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T. Chun-Hawk vs Jurifus SF4 Video

By: Cinderkin Dec 20, 2010 | 7 Comments

This is one disturbing video here. T.Hawk skin on Chun-Li vs Juri skin on Rufus. What happens next is in the video. Be warned, this is some freaky shit.


How it's done:

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The Super Street Fighter 4 development team posted a few notes about the upcoming costume patch that will be available on October 26th.

Also, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has all but confirmed that SSF4 will be getting an Arcade Edition DLC update — which should come as a surprise to basically no one. And he likely offered another clue that more characters are coming, while dropping hints about other fighters that may not make the cut.

• SSF4 will auto update after you start it on Oct. 26, if you're connected to the internet — at least in Japan. Dates for other countries haven't been officially stated yet, but it should be around the same time.

• The development team warns that the patch is going to be a big download.

• If users do not purchase the new costumes, and you use one of them for your character, it will appear as one of the defaults [originals], you'll also get a message telling you the costume does not exist.

• On the Xbox 360, there will be a 'download catalogue' option to make the new outfits visible without buying them. The first three costume packs will be available for this mode on Oct. 26, and another download will be posted on December 21st which contains the last four packs. There was no word of this being available for PlayStation 3 users.

Here are Ono's most recent comments.

Good morning followers! I had conference with Capcom's president in the morning. This picture will express [the] result ;D

So Arcade Edition DLC was approved? Please say yes.

I can't say "Yes". ;D Please [look at] president's smile! It's all. ;P

If you get approval for SSF4 AE DLC will it be a 2011 update?

Ono: "If" ;P I get approval, we need development time. Please wait...

Wait, so, only Yun and Yang are new characters for the Arcade Edition?

Ono: Ummmmm, no comment... ;)  

Also, Yoshinori might have hinted that a couple of characters wouldn't be added into the game, as he's used the line "I don't have someone's phone number," or "I can't reach them," to imply that certain fighters wouldn't make the cut in the past, and may be doing so again here.

I'm from Africa. When is Elena going to come back from vacation?

Ono: I can't contact to her. Could someone tell me her phone number!?

Hey, do you have any way to reach Ingrid?

Oh! I lost Ingrid's phone number ;P




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Daigo (Ryu) vs. Wildcat (Hakan) SSF4 match

By: Cinderkin Oct 3, 2010 | 4 Comments

A pro level Hakan player? Say what!

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Ever had trouble doing a standing 720 ultra move? Do you even know what it is? Well Desk has a very good tutorial showing off how its done. Check it out!

Here is the description:

This is a new technique and entirely different from the method used by Vangief and other Zangief players. The existing method requires the player to hide or 'buffer' half of the motion in a normal or jump. This does not.

Its practicality is exactly parallel to how hardcore a player you are. So, if you're not hardcore, then it won't be practical.

Although technically, you only need 4 inputs after initiating your jump animation(up, right, down and left). You will most likely be going past diagonals. This will mean you have 7 frames to hit 7 inputs.


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Source: Desk's Youtube Channel

goukijones is a fan of watching Street Fighter, but he hates when the camera is offset and shaky. Well fear not Jimmy, has uploaded some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition videos directly from the Japanese feed. Check it out!


Over 45 minutes of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Bliss! Gotta love it!

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Community Blog


Super Street Fighter 4 Endless with Wolfkrone

By: sheepsmuggler Jun 3, 2011 | 4 Comments

Cinderkin and I ran into Wolfkrone in endless battle. See how we matched up agaisnt him!!!

Cinerkin and I ran Into Wolfkrone  in endless battle here are three  matches we recorded. He is currently the top player In the US so check it out !

(sorry for the video quality still working out the kinks with my video card)

Saddio(Dee-Jay) vs Wolfkrone(Cviper)


Cinderkin(Rose) vs WolfKrone(Cviper)

Sheepsmuggler(cammy) vs Wolfkrone(Cviper)

VesperArcade has uploaded another great tutorial to his Super Street Fighter 4 Guide. This time its all about execution, why and how it works. Check it out!

Thanks to VesperArcade and other tutorials on the net, gamers can learn the ins and outs of Super Street Fighter 4. I find these tutorials extremely helpful, and my game has elevated tremendously . If you are new to the game, start with ch1 in his youtube channel. If you are an intermediate or and advanced player looking to get better check out the two videos below.

Jimmy elevate your game!


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The newest episode of Cross Counter has been uploaded, and this episode features a great match with JSMaster (Balrog) vs Mago (Fei Long) at Canada Cup 2010. Check it out!


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Japanese SSF4 dev blog post about Yun translated

By: Cinderkin Oct 25, 2010 | 6 Comments

Arc Rail sent over a translation of the Japanese SSF4 developer blog that focuses on Yun

About Yun No. 1

It's been a while. The Developer Blog is resuming now!

To the many location test participants, we extend our utmost thanks.

Having taken into consideration such a large amount of feedback, we will keep on with our round-the-clock development in pursuit of the prime competitive fighting game. From today on we'll be trying to run at maximum output.

I thought I'd come tell you about the elements updated from the home version of SSF4, so first, I'll start with the normal moves breakdown for this new character, Yun!

General Concept

The goal of the development effort was to make Yun a good fit in the SSF4 Arcade Edition system, while maintaining his image from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike as much as possible.

Using the Raigekishuu (Dive Kick) along with Yun's diverse rushdown moves, play tricks on the enemy with his agile, light movements, while articulating strings with few gaps to steadily pressure the opponent into taking your attacks, until you can build up the Super Combo gauge and activate his Super, Genei-jin, for a combo. Combining these aspects should be the goal for any Yun's battle plan.

Yun's vitality and attack power are on the low side, so in order to increase his chances of getting in contact with a troublesome opponent, the number of Cancelable normal moves has increased since Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

Due to SSF4's system where it is more difficult to build meter than it was in SF3 Third Strike, and since EX Special Moves tend to be designated as countermeasures against projectiles, Yun's Super Combo, Genei-Jin, was strengthened a little.

For players accustomed to the Yun in SF3 Third Strike, or for players who like to use mobility to create a close-range fight and have a taste for unique combos, I might venture to say that this is a character intended for you.

Normal Moves

While Yun's normal move lineup looks similar to their animations in SF3 Third Strike, their uses in SSF4 Arcade Edition have received tuning. Let me bring up some examples...

Close Light Kick and Far Light Kick are Cancelable pokes with quick startup times.

Far Medium Punch is a poke with a relatively good hitbox that leads to a Target Combo, although this time it is possible to Cancel it. If you happen to have meter, you could get into Genei-Jin (Super) from here by means of a special move.

Close Medium Kick can be jump-canceled on hit or block. A clean hit on the opponent should allow a variety of juggles to look forward to.

Crouching Light Kick has a fast startup and can be linked into normal moves, a low-hitting combo starter.

Crouching Medium Kick is well suited for occasional use as a poke due to its range and fairly quick startup.

In the air, Jumping Medium Kick can hit as a jump-in from far away, Jumping Hard Kick is an air-to-air measure, and Jumping Hard Punch is a jump-in combo starter.

Unique Attacks (Command Normals)

Yun has 3 Unique Attacks: Senpuukyaku (Overhead), Dakai (Toward + Hard Punch), and Raigekishuu (Dive Kick).

Although it can be blocked low, the trajectory of the Dive Kick will change depending on the button pressed, so it should see wide usage as a surprise attack from the air.

His Overhead (Toward + Medium Kick) and Toward + Hard Punch gain different properties during Genei-Jin. You can make use of these during your combos and attack strings.

Target Combos

Yun has 5 Target Combos in total. From among these we'll specifically point out the following:

TC3 (Crouching Hard Kick -> Standing Hard Kick).
TC4 (Far or Close Medium Punch -> Hard Punch -> Back + Hard Punch).
TC5 (Close Light Punch -> Light Kick -> Medium Punch).

TC4 especially should see use from a poke or after a jump-in as a quick source of damage.

TC5 can be used to allow time to buffer into Genei-Jin (Super) from normal moves, or be used with a special move for a regular damaging combo, and so on.

The next blog is the special moves chapter, at last! The subject: How did we handle the fury of Genei-Jin that flourished in SF3 Third Strike?!

Look forward to it!


Source: and


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MrDustKicka's SSF4 combo exhibition part 1

By: Cinderkin Sep 26, 2010 | 4 Comments

MrDustKicka posted a new Super Street Fighter 4 combo video, which is very stylish, although it shows some combos you might already be familiar with.


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Low quality video of Yun in SSF4 arcade

By: Cinderkin Sep 11, 2010 | 5 Comments

Here's a low quality video showing Yun in Super Street Fighter 4's arcade release going up against Guy.

Some pretty exciting matches between two of the best Super Street Fighter players in the world.

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