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One of them is a trap. the other... well he uses a sword and has way too many costume changes. Find out why I would use these two as a team.

Once again, I managed to find another possible team to use. This time, I'll be talking about these two particular fighters:


Poison from Final Fight                &        Yoshimitsu from Tekken

     Let's go ahead and talk about Poison first. Debuting in Final Fight, Poison, along with Roxy, were some of the enemies you fight throughout the course of the game. Of course,  being common enemies, they do tend to appear in large groups, especially in stages 5 and 6.  Overall, they barely get a rating of 4 / 10 in the enemy annoyance meter.

     I've never played it, but Poison has had a playable appearance before in Final Fight Revenge, a fighting game in the Final Fight series. As you can see from this image, this is supposed to be poison's victory pose when she wins the match using her super move. Do any of you think this is um... suggestive? to me, I don't know.  I did managed to come across this video, which shows all the super moves for the cast of Final Fight Revenge. Poison is shown at the end of the video:

     Unfortunaly, at the time of this story's posting, I have yet to find a more efficient video to show her gameplay for this game at this time, but if I do, I'll be sure to put it up for you to see how she fought in this game.

     It will be interesting to see how she could be used in Street Fighter X Tekken. Based on what I've seen in trailers, I believe that Poison has plenty of potential in terms of being maybe a keep-away character in my hands. Also, I think she could be an unpredictable character if played correctly.

     Now, everyone is still wondering about the whole transgender thing about poison, right? Well, hopefully this mini documentation will resolve this debate that has been going on for years:

     Okay, I could go ahead and talk about Yoshimitsu for a bit, although I barely ever use him in the Tekken series (Used Yoshimitsu in the Soul series, though similar in style, different character altogether). As we all know, ever since his first appearance in Tekken, Yoshimitsu has changed his appearance in every Tekken game afterwards. Don't believe me, look at these images:

  Tekken 1 (both 1p and 2p)

Tekken 2 Tekken 3

Tekken 4 (both 1p and 2p)

Tekken 5

Tekken 6 (both 1p and 2p)

     Like I said, way too many outfit changes. Other than that, He's one of those characters that requires plenty of patience with. Most of his move are situational, making him a more complex, but interesting character to use. one of my favorite moves that he has involves him stabing himself with his sword. Sure, he'll take alot of damage himelf, but if you were close enough to your opponent, you could try to turn yourself around to stab your opponent through yourself, causing massive damage to your opponent. another one of my favorite moves he has would have to be the Sword Pogo technique, in which he jumps on top of his sword like a pogo stick. Now here's where things gets interesting. While in Sword Pogo stance, he could hop around the field, dash towards the opponent, or switch to another stance (sitting stance). While in the sitting stance, he could recover health, and can do a teleporting trick with brings him behind his opponent, providing Yoshimitsu with plenty of opportunities to attack.

     I'm glad to see that Yoshimitsu will have his Tekken 3 outfit for this game. With his sword pogo attacks, the Death Copter, and his infamous Suicidal attack, I could see myself having alot of fun in using him. By pairing him up with Poison, I will also, in a sense, have a team that has some kind of weapon on hand (Poison has some kind of whip/stick, while Yoshimitsu has a sword.)

     Well, that pretty much my reasons why I would use Poison and Yoshimitsu as a possible team in Street Fighter X Tekken. It'd be interesting to see how I would be able to do combos with an *cough* transvestite *cough*, and a demon-laser-sword wielding Manji ninja.

Tell me what you think. Read, Leave your comments in the bottom, Vote, and Share. Get Hyped for Street Fighter x Tekken. Coming soon., #1 in the World!!!

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