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There’s new jobs coming to SOPFFO

Recently revealed new jobs were announced for the Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Here’s what we'll be getting.

Weapon: Staff

  • Pilgrim
  • Evoker
  • Summoner

We’ll also be getting accessories. So you can do 1000 Needles on command and as part of combos.

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What, still no scoob?

This new trailer shows a lot of the lateral movement happening in DCs MultiVersus. Not just a straight back and forth gameplay here, now you move up and down on the field as well. Is this a good thing or not for platform fighters like this game here. In the past, my experience with TMNT games, you could be on a different line than your opponent and then completely miss an attack. Honestly it’s probably not that complicated and I need to chill. I’m just having some serious Bebop and Rocksteady flashbacks.

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Check out Riot Girl in this new trailer!

Bayonetta looking way cleaner than the preview we saw for this game last year. Now I’m not going to try and fool you with any dialogue about whether or not I even have played Bayonetta in the past. I straight up can’t remember. I do remember playing a little bit, but nothing to remember, sadly. Look, the guy who created Bayonetta has got to be absolutely thrilled that she has become a Nintendo Princess. Nintendo even allowed a “Naive Angel Mode” so Bayonetta can stay sexy.

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Filmed entirely in VR.

People falling in love over long distances, online, and in video games isn’t anything new. Gil Shady told me the story of how he met his wife. They both played a game called Phantasy Star online. Gil Shady is some strange amalgamation of Marilyn Manson and Charles Manson. So if he can do it, you can too. This new HBO documentary follows a few different stories of couples and their journey through VR and how their relationships work. Gil Shady also told me once that he managed to impregnate his wife via a turkey baster he had filled up with semen and stored in the freezer. I’m tellin’ you, online relationships can be very interesting.

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A Rerelease of a classic top-down dungeon crawler.

A throwback to early 2000’s, Playstation 2 days. Hell yeah we love us some Baldur’s Gate, I remember the late nights, staying up, just trying to get through the next area. Come home from work around 1AM and immediately get on trying to finish the next zone and level up my guy. Well now you can experience the game when it gets a rerelease on every major platform on July 20, 2022. Even Switch! Check out the trailer.

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ED-209 is looking for you. You have 20 seconds to comply.

Gameplay video with no HUD, here we go again. Robocop’s tracking doesn’t count. We first got a glimpse of this last July with the Robocop Rogue City teaser. Now we have actual Robocop walking and driving around enforcing the law. There’s ED-209, everyone’s favorite! Or maybe it was Robocop 2, Cain. He was such a great bad guy. I was scared out of my wits sitting in the theater watching that monster. I hope he’s in this game. No doubt, I’ll always want to check out a Robocop game, it has an excellent premise for a video game. Here’s to hoping Nacon gets it right.

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Not what you expected to wake up to today.

It’s a giant huge Bowser Lego set. Touting not a lot of pieces made specifically for this set. Lego is proud that the Bowser is made from a lot of bricks from common sets like cars, spaceships, and all types of machines. It’s great that Lego thinks like that when planning new sets. The Nintendo sets have great collectibility. This set is going to look so cool just sitting in the corner. We can’t wait for this one! 

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Didn’t expect to see this game again.

Let’s be honest, the last Skull and Bones story on was almost 5 years ago. Ubisoft first showed us Skull and Bones at E3 2017. Then again at E3 2018 and not looking too good, according to my story

Today Ubisoft released a Cinematic Story Trailer, a breakdown of a 7 minute Gameplay Trailer, and then streamed the game for over an hour. Skull and Bones is looking just too pretty right now. Those were some very refined modern graphics and animations in all of these videos. The player hanging from the bird’s nest and how he swung around and his arm would hang. The story and gameplay is all about leveling up, building up your ship, gathering and maintaining your crew. So they don’t mutiny of course. Can’t wait to watch endless hours of somebody else playing this on stream.

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"Valkyrie Elysium" Gameplay & Release Date Trailer

By: goukijones Jul 6, 2022 | 1 Comments

Square Enix continues to pump out RPGs.

Somebody over at Square is really getting their full use out of that Final Fantasy VII Remake engine. Yet, every game I see that comes from Square right now looks like FF7R to me. Arena-esque battle system, party of three, the hud on screen. All of these things look like a different developer has the engine and are putting their own little twists on combat and gameplay. Not a bad thing at all. Valkyrie Elysium is set to release September 29, 2022.

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Jolyne, Ermes, and F.F are featured in the latest gameplay trailer.

Footage shown under development. Which means what? The game is coming out in just a few months. I’m sure it’s going to be on point with what we are seeing now and what we are seeing now looks great. We might just have a sleeper title for fighting game fans to get behind. I think we already know JoJo fans are down to whoop some ass, Joseph style!

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Not to be confused with the Onion Knight.

Strangers of Paradise is really a sleeper hit of the year. The game came out around the same time as Elden Ring and didn’t get much press. It gets a lot of praise and hella Chaos memes and people really seem to love the game. We loved it. We plan to head back soon when this new DLC releases on July 20, 2022. 

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Farmville & Final Fantasy Had A Baby "HARVESTELLA"

By: goukijones Jun 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

It’s a Square Enix game for sure. Look at the art!

From the title screen to the giant crystals erupting from the mountains in the background. We’ve got a Final Fantasy farming game. This is great news I think. You can farm and craft stuff and when you get bored of that you can go out in the world and smash some monster heads. I tried to show it to Grrrty thinking maybe she would be into it, but she fell asleep before the trailer ended. I’m going to put it in front of her when it comes out and I bet she bites. 

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