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When people ask me what is my favorite Final Fantasy, I tell them it’s Final Fantasy XII. And most people look at me like I’m crazy. When I ask if they’ve even played the game, and they say no. So… I’m telling you guys, you have to give it a shot.

This IS my favorite Final Fantasy.  The world is huge and connected all throughout, you can walk from one end to the to other.  Fully animated cut scenes and great voice acting bring the characters to life.  I love them all.  The story includes Final Fantasy Judges, Viera, magic, mystery, two brothers in conflict, betrayal, a lost boy, a thief and his co-pilot, a dead husband and powerful enemy.  I love this story. (Yes, I have actually watched the story cut scenes in this game.)  Most conclusively, the main reason I love FF12 is the combat has been my favorite design in any Final Fantasy.  The gambit system and programming your team to react in battle is a blast.  It’s the main element why I’ve played through it 3 times.  *3 times is a lot for me in my world of gaming. 


I’ve never played the updated version, the version that had a new job system and more streamlined gameplay.  Then I played The Zodiac Age.  Which just came out a few months ago on PS4.  That’s another thing about this game, FF12 was ONLY ON THE PS2.  0.o`  This game was the only reason I kept that monster PS3 backward compatible model.  Finally, now more people will get the chance to play and enjoy this game.

If I had to rank my favorite Final Fantasy’s, it would go something like this…

#6 Final Fantasy
#5 Final Fantasy VII
#4 Final Fantasy XI (Online)
#3 Final Fantasy VI (Because Kefka)
#2 Final Fantasy XIV (Review)
#1 Final Fantasy XII

The English voice acting in this game is incredible.  Balthier and Fran are two of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy History.  There are a lot of moments that shine with great characters all throughout this game.  Fran best character ever!  She’s like Balthier’s Chewbacca, but she’s slick Viera (Rabbit race in Final Fantasy) and she has some very sexy rage issues.  All the characters make sense FF12 and nothing in the game seems forced.  The bad guys are even better than the heroes, but I won’t ruin any of that for you.

Definitely, give Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age a go.  The graphics are better than games being released today and the new 4x speed up makes grinding experience and loot very fast.  Let me tell you, at first I didn’t know there was this speed up thing, and when I found it, I thought it glitched and I didn’t want to turn it off until I got at least 5 more levels in that area.  There are 2 options 2x and 4x.  I never NOT used 4x.  I ended up over-leveled in most situations and boss fights.  I beat it way faster than expected.  Back in the day, I had 90 hours easy in this game.  This time it only took me about 60 to beat it.  On the PS2 version, I would spend hours in areas to level up.  Now I could do 3 hours of grinding in 30 minutes.  This is one of the best features I’ve seen in ANY game.

Buy it!

Thanks for reading.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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