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FFXIV:ARR Ifrit Hard mode battle guide.

By: Zero2990 Oct 2, 2013 | 1 Comments

A guide to beating the first endgame raid boss, Ifrit 'Hardmode'

For those that follow my twitter, (@ZeroUktG by the way) you may know I finally reached endgame last week and from the get go it gets real!

After you finish the main quest line you will be sent to Vesper Bay to grab your first endgame quest you must head to Camp Drybone and the beast men stronghold to unlock the battle itself.

Ifrit HM was the first endgame fight upon beating the main story quest line. This is an 8 man fight which means there's no room for error, he hits very hard. His abilities are the near the same as Lv20 and the fight is fairly similar but just be aware of your surroundings, Ifrit's moves do follow patterns that are easy avoidable. 

Depending on your instance party it's wise to take a PLD for stun support and BLM or SMN for their AoE limit break. Both PLD and WAR are able to tank Ifrit with ease as long as he is positioned with his back to the party.

Front cone attack, should only effect your main tank. Deals minimal damage to all in range. With DPS attacking from behind this should be no problem for a quick heal to your tank.

Eruption. (Stunnable)
This will target a member of your party with an AoE attack, it's easy avoidable but depending on your tank setup have your PLD or WAR keep stun on cool down to interrupt this ability and avoid missing crucial heals and spells from the casters, if you are hit it can deal critical damage. In phase 2 Ifrit will cast multiple Eruptions so don't over do it with the stuns, he will build up resistance.

Vulcan Burst:
A knock back AoE attack that deals around 600 damage, can be avoided by ranged DPS and healers depending on your positioning.

At around 75% he will start casting Radiant Plume.

Radiant Plume:
For now he will only cast 2 versions of this and the order up to 50% hp will always be Outer rim then Middle. For casters and ranged DPS, stay far enough to avoid Vulcan Blast but be aware he will cast radiant plume so interrupt whatever you're casting. Later on he adds one more cast to this ability but I'll go over that in phase 2.

Crimson Cyclone
From the start of the fight around every 10-20% of hp we will warp to the side of the arena then zoom across the map in a line, if anyone is caught by this it will deal critical damage. To avoid this, crowd to the side of Ifrit or At 70% he will add a clone you can stack inbetween and after 50% he will add a third.

Phase 2 Infernal Nail and 50%-0%

Infernal Nail.
Like normal mode Ifrit spawns the Infernal nail at 50% but this time he will place 4 down, it's always important to go over the kill order before the fight, start at the one next to Ifrit and work your way around clockwise, if you have a BLM or SMN have them use the AoE limit break to kill them off quickly.
If you do not have AoE limits then have a Melee DPS limit the first nail, focus attack in the 2nd and 3rd and limit break the last. Have the best geared member always use the limit for maximum damage.

If the Infernal nails aren't killed by the time limit it's instant K'O and a restart for the fight.

During phase 2 Ifrit uses all above abilities and Incineration twice as much. And adds his 3rd clone to Crimson Cyclone.
Every 30 seconds he will cast his 3 tier Radiant plume, this time after his middle plume all party members should stack up against Ifrit as Radiant Plume will cover the entire arena. The order is always run In/out/stack with around 10 seconds with each cast.

Ifrit is always a fun and challenging fight and hopefully your weapon will drop more frequently than mine.

Once I'm geared I will have Garuda and the dreaded Titan HM written

Thanks for reading,



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FFXIV free upgrade to PS4 for all PS3 players

By: Zero2990 Sep 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

Free upgrades, always good :D

While Microsoft still have their fingers stuck up their asses Sony are fully emerged into cross platform with by far the best game this year Final Fantasy XIV.

Square Enix announced today that the PS4 beta will start in February while all PS3 players will be able to upgrade game version to the new system free of charge and that includes moving all characters over.

You can read the full article here.

Thanks for reading.


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FFXIV ARR Titan: Lord Of Crags Battle Guide

By: Zero2990 Sep 9, 2013 | 2 Comments

My 2nd FFXIV boss guide, Titan: Lord of crags Lv34

So we've all been having fun in the last couple of weeks and apart from the odd tough dungeon nothing really poised as a real threat.. Until now!

This has easily been my favourite fight so far as its enabled me to play a real support role and oversee the battle.
I struggled with Titan for a good few hours until I found a decent party through Duty Finder. Most players will be under equipped for the battle so make sure you have all up to date gear for Lv32-34

Like my Ifrit guide I can't really comment on tanking strategies as I'm playing through as a DPS job but as always 'back to the party' I'll breakdown his moves and show you how to avoid them.

My party at time of defeat was PLD, WHM, BLM and my BRD
Although BLM felt kind of wasted during this battle with him constantly having to interrupt spell casting meteor limit break proved valuable during his 2nd phase, but more on that later.

I would suggest a Paladin as a tank for this fight as Titan hits really hard, Warriors may struggle with this one even with the higher hp pool, Goukijones will be able to comment on that.

After the cutscene pop your food and protect buffs, i was using HQ foods for this fight for added VIT buffs and adding crucial points into my hp bar.
Titan will not spawn adds but has a whole bag of party killing moves.

Phase 1: 100-50% hp
Everything is straight forward here, it's important for your healer to keep the party at around 85-100% hp at all times

Rock Buster.
Titans basic front cone attack, tanks should know to keep the enemies back to the party by now. Damages for around 20-30%

Massive AoE attack that hits all party members inside the arena. With all buffs and some attribute points in VIT this was damaging my Bard for around 550hp so it's important for the healer to keep everyone's health high. Seemed to cast every 20 seconds or so.


This is where our BLM lost all DPS momentum.

A full line attack which will highlight a blue/white colour and not the usual Red. If you see this coming towards your face run as far as you can out of the highlighted area to avoid instant K'O, even if the healer is casting that valuable cure get the hell outta there! I would suggest being well away from the line of sight as we all got hit even outside the target area.


Similar to a Dragoon's jump ability, Titan will take to the skies for around 10 seconds and a circle will highlight around the arena. Get as close as you can to the edge without being inside the red or it's game over and you will be pushed outside for instant K'O. Stay as close as you can to your healer as this will deal critical damage when he lands, the closer you are to the middle the more damage you take.

Phase 1.5
At 50% you move onto the next part of the fight. Titan starts to speed up with his attacks and adds more skills to his arsenal.

Titan's Heart

Like Ifrit's Infernal Nail you will have a time limit to destroy Titans heart, he will use all moves from phase 1 although he will cast Tumult twice as much.  When Titans hp hits  30% we had our BLM cast meteor to speed things up.

Granite Gaol

Will cast a stone wall around a single party member, the targeted party member will be unable to cast during this time, all other party members will need to focus and free the imprisoned teammate, if the healer is prisoned it's critical you get them out asap.

Phase 2 50-0% hp
Titan will now go berserk and adds one more ability to his skill set as well as all previous abilities.

Weight of the land.
Pops 2 AoE circles that hits for minimal damage, no damage is good damage.

As long as DPS can keep their rotations going and the Healer is keeping everyone alive you should have a lot of fun with this challenging battle.
Apart from some bragging rights unfortunately the only thing you won't receive is a T shirt for winning.

Garuda and Titan hard mode coming soon. Video will also be added shortly.

Thanks for reading



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FFXIV ARR Ifrit: Lord Of Inferno Battle Guide

By: Zero2990 Sep 7, 2013 | 1 Comments | Updated: Sep 12, 2013

A short Ifrit guide describing all of his moves and how to deal with them.

If you're new to MMO's or Final Fantasy this guide will breakdown the first boss you take on in game, Ifrit. Although he is the first major battle he does prove quite a challenge for beginners and will easily punish you if your party is reckless.

After a lengthy cut scene you will be thrown into the arena to take on the fire demon himself.
Bare in mind that as he is the first boss and your team mates may not understand the mechanics of the battles yet and may make the odd mistake, its always good to go over the battle plan before the fight, people will thank you for it.

Phase 1: 100-50% hp
Note* Tanks should not engage Ifrit until everybody is out of the cutscene and buffed.

So in we go!

Have your tank engage first and  position Ifrit with his back to the group to avoid his various tp moves, the tank can pull over to the firewall and take him on there.

Ifrit is fairly simple during this phase and only fires a hand full of non punishing moves at your tank. Your tank should keep stun attacks on cool down just incase things get heated (no pun intended)

Flame Breath.

Not much to worry about if the tank his doing his job correctly. Fires a short based cone attack for minimal damage.


The only move your healer should worry about. This will target a member of your party with an AoE attack, you should have a few seconds to move out of the area before it casts, can deal around 50-60% hp 50-70% for casters and Archers

Vulcan Burst.
A knock back attack that deals very small damage. If your tank is positioned correctly this will cause no problems, the fire wall does not deal damage.

Phase 2: 50-0%
Ok so here's where things get a little interesting. Ifrit will now threaten to cook you alive (which he will) if you don't deal with the next moment correctly and quickly.

Infernal Nail.

Ifrit will spawn infernal nail once he hits 50% and needs to be dealt with quickly or it's instant K'O.
Have your tank keep Ifrit near the wall as he has been for the last few minutes while DPS deal with the nail, your healer would need to keep heals up but can throw a couple of DoT's on the nail so speed up the process.

If Infernal nail is not taken down within the time limit Ifrit will cast Hellfire which means instant-K'O for your party. I have read online that a tank or healer can pop their limit break as it hits and survive but I'm yet to see evidence.

Radiant Plume.

A big AoE that circles either the outside and middle of the arena, DPS and healers should be careful as it can deal massive damage or even K'O, make sure they're fully out of range as I have been hit with this whilst outside the tatgeted area. When Ifrit starts casting this the tank can move out of range and avoid damage or pop the defensive limit break and take the damage.

So there you have it, first boss should be down in no time and you can continue with your merry quest in Eorzea

Titan Lv34 and Ifrit Hard mode will be added soon.

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Mass Effect '4'?

By: Zero2990 Feb 18, 2013 | 2 Comments

Mass Effect 4 pointless news.

Just came across this while hunting for new DLC news on Mass Effect 3. I would write an entire story on why I just gave this a massive 'WTF!' And why the whole ME3 ending is now completely irrelevant but I'll let you read it for yourself.

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