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By Arthvader — February 23, 2012
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Once again, I've come up with another potential team for the game. Read on to find out why I want to use this team.

After rummaging through the roster, I Just so happened to find myself another possible team to use. This time, I'll be talking about these two:


Juri Han from Super Street Fighter IV & Hwoarang from Tekken

     Let start things off by talking about my small history with Juri. To be honest, the first time I got to try using her was when I got my hands on SSFIVAE back on November. What made her interesting was the fact that she is the first Korean character in the Street Fighter series, while at the same time, being the first Taek Won Do fighter in the series at the same time. Right away, I took some time to get used to her (while doing all of her trials at the same time), and I find that she has some rather unique abilities.for starters, she has a counter-evasive move that, when hit, will enable her to move depending on what button you pressed. Her projectiles are capable of being held before actually being released, which I believe was useful in tricking you opponent into thinking which one you will use. Her Ultras were interesting, with the Feng Shui Engine allowing her to link her combos much more easier, allowing her to do more interesting things, While her Kaisen Dankairu is very devastating.

     When I first saw gameplay footage of Juri in Street Fighter X Tekken, It looks as if she retains the majority of her playstyle, which I like about her. It will be interesting to see what types of tag combos I could do using Juri and a partner. All in all, I personally Can't wait to get my hands on her.

     Now I'll go ahead and talk about my experience with Hwoarang. I remember, back when I was in middle school, I would go to a laundramat that my mother used to work at sometimes after school. in the back of the laundramat had a couple of arcade games, one of them being Tekken 3. For a time, I would take any chance i had into actually playing the game. you could say this was the first time I've got to play Tekken 3. I tried out alot of  the roster, including Eddy Gordo (who everyone knows as a cheap character). I had a couple of tries with Hwoarang, and I had to admit, he was such a fun character to use. being a Taek Won Do character, he had such an array of attacks that mostly invoves kicking. At the end of the day, Hwoarang was a character I could use, to an extent, and is bacially a secondary for Tekken 3.

     Tekken 4 was also a unique experience. Before it came out on the PS2, I've used to play it on the arcades back when my mall used to have an arcade area. I had fun playing against various people there with characters such as Hwoarang, Law, and Christine. In terms of usage, Hwoarang was my third most used character. Besides having a couple of new moves in his moveset, He still felt the same for me, which was a good thing. When the game hit the PS2, I've went rhrought the arcade mode multiple time with him, in order to get better with him. By the time I was done with Tekken 4, I got to understand Hwoarang more.

     With Tekken 5, I took this chance to try out Hwoarang more. With even more moves added, he became a more fiercesome character. I definitely had some fun in using him, both in arcade mode, and against friends in both the arcades and PS2. Although he isn't high up on my list of most used characters (Steve Fox, Jin, Eddy), I could put Hwoarang close to it.

     When it comes to Tekken 6 (in which I still play), I don't Hwoarang as much I would expect myself to, using Baek instead. I do tend to practice him from time to time, while also playing online battles to refine my skills with him. I also tend to go to the Scenario Campaign to get items to customize the way I like to use him. At this point, he will eventually be at the top of my character useage list, alongside Lars, Steve Fox, and Bob.

     I've been watching videoes involving Hwoarang lately for Street Fighter X Tekken, and I've got to say, I love the way he fights. It looks as if he fits in well for the game. At this point, I can't wait to use him. He'll prove to be one of my more useful characters in the roster.

     Well that pretty much explains my history with these two characters, as well as why I would like to use them as a potential team in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. Two characters, both Korean, both Taek Won Do fighters, both very interesting characters to use. Expect alot of kicking action from these two fighters.

Tell me what you think. Read, Vote, and leave a comment in the bottom, and don't be a Jimmy! Get Hyped!!!

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