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By Arthvader — February 16, 2012
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Another day, Another potential team to use. Find out why I would use these two in a team in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken.

Once again, I've decided write another story about another potential team for this game. This time, I'll be talking about these two characters:


Rolento from Street Figher / Final Fight & Bob from Tekken 6

I'll first talk about Rolento, as he had made his fair share of appearance in a couple of games.

     Let's talk about his role in Final Fight. He serves as the boss of Stage 4, which is the Industrial area. I remember having fun moments when battling him. Sure, he could be annoying at times, such as when he jumps on to the railing, lobbing greanades as he's walking around, and when he is near defeat, he moves super fast to the point in which it's hard to hit him, as you can tell by the image above. Ratings wise, I'd give him an 7/10.

     It was interesting when he made his Street Fighter debut in Street Fighter Alpha 2. most of his moveset were similar to how he fought in Final Fight, such as his signature combo with his staff, and his evasive rolls, I tried using him before, and I was interested in how he fought. I definitely liked using the Take no Prisoner super that he has, in which he pulls out a tripwire, and if the opponent get's caught by it, the opponent wil get hanged, until Rolento snaps the wire, in which then the opponent will just fall down.his Mine Sweeper super is just as awesome, in which he rolls backwards and drops grenades behind him. He also felt the same way in Alpha 3, even though they added a couple of new moves that gives hime more options.

     With his inclusion to Street Fighter X Tekken, I myself can't wait to experiment using him, and see what combos i could come up with.

     Let's get around to the business of talking about Bob. To be honest, I was never interested in using him back in Tekken 6. the reason behind it was that there were just way too many Bob players online, and in profesional play (remembers watching the majority of the Tekken 6 tournament at EVO through the stream, where the finals were filled with nothing but Bob's and Law's). It all changed for me when I started picking up Mokujin, since I like to be random against my friends, and most of the time (around 75% of the time), I just end up with Bob's style. You could say it was because of Mokujin, that I've started picking up Bob. I've started to understand why Bob was frequently used the more I use him. For a character of his size, I was surprised to see Bob have plenty of momentum, especially if he could get a good juggle in.

     With what I learned through Tekken 6, I hope that I could do plenty of exciting things Involving Bob. Especially if I'm going to pair him up with Rolento.

Well, I guess that'll do for my explanation for this possible team-up, Rolento's Cunning, along with Bob's mobility, are sure to come in handy in the upcoming battles.

Please, Leave any comments in the bottom. also, feel free to vote, and share as well. Don't be a Jimmy!!

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