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MetroCon 2010 Pictures P1

By: reipuerto Jul 27, 2010 | 5 Comments

How under-aged are they?! Lol!



MetroCon 2010 Pictures Part 3

By: reipuerto Jul 29, 2010 | 5 Comments

They keep coming! What's your favorite?



MetroCon 2010 Pictures Part 4

By: reipuerto Jul 29, 2010 | 5 Comments

The final bang!

What do you think?



MetroCon 2010 Vid & Pics P2

By: reipuerto Jul 29, 2010 | 7 Comments

Here it is! You asked for it! Two for one this time! Watch and enjoy your pictures!

One of the best times I've had in a convention, MetroCon 2010 was a ride to remember!
Check us out!

And some pictures to cool you down...


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Miami Comic Con Wizard World Pictures P1

By: reipuerto Mar 2, 2011 | 15 Comments

A comic book convention for Wizard World. Does it live up to the hype?

What up Jimmies? Rey here with one of your favorite things in our median, cosplayers! But let’s talk a bit about the convention first.

Wizard World started as a comic book convention at Chicago in 1997. Ever since then, they had over 10,000 attendees. This year, they did Miami, Florida!

See some of the coolest cosplayers and let us know your favorite(s) one(s)!

Don’t forget to share and comment below! Jimmy!

It's the final batch! Do you like what you see?

What up you Jimmies?!

Rei here with the last batch of pictures from Wizard World Comic Con 2011 in Miami, Florida.

Read full story...



MizuCon 2010 Pictures Fin

By: reipuerto Aug 27, 2010 | 5 Comments

They are not copies, just different position.

And your final picks are!



MizuCon 2010 Pictures P2 and Video

By: reipuerto Aug 26, 2010 | 5 Comments

Oh man. This one was a hard con to do...

With a limited amount of cosplayers, I tried. Tell us your pick and see if you enjoy the video!
I'm off to Chib-Pa!

Back to short videos!



Monster Hunter Tri(3) First Love?

By: reipuerto Apr 20, 2010 | 4 Comments

CAPCOM moved this in to what?! (First impression)

Capcom, you sexy, lying, penny pinching, re-releasing games and putting out you. You sure out did yourself on this one! Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii is a great addition to the series and it delivers!

While the story isn’t in par with those of Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, Megaman, and Dead Rising, but it’s all about questing. You start the game as a traveler from a far land that arrivals when an earthquake strikes and it’s up the “the lone hero” to investigate and make the villagers happy at the same time. While the story might not catch your attention, the quest style with friends will!

The premise of the game is to hunt monster, use their parts, to hunt bigger and badder beast! It’s a vicious cycle since each piece of amour and weapon increase quality, slots and attributes. The game supports Wii Speak , Wi-Fi, friend code/ with or without actual friends, and two player offline area style split screen. CAPCOM has even bundled the game with Nintendo’s new Classic Pro Controller.

So far, my experience has been pleasant. The controls are great with the Pro and the learning curve isn’t hard, just be patient and you’ll feel great taking down a massive monster.

Buy it Jimmy! A game that’s FREE online, weekly quests that are added, and a soon to be growing online community. It’s a steal. BUY IT!



No Homo! Cho Aniki Zero and Muscle March

By: reipuerto May 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

Calling THIS, makes any situation straight!

Games that are different by their style. What would you consider them? Well, depends on the game right? Well, what about games like Muscle March and Cho Aniki 0: Muscle Brothers?

Muscle March
was released on the Wii Ware on January 18th, 2010 in North America. One or the first game of the year and it involves men in Speedo chasing after someone who stole their “protein” shake. It’s an over the top Japanese game from Namco Bandi Games, known for the Ridge Racer, Tekken, and Soul Calibur series. The player must use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in tangent with the holes in the wall. It’s like play “Whack a Mole” but increasing speed until you catch the thief at the end of each stage. There are only three stages and each stage’s difficulty increase as the player progresses. There are seven character to choose from, one girl, but in all honestly it’s just a different palate switch one them.

In all honestly, I enjoyed Muscle March for the premise than Cho Aniki Zero. I can see that MOST gamers would be turned off but it’s and insane change of pace from shooting dudes in the face online. I mean, some people call this gay? This coming from the same dudes that are shouting to suck their d*ck online… Right, these games are gay(Sacrarium). These games are a distinct style that will make them a cult classic!

Both Muscle March and Cho Aniki Zero are in there respective platform Wii Ware and PSN for 1000 Wii Points and $19.99 respectively.

Buy Muscle March to laugh your face off!
FUCK IT! on Cho Aniki Zero because there are better side-scrolling shooters out there.

P.S. don’t get caught playing these games… You won’t live it down…

I also thought this was funny!!


Story Image

Onlive expands it's library with Square Enix

By: reipuerto Mar 1, 2011 | 6 Comments

OnLive gets some popular Square Enix Titles!

Palo Alto, Calif., March 1, 2011—OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand, instant-play video games, today announced the addition of more than a dozen top-tier Square Enix games to its PlayPack monthly subscription plan, including previously released titles from major franchises such as Tomb Raider™, Deus Ex™, Thief™, Mini Ninjas™ and Hitman™. The Square Enix titles will begin arriving in the OnLive PlayPack service in a few weeks. OnLive’s continuously growing library of PlayPack games provide an "all-you-can-play" option for subscribers for only $9.99/month—allowing them to play instantly on TVs via the OnLive Game System and on virtually any PC or Mac® via a small browser download.
"OnLive’s PlayPack has been a huge hit with our members since launch. With the addition of these classic and highly popular game titles from Square Enix, OnLive PlayPack members will further enjoy a rich and cost-effective gaming experience," said Steve Perlman, founder and CEO of OnLive. "We’re proud of our strong partnership with Square Enix and we look forward to providing a solid and effective platform for their current and future game titles."
The new PlayPack titles from Square Enix have earned significant acclaim within the gaming world and among mainstream consumers. The Deus Ex franchise has historically claimed numerous "Game of the Year" honors and was recently reaffirmed as the top PC game of all time by PC Gamer. Hitman has been the world’s favorite assassin both on the large and small screen for years and Tomb Raider remains one of the most popular and recognizable game franchises of all time and has inspired films, books and a generation of video games.
"The unlimited value our subscribers are currently realizing from PlayPack is translating into hundreds of hours of rich gameplay, and this experience will continue to evolve as we add more great titles like these," said John Spinale, OnLive VP of Games and Media. "With the announcement of our extended partnership with Square Enix today, we are delighted to introduce a wealth of great game titles while reiterating our commitment to continually evolve the PlayPack game library."
Square Enix is a leading provider of digital entertainment with numerous million-selling, beloved video game titles and offices around the world.
"In the dynamically changing environment of digital distribution, it’s a natural fit for Square Enix to support an innovative offering like PlayPack from OnLive, " said Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix Europe. "We’re pleased to be able to share some of our classic games with the broader digital audience."
For detailed information about OnLive PlayPack and a full list of available games, visit

Will you be onlive Jimmy!?

A top seven list for most anticipated of E3 2011!

What up Jimmies? No one likes to read, so here's my top seven most anticipated games of E3!

Other games that didn't make the cut;

Asura's Wrath


Alan Wake 2(?)

Bioshock Infinate

Dragon's Dogma

Soul Calibur 5

Ghost Recon: Furture Soldier

Ninja Gaiden 3

Devil's Third

 and more!!! The best year to be a gamer!!!

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