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By goukijones — January 3, 2010
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Here's a list of video games I want and don't want to play in 2010. It's going to be an amazing year. Number 1 in the world baby King of Jimmys!

Mass Effect 2 Its so close I can't believe it. I love Mass Effect 1. The guns the music the flying the ship through the space and being a fuckin' asshole to everyone in the galaxy. Can't wait to play part 2! Mass Effect 2 giveaway

Bioshock 2 is right behind ME2. If you got vacation days coming, use them! Fuck the multiplayer Jimmy whining about multiplayer suck. Bioshock was so much fun just by itself. I will play the multiplayer though, carrying the kicking and screaming little sister around as "the flag" is cool and looks awesome.

Final Fantasy XIII Fuck yeah Jimmy. I loved XII. I spent more than 365 total days in real life playing Final Fantasy XI and that's just ridiculous. So I will at least try XIII. XIV?!? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. A new online Final Fantasy will come out this year too. I'm done with everything.

ModNation Racers I'm playing with the Beta now and absolutely loving it. It's a kart racer with the exact same controls of Mario Kart 64. Every race gives you that same exact feeling of fast-paced close finishes racing. Oh yeah!

Super Street Fighter IV Haduoken bitch. With the addition of Adon, Cody and especially Dudley(Not confirmed as of yet) as me super excited to play Street Fighter again. Dudley is probably my favorite guy to use of all time other than M. Bison from Street Fighter Alpha 3. Gutter trash.

Halo Reach I need my Halo revived bad. I love my Halo 3 Montages and want to really see what Halo Reach multiplayer has to offer. Other than girls and different suits. I think it's going to be some type of class setup for multiplayer. I just hope it's not anything like Modern Warfare 2, not that there's anything wrong with that. *cough gay.

Army of two: The 40th day ??? Fuck that.

Dark Void one of those weird Capcom games that come out every other year. Not too interested in this as of right now.


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Yes Yes 

White Knight Chronicles I want to see more of this game. 

God of War III I mean ... I mean it's PS3 Exclusive propaganda I think.

Red Dead Redemption could be the departure from the GTA series I need. I love the idea of the sandbox western and can't wait to see the world Rockstar creates. Another solid title I think from Take-Two this year. Horse ass muscles dude. More info and videos

Crackdown 2 Comes with a $100. lol, or whatever it takes for you to buy it.

Batman Arkham Asylum 2 of course! But I don't think it's coming out in 2010. There's no reason to start rushing out Batman games every year...

Metroid Other M is another game I don't know if it will come out in 2010, but I sure hope it does

Dead Rising 2 ok! I couldn't read the first Dead Rising back when it came out because I still had a nub ass tube tv and couldn't read the HD text.
Gran Turismo 5 Yeah right ... C'mon. It's cars. It's bullshit.

Fallout 3 New Vegas. Sure whatever the fuck this game is. I want to play it.

There's that new Castlevania that looks incredible, but I've hardly seen any news or videos about this game.

Fable III Possibly since Natal is coming out and it's supposed to be compatible. Compatibility not really necessary. I don't want to have to stand up in my living room and walk around talking to the screen like a reh-tard.

Star Wars The Old Republic is my back up if FFXIV sucks. What's gonna really suck is if BOTH games are good. This year has some nasty MMO's and RPG's coming out.

I may add to this list in the next few days if I've forgotten something. There's tons of good stuff coming out this year. E3 this year is going to be a HUGE DEAL for video games. Microsoft will show even more of Natal and Sony will have to show more of the vibrator Wii nun chuck clone thingy. Nintendo is running shit worldwide in sales. I have a lot of Wii games but never play them. I want to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but not with a fuckin' Wiimote.

This year starts off with a bang ... at the end of the month. I can't wait. Pwnfest2010!!!

P.S. F your opinions about what games I like. You, Alan Wake fanboy noob!

ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers

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