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The lowest prices on video games and accessories any hardcore gamer may want or need this holiday season. Game suggestions, the coolest collector editions, inexpensive accessories and pre-order gift ideas. Save money on video games this holiday season.

2010 Hardcore Gamer Holiday buyer's guide

I am a hardcore gamer. So I have put together a list of things that I would gladly accept or give away as a holiday gifts. Starting with some of my favorite games from this year. Also some games I haven't played, but my friends can't seem to stop talking about. You're going to find some of the best gift ideas below for somebody you know is a serious gamer. Just do a little research first and make sure they haven't played the games already. 

Every gamer needs accessories, I could probably use a new controller. Mine makes funny noises in two different places. My wireless headsets are losing their charge times because I use them so much. If you don't have HDMI cables I got you covered. Also if you have a PS3, you know the controller charge cable is real short and you can get a universal USB extension cable that will work with your PS3 and Xbox 360. Perfect for keyboard extensions and stuuuuuf.

For the serious gamer that wanted the collector's edition, but didn't get it, I have a few suggestions there as well. You can always sell or trade-in that extra copy of the game. I just want the DLC, statues, booklets, soundtracks and goodies found in some collector's edition.

It's time to save money this holiday season and I hope my guide below saves you some money and time. Most of the options come with free shipping and that's great for the holidays, just make sure you don't wait until the last minute to order online. If there's something you think I missed or just want to make a suggestion, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading. Now go start saving money!

Video Games

Red Dead Redemption is probably going to win Game of the Year. I highly recommend this game to anyone that hasn't played it.
Amazon has the lowest prices on RDR.
Xbox 360 $39.99 free shipping.
Playstation 3 $49.99 free shipping.

Mass Effect 2 is a great sci-fi role playing game and you don't need to know about Mass Effect 1 to enjoy Mass Effect 2.
Amazon has the lowest price on ME2
Xbox 360 $17.96 free shipping.
You can pre-order the game for Playstation 3 right now for $59.96 free shipping.

Fable III
Amazon has the lowest price for Fable III (Ultimate review and exclusive videos)
$49.99 free shipping.
For an extra bonus you can get the Fable III limited edition controller from CompUSA for $47.99 plus $1.99 for shipping for a total of $49.98 and that is the lowest price I have found. The limited edition controller also comes with exclusive in-game content that you can download. Perfect for the Hardcore Fable fan.

Borderlands is one of the most unique RPG/FPS games to come out in a long time and highly recommend it. Now with the Game of the Year edition you can get all of the DLC released for the game on one disc. Easily over 200 hours of gameplay here. ( Borderlands stories) has the lowest price for Borderlands Game of the Year edition
Xbox 360 $56.99 free shipping.
Playstation 3 $56.99 free shipping.
There are over a bazillion guns in Borderlands and I'm not joking. Something cool for the ultimate Borderlands fan would be the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Hardcover Signature Series Strategy Guide. The strategy guide has EVERYTHING you need to know about the game. has the lowest price at $19.79.

Borderlands Guide

Another personal favorite of mine from 2010 is Vigil Games, Darksiders. You play as War and guess what ... it's about the apocalypse. I say the game is a cross between Zelda, Devil May Cry and God of War. FNJimmy says it reminds him of Tomb Raider, uh ok. It's a great adventure game that's all you need to know.
You can get Darksiders for under $20 from Amazon for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. ( Darksiders stories)

Star Wars The Force Unleashed has a better storyline than all of the movies. I know most game critics and websites don't give this game a high score and I just don't understand why. It's a great hack and slash and when you up the difficulty the strategy of the game really shines. Excellent voice acting and great story telling from the Star Wars universe and highly recommends both of these games from Lucasarts.
Star Wars The Force Unleashed
Xbox 360 $13.99.
Playstation 3 $17.90.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed II (Review)
Xbox 360 - has the lowest price at $51.32 plus $3.99 shipping TOTAL $55.31.
Playstation 3 - Amazon has the lowest price at $55.99 free shipping.

Every Playstation 3 owner should have God of War III. I didn't play the first two GOW games, but I played GOW III and it is amazing.
Amazon has the lowest price at $34.82 for God of War III. You can also pick up the God of War collection which is an HD version of God of War I & II for $27.99 and get free shipping.

Want to really challenge a gamer or really piss him/her off? Check out Demon's Souls, one of the most challenging games of all time.
You can get the Demon's Souls Greatest Hits version from Amazon for less than $20.

Super Street Fighter IV is what's old, is new again and Capcom has brought back the fighting game glory days.
Amazon has Super Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 for less than $20.
There is also the Nintendo Wii exclusive Tatsunoko VS Capcom. This game puts Japanese manga stars against Capcom icons. You can get Tatsunoko VS Capcom for $29.95 free shipping.

ModNation Racers is a Playstation exclusive and is the best kart racer since Mario Kart 64. It is completely customizable, from your racer, your kart and even tracks. It's really a lot of fun. ( ModNation Racers stories)
Amazon has the lowest price at $38.99 free shipping. Stolen!

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is an arcade racer that puts the police against the speeders. The game just came out and I already have my copy. Check out my preview story. has the lowest price for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 at $57.99 free shipping.

Collector Editions

Halo Reach Legendary Edition is perfect for the Hardcore Halo fan even if they already have Halo Reach. It comes with an awesome statue made by McFarlane Toys and exclusive in-game flaming head DLC, which is popular with all of the Jimmys.
Amazon has the super low price of $119.97 free shipping.

halo reach legendary edition
Call of Duty Black Ops Prestige Edition is pretty awesome considering it comes with a remote control car with a video camera!
The PS3 version is expensive and hard to find, but you can get the Xbox 360 version for $149.99 from Amazon free shipping

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition comes with some really cool stuff like a Jack-in-the-box. Exclusive single player maps, exclusive artbook, the game soundtrack and much more. The price is reasonable too.
You can get the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions from Amazon for $89.99 free shipping.

Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition. The most serious car racing game ever released. Anybody who is dead serious about realistically driving a car without actually driving a car should get this game. Amazon $99.99 free shipping.

Tron Evolution Collector's Edition comes with a light cycle made by Sideshow Collectibles. Also a $10 coupon to see the movie when it is released. Really cool stuff for any super nerd.
Amazon has the lowest price.
Xbox 360 $128.99 free shipping.
Playstation 3 $128.99 free shipping.

Tron Evolution collector's edition
 For PC gamers. A very high profile game was released this year and I'm sure any gamer would appreciate this version.
Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition Amazon has the lowest price of $99.99 free shipping.


Playstation 3 Wireless controllers

There are many different colors to choose from.

Playstation 3 wireless controller red

Amazon as low as $42.96 free shipping. has a White controller total price $42.98.

Xbox 360 Wireless controllers

Halo Reach limited edition controller Lowest price $49.99 free shipping from

Halo REach LE controller

The NEW Silver Wireless controller with Play & Charge kit - Amazon $51.99 free shipping. (This model features the new and improved D-pad, Also Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life and New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use)

Amazon $36.54 free shipping standard white or black. Glossy Black $36.99 free shipping.

Street Fighter players can most certainly alway use a new fresh FightStick. Check out our FightStick deals story for the lowest prices and all of the designs.

Xbox 360 Batteries

Every Xbox 360 gamer needs extra batteries. You can get a battery charger station from Amazon that comes with an extra battery for the lowest price of $24.96 free shipping.

Xbox 360 battery charge station

Or you can buy them individually for the less than $10 bucks with free shipping and they have a few colors to choose from. 

Pink Xbox 360 battery

Pink and blue batteries for your Xbox 360 controller for as low as $9.62. So if you don't care about the colors or you are a girl this is a perfect deal for you. Want to check out some more pink peripherals? Read the Top 6 Pink Peripherals.


Xbox 360

Wireless black headset

Xbox 360 wireless headset black

Newegg $39.99 free shipping.
Amazon $43.84 free shipping. $43.00 free shipping.

Halo Reach Limited Edition wireless headset. Works the same exact way as the black one. More specific for a Halo fan.

Halo Reach wireless headset
Amazon $44.00 Reach Limited Edition free shipping.
CompUSA $37.99 + $4.79 shipping - TOTAL $42.78 Reach Limited Edition. $42.99 free shipping Reach Limited Edition.

Playstation 3 bluetooth headset

Playstation 3 wireless headset 2.0

Amazon $49.99 free shipping. $42.99 free shipping.

USB Extension cables

USB extension cables

USB cables are universal and are good for extending your PS3 controller when you need to charge it and works great if you use a full size keyboard for the Xbox 360 like me. They're really cheap too. Take your pick of USB extension cables from amazon. As low as $5.32.

HDMI cables

HDMI basic cable

Some of you Jimmys may not realize this, but you do not need to buy the licensed HDMI cables for your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. You can buy these HDMI cables from Amazon and they will get the Job done just as well. As low as $6.99.

PS3 License $29.99

HDMI PS3 cable

Xbox 360 License MSRP $49.99

HDMI Xbox 360 cable

Microsoft Points

Every gamer needs points for DLC, movies, themes or even Avatar gear. If you ever seen points on sale for less than MSRP it's a deal! It's like getting free money.

You can get 4000 points from Amazon for $49.99 free shipping.

Xbox 360 Live points card 4000

Playstation Network card

With this "online credit card" you can buy items for your Playstation home Avatar, download game add-ons and even rent movies. Every gamer can use one of these.
You can get a $50 card from Amazon for well, $50.

Sony Playstation Network card $50

Xbox 360 Live Subscription Gold Card MSRP $59.99

To play online is even more expensive as of November 1st, 2010. The price went up to an MSRP of $59.99. This is a great gift for anybody who has an Xbox, 1 you can play online. 2 you can download movies and have access to exclusive DLC and Demos. Most importantly is that these cards will stack up. If you enter in two codes, you will be good for two years. So if you enter in 1 code now, it will just add on to what you already have. One of's best bets if you can find it for the right price. has a low price of $42.99 free shipping.
Amazon has the cards for $44.96 free shipping.

Pre-order gift ideas

Does the hardcore gamer you know have ALL OF THIS STUFF? Why not pre-order the gamer and a game that hasn't come out yet. There's tons of great titles coming out early next year and you can pre-order now. Just give them a card with a picture of the game and tell them it's on the way. Great idea.

Little Big Planets Collector's Edition - Release date January 18, 2011 and you can pre-order now for the lowest price from for $76.99 free shipping.

Little Big Planet 2 CE

Marvel VS Capcom 3 Collector's Edition - Release date Februrary 15, 2011. Has an awesome Collector's Edition coming out with exclusive characters. Read more about there in Cinderkin's story.

Marvel VS Capcom 3

Pre-order the Collector's Edition now from EBGames and Gamestop for $69.99.

Pre-order the standard version from Amazon for $59.99 free shipping and get a $10 coupon.

Portal 2 - Pre-order from Amazon and save money.

Xbox 360 $54.99 fet release day shipping for $0.99.

Playstation 3 $54.99 fet release day shipping for $0.99.

Dead Space 2 - Pre-order from Amazon comes with a free game and other bonuses. "Pre-order Dead Space 2 or Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition for PS3 or Xbox 360 and get a free download of Dead Space Ignition on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Download includes the full Dead Space Ignition downloadable game as well as two unique unlockables for Dead Space 2, including the exclusive Hacker Suit."

Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition

Xbox 360 $57.99 free shipping.
Playstation 3 $57.99 free shipping.

Bulletstorm is the new game from Epic Games and everybody's favorite Jimmy ... Cliffy B. has the lowest pre-order price on Bulletstorm.
Xbox 360 $57.99 free shipping.
Playstation 3 $57.99 free shipping.

Dragon Age II - Bioware Signature Edition. Pre-order from Amazon before January 11, 2011. "For a limited time, pre-order Dragon Age 2 and receive a free upgrade to Dragon Age 2 - Bioware Signature Edition, which contains the full version of Dragon Age 2 plus download codes for a bonus mission and character, a downloadable game soundtrack, an exclusive in-game digital armory featuring multiple weapons, as well as additional downloadable items. Offer ends 1/11/2011."

Xbox 360 $59.95 free shipping.
Playstation 3 $59.95 free shipping.

Brink ( Brink stories) Release date January 25, 2011(subject to change) Pre-order from Amazon. "Pre-order Brink, for PS3 or Xbox 360, and get $10 off a future video game purchase, as well as the Psycho Pack."

Xbox 360 $56.99 free shipping.
Playstation 3 $56.99 free shipping.
PC $49.99 free shipping.

DC Universe Online Collector's Edition release date March 31, 2011
DC Universe Online Collector's Edition
Playstation 3 $56.99 free shipping.
Collector's Edition $99.99 free shipping.
PC $47.99 free shipping.
Collector's Edition $87.99 free shipping.

DC Universe Online

5 Stories

Release Date: Jan 11, 2011

Buy it! 53 % - Rent it! 27 % - Flush it! 20 %

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