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By Arthvader — July 26, 2012
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Is this xbla port of the popular PC MMO arcade-style beat-em'-up worth getting? Find out in this review.

I'm back with another review. This time around, I'm going to be reviewing an XBLA game that recently arrived in the Marketplace. Will this game be worth the 800 MSP? Let's find out in this review.

But first, here's the trailer for the game:


     When you first start off, you'll be asked to choose one of three different classes: The female fighter, the slayer, or the male gunner. Each class is unique in their own way (Fighter fights with fists, claws, gauntlets, and tonfas), (Gunners attacks with revolvers, auto guns, bow guns, and flintlocks), (Slayers attacks with clubs, zanbatos, katanas, and short swords). When it comes to the combat in the game, you attack with the X button, jump with the A button, and use various skills with the B and Y buttons.  Each character can also perform various special skills by inputting commands, or by assigning shortcuts to the RB/RT + A/B/X/Y. Whenever you're in town, you can learn new skills, sell unneeded items, reinforce your gear, disassemble unneeded gear for materials, and buy items to prepare for the next dungeon.  Your characters do level up as you defeat multiple enemies (max level is 20, although i feel that there may be DLC later on that might increase the level cap).  whenever you happen to die during the dungeon, you can use a resurrection token to continue right where you died, or go back to town. you start the game off with 10 resurrection tokens, but you can get more by purchasing them with Microsoft Points (hence, this is our micro transaction feature of the game.)


     Whenever it comes to the graphics, I'd had to say, it's pretty impressive. The characters, enemies, and environments pretty much received the HD upscale treatment. With this upscaling, everything looks quite better. You can clearly see the difference when you compare this standalone port to its PC counterpart.


     When it comes to the sound, it's pretty much the same as it's PC counterpart. Them music in the dungeons is soo immersive, that it makes you want to get into the action. When it comes to the town theme, it's smoothing tone will make you feel relaxed as you go on and do whatever you have to do as you listen to the music. Overall, the music delivers a brilliant experience to the game.

Final Words:

Personally, I've had lots of fun playing this game. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of beat-em'-ups and has played the PC port of this game. By the time of this review, I already have a Lvl. 20 Gunner, cleared all the dungeons in Kings Road, and completed the 50F Floating Garden Dungeon in 36 mins with a full party of 4. Currently working on the Slayer character.

Final Verdict: BUY IT!

Tell me what you think. Leave your comments down in the bottom. Don't forget to vote and share, and Don't Be a Jimmy!!!


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Verdict: Buy It


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