definitely be out of whiskey at this point. Looking for a place to relax and have a few laughs, with these two assholes.


11:15 Marvel Interactive will be talking about Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and will probably reveal the 4th Spider-Man just like FNJimmy promised. More information on the other upcoming games.

1:00 Star Wars The Old Republic panel totally dedicated to the story of the game. I expect to hear specific details about the 8 different character classes in SWTOR.

2:00 Another Marvel VS Capcom panel. Really? Well this might be where they actually reveal more characters and levels for the game.

3:00 Joss Whedon panel. It's Joss Whedon yo, the creator of Buffy. I'd like to sit in and see what he's up to.

4:00 Fable III without Peter Molenuab? If Peter Molenuab isn't going to be there, why should I. I don't even know about this Fable III anymore after what I saw at E3.

4:30 Another Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions panel. WTF is going on here. The people just want to know what Spider-Man it is. This is turning into the Lebron James 1 hour Jimmy special.

4:30 Fallout writers panel. I played Fallout New Vegas at E3. It seemed to be the exact same to me. I can't imagine the writing driving that came in any different direction away from Fallout 3. Nubfarm.

6:30 Gears of War 3 with favorite Cliffy B. It's Gears 3 Jimmy, there's a female COG and new moves and guns. Big Shocker!

8:15 Iron Man Anime. Looks bad ass watch the preview.

10:00 Batman Under the Red Hood. I'd prefer a pink hood, but I'm still excited to see a new batman animated movie. Check the clip.


11:30 Dragon Ball Z Kai voice actor panel. Jimmy

11:45 Warner Brothers will be showing off the new Green Lantern, hopefully it's not too gay.

12:00 Here we go again with Ono-chin apparently this is when he will reveal whatever he is going to reveal about whatever. Irrelevant. You have go to read these Comic-con panel descriptions carefully.

6:00 Marvel Studios Thor and Captain America showdown. Can't wait to see what they have for us. How long can they make these excellent comic book movies. Ironman is so much to live up to. I still love the Edward Norton Hulk too ya Jimmy!


Free day. PWN the floor.

GoukiJones, BatRastered and of course FNJimmy will be live at San Diego Comic-con all weekend. Our eye in the sky, Choke will have some live exclusive insider flipping coverage from the comfort of his bedroom. Follow us live on Twitter with #sdcc and stay tuned to our page

Leave some comments and let me know what you want to see from us this year at the Comic-con.

Just an example of what you can create in Forge World just hanging off the side of a mountain.

It looks awesome. You have complete freedom with design now. You can even design the fall out zone where you die, if you go too far outside the map. This level was designed be the same Jimmy that designed Lockout and Guardian. Prepare to be amazed. You can even place armor abilities now. Check this out JIMAH!

Community News

de bad shot

I Just Came....... Forge World

By: de bad shot Jul 23, 2010 | 5 Comments

The Coolest Shit i have seen to date for reach!

What is up jimmys! I am going to keep this short and sweet. Halo Reach. Fuck every thing else.

This is a complete walkthrough of the map and a little sample of some things you can do with Forge.

So Blood Gulch is reborn in so many different ways here. This is the new Forge World. Hemorrhage is huge and has multiple areas where you can Forge out a new map. There's really no way for me to explain it. Watch the video and watch as you go beyond the canyon. Listen to the nubfarm go crazy. JIMMY!

For the first time ever see a new map, a new armor ability, a new vehicle and a new assassination.

So you can do 1v1 or 2v2 Firefight mode. Spartans VS Elites. Also you get to hear all of the nubfarm in the background from the convention. Check out the clip for the new armor ability, hologram. There are unique sword assassinations. The walk through continues with full on combat. Reach is going to pwn.

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