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Hwoarang and Bryan Fury become KICKPUNCHER.

By: Animefreak Feb 21, 2012 | 6 Comments

Combined they gave the Tekken tournament a run for their money because their punches had the power of kicks, and their kicks the power of punches.

       I have a lot character combinations i want to use. Especially now that they announced all the Vita characters which will become DLC. Team Save the Last Dance with Elena and Christie (though i wish it was Eddie Gordo), Team 2Kool4Skool with Ling and Sakura, and Team TnA with Cammy and Poison, just to name a few. However I've never been much of a Street Fighter fan, in fact I've disliked the franchise since i first touched it as a kid, and I like the Tekken characters more to begin with so much of my love will come from them. My favorite character has always been Hwoarang as a Tae Kwon Do BAMF and so he's by far the most looked forward to character for me. I was looking to team him with Cammy for KICKS or Law because I'm a Bruce Lee fan but just now they announced BRYAN FURY my 2nd favorite character in Tekken for his sheer badassery.
       I've always liked this team and wanted to use it in TTT2 when it hits but i may get to before that game even comes out. Not to mention ever since the hilarious NBC show Community hit I've been naming that team KICKPUNCHER because of it's obvious style difference between mainly kicks and mainly punch characters. On top of that Bryan is a cyborg that has punches with the power of kicks, hell the power of cannon blasts, and ever since T5 it seems Hwoarang's kicks have less impact so he's like the nemesis PUNCHKICKER who's kicks are only as strong as punches.  Thus the dynamic duo are destined to be together for me in this game.
       Unfortunately i may have to wait to use this team which blows goats so i will have to learn another character until Bryan comes out. So I guess Hwoarang X Cammy/Ling/Jin/Law/Julia/Akuma/Poison/Asuka/Ibuki/Juri/Rufus/Bob/Raven/Steve will have to do until then.

      Ha i didn't realize it when doing that dumb list but i could do Hwoarang/Juri for a Tae Kwon Do Team Up

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Street fighter x tekken entry

By: Shadowwalker Feb 21, 2012 | 4 Comments

This is about my character choice for sfxt. I couldn't decide between Street Fighter or Tekken. I always use characters with fireball and rush down style, since I also play a mixed style depending on my health and opponent. I hope my choices mesh well.

Of all the choices I've seen so far, Poison feels and looks like a character that would play with my style of gameplay. Now not to be character fanboy, but I don't think I could play without Juri in sfxt. I just like the way she played in Super and has interesting mixups with how her super and ultra were contrasted. Juri and Poison's zoning tools look awesome in sfxt and both have decent to great normals(from what I've seen so far). I hope their cross assault mode combo work well together because they are and will be my team in the future.

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Potential Street Fighter X Tekken Team 3: Rolento & Bob

By: Arthvader Feb 16, 2012 | 5 Comments

Another day, Another potential team to use. Find out why I would use these two in a team in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken.

Once again, I've decided write another story about another potential team for this game. This time, I'll be talking about these two characters:


Rolento from Street Figher / Final Fight & Bob from Tekken 6

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SFxT xplux24's dynamic duo!

By: xplux24 Feb 16, 2012 | 21 Comments

This is my picks for Street Fighter x Tekken and why.

The wait is almost over Street Fighter x Tekken is almost at our finger tips. This upcoming fighter mixes the Street Fighter 4 engine with Tekken characters, Street Fighters characters as well as some Capcom and Sony related characters.  The anticipation is building up so much at this point that many of us are already thinking of character combinations to make the ultimate duo.

Personally my first pick is Yoshimitsu, this character is pretty epic to say the least. I remember playing as Yoshimitsu in ps1 Tekken games as well as Soul caliber. This character has a variety of fluent sword attacks as well as almost insane behaviors such as his teleport ability which is done by spinning on the floor while swinging the hilt of his sword up and down in an almost ritual like fashion.


My second pick Is Mega man aka (Dan in mega man costume) this may come as a surprise to many because of its absurdity but first you must understand that my current main characters in StreetFighter 4 are Yun and Adon which are both missing from SfxT at the time. I think this mega man will be a great hold over till a future update to the game adds my mains.  All I got to say is what better way to induce rage on your opponents than to crush them with a Dan looking mega man, the biggest joke in this coming installment to the series. 

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SfxT Fists will Fly at this Location!!!!!!!!

By: Xsouls Feb 15, 2012 | 14 Comments

Juri & Pac-Man wont stand a chance


It's the battle of the century Street Fighter x Tekken is almost here and i have to say i am very excited to transition from Street Fighter 4 to Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and finally Street Fighter x Tekken. Me and my friends were excited about the roster of SfxT because we just had to figure out who we were going use to piss each other off with.

Ryu a man of great power, a man whose ultra's hit box could rival that of all his enemy's ultra's put together AND! he could still have time to holla at chun-li. Ive used ryu for all the street fighter version and i was very disapointed that he was a little slow in Sf so i hope for SfxT he's faster.


Ah Ken what could i say about Ken i really cant say anything except that his SHORYUKEN!!! is tousty goddam is that move op i remember doing ryu's MESTU shoryu the one that could rival satan and what not, Ken completely destroyed my ultra with that move. Which is  why im going to put him on my team.

A short video from Capcom Europe shows off a lot of how the online will work. 2v2 same time fighting! Also FingerCramp posted a video of how the gems work positive/negative features. Debunks overpowered pre-order gems myth. MaxiMilian explains stuff.

Ono is hilarious right? Harrada isn't that bad either. Biggest feature shown here for me, the 2v2 online battle. Should be very interesting.

Get it straight with the gem alright. They gonna be in tournaments. Everyone should learn how to use them and deal with it. They are part of the game and I truly believe it will my make set of gems VS your set of gems very interesting.

Max sharing some pro tips to get you ready before you even come close to Street Fighter X Tekken. His praise for the uniqueness of the Tekken characters has me maybe wanted to use them. Who am I kidding? Its gonna be Hugo and King out of the gate.

Vote, comment and share. Don't be a Jimmy!


Don't worry it's nobody that placed in the top 8 at EVO last year. At least from what I can tell. The big bonus is that we won't have to hear Marn crying & whining the entire show. Here's the reveal trailer and Gouki's picks to win it all!

I don't know any of these Jimmys. Well I heard of NerdJosh. How about I share with you are two favorites on each side. First up Tekken. 

Tasty Steve

SuperYan - She promised to give money to the local arcade. Go gurl!

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Potential Street Fighter X Tekken Team 2: Chun-Li & Jin Kazama

By: Arthvader Feb 15, 2012 | 6 Comments

Back again with another team I would possibly use in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game.

After I wrote my previous story about what characters I would use as a team in Street Fighter X Tekken, I figured I write another story dedicated to a possible second team. This time, I'll be talking about the following two characters:


Chun-Li from Street Fighter             &       Jin Kazama from Tekken

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4 new Street Fighter X Tekken videos were released today. Featuring M. Bison, Gouki & 2 Tekken characters. :) GoukiJones shares his thoughts in what will probably be his last preview of SFxT before its release March 6th. Pandora sacrifices win tournaments.

So you got Dan telling you the story. Pretty good idea, Ono loves Dan. I'd rather hear it Japanese, but the English voice acting wasn't that bad. Dan needs to sound like a nuab, right? The inclusion of Kuma and the explanation of the different factions involvement brings everything we've been teased about for months, together. Deal with it. If you think the Pandora's box storyline is still crazy, I'm sorry. Street Fighter X Tekken is a Japanese game.

Gouki looks like a bad ass. I'm so out of touch with Tekken, that I have no clue who Ogre is. Ogre looks dope though I don't think he's playable for me. Maybe should get good with Gouki in the game finally.

Everything looks cool right. Is anyone really excited about using any specific Tekken characters. This team here of Jin and the girl looks like a girls team in this game. Just tellin' how it is bro. Ogre looks dope, but that's not how you sacrifice somebody.

That's how you sacrifice somebody. Ryu eats it and that's how it should be. That is a great example of how that is at least an amazing feature of the game. F Ryu. Juri talking to Bison is classic. What about that combat? Marvel on the ground? I think so. Bouncing Jimmys back and forth and tagging in and out constantly. Button mashing madness!

I can't wait for Street Fighter X Tekken, yes I am finally hype. The usage of the gems and combos and Pandora boxes and character specific team up has me hype. Look for Street Fighter X Tekken live shows coming to the stream as soon as I get a copy. Favorite the stream on



Choke's Choice for HIS Street Fighter x Tekken Team

By: choke Feb 14, 2012 | 5 Comments

My Team

So I already knew who one of my two characters was months ago.   The moment I heard they were in the game, I knew.

Poison.   Duh.   SAY NO TO PROP 8!   Plus Jimmy will be ultra distracted during gameplay.

The 2nd member was a process.   

1.  Eliminate all Tekken characters because Tekken is awful.

2.  Eliminate all ShotokoKONNONWNONK characters because .....  well, there's no explanation needed really.

3.  Eliminate Rufus because Rufus along with Hakan are the worst designed Street Fighter characters in history.   I'd rather play Gil


This leaves

Abel (potential)

Balrog (Not a fan of his moves typically)

Cammy (I like the Poison/Cammy combo with the whole Interpol teams up with NYC Tranny Police Department, but in the end, just not really a fan of playing Cammy in previous games)

Chun-Li (never been a fan of her moveset)

Cody (I can't have a former lover of Poison's on her team.  I need new love)

Dhalsim (if you've ever seen me play Dhalsim, this is self explanatory)

Guile (Hm, maybe, though I tend to like to play characters that are a little against the grain. )

Guy (I'm assuming Cody shared with Guy.   Too much history.  Though teaming someone named GUY with Poison is kinda hilarious)

Hugo (360 Characters are a no go for me.   if a move requires more than 180 degrees, I'm fucked.  I'M GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT)

Ibuki (too combo dependent.  I can't do any combo that is longer than 2 hits)

Juri (too many moves.  I need characters who have 3-4 moves max.  Not ones where you hold a button then jump around and do other things then let go of a button.   WUT)

Bison (there's something appealing about this teamup.   Potential)

Rolento (like the sound of this)

Vega (nah, havent enjoyed playing him since SFII Championship.  Dont expect that to change now)

Zangief (see Hugo)


So final 4 are Abel, Guile, Bison, and Rolento.

I'll probably end up trying all of these as a combo.   Abel since I have some more recent familiarity with using his character (poorly, to boot).



The kinkiness that will ensue......

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DragonKiss83's quest for a Street Fighter X Tekken team

By: dragonkiss83 Feb 12, 2012 | 12 Comments

After a while being away from I have returned to find a challenge, I must somehow choose a team from a roster of the stars of Street Fighter and Tekken. Wish me luck.

The death of my pc has kept me from being able to post on here since November, but with a Laptop ready to go I return to the site to do some catching up, and what do I find? has another kickass giveaway going on.  And this time it was for Street Fighter X Tekken.  All it takes is write a story about the team you want to play as, easy right.  Wrong. As I look over the roster I realize that a team of two characters just isn't big enough.

The truth is from the Tekken side I have a few favorites, Jin and Kazuya are at the top of the list but you can't overlook Yoshimitsu or King.

If they had the right Jin He'ld be on the team for sure.

I just couldn't decide.  So I decided to check out the Street Fighter side.  And it just made things worse.  Ibuki felt like a sure thing, at first.

But as I looked at the list there were just to many great characters to choose from.  Akuma (Gouki) is always high on the list


And you just can't over look Cammy...

or Bison.

This just keeps getting more complicated.  I'm sure all use them all in various combinations until I find the right mix, but I still have to start somewhere.  So I just keep watching videos and reminiscing about all the fun I've had with them in the past.  And then it hit me.  What better team could I start with?  How was it not obvious from the start?

Poison and Juri!  Juri is one of the craziest female characters to ever put the digital beatdown on anyone.  And Poison can throw down with the best of them with the added bonus of distracting your opponent as the wonder if she's packing heat.  The quest was over! For now at least.  Until I have a chance to try the characters out and really get into the mechanics of the game (including how much I suck with various characters) I can't be sure what my final team will be, but I do have a place to start.

Best of luck to all of you who enter.   And remember don't be a Jimmy! #1


And just for the Jimmys...


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SFxT: Who's my team

By: Cybuster89 Feb 12, 2012 | 19 Comments

The characters I wanna play with so bad in Street Fighter x Tekken.

Street Fighter X Tekken: Han Juri Pictures, Images and Photos Street Fighter X Tekken: PAC-MAN Pictures, Images and Photos

After watching all the character trailers again and again, it was really hard for me to choose. But at the end of the day, my choice was so easy for the simple reason that ps3 is my main system and has never wronged me (except for my fat one's laser dying on me). I'm going with Pac-man and Juri. Originally I was all for cody and guy after one trailer because I love 'Final Fight' so much (this game includes some return characters that I haven't seen since alpha and final fight), but then I saw the 5th cinematic trailer. I got real pumped up for juri and bison. In ssf4, when I first picked up juri, she was loads of fun to play with (originally my main was blanka, TO THIS DAY I STILL THINK THEY SHOULD'VE PUT HIS SMOOTHIE TAUNT BACK!) and her combos flowed so smoothly, at least for me. Plus, look at her...she is completely hot imho. It would've been nice if she had the same broken powers that she had in the OVA. Another thing I like about SFxT is that to do hypers, you only need to do the DP movement once (like in umvc3) which is a good thing since I can concentrate more on doing combos instead of having to stand still and do it or it not registering my input on the second DP movement before I press the last button to execute it. Mind you, this game doesn't seem as crazy as umvc3, but it sure does show the speed and flow of chaining combos left and right that I love about the 'vs series' in general.

Now about Pac-man, I only have one thing to say since sadly, there aren't any gameplay trailers of him that I'm aware of as of yet and that thing is this: "IT'S BLOODY PAC-MAN! IN A MOKUJIN MECH!!" Now I don't know about you, but when I saw that (along with me laughing at the NA art megaman's antics) I stopped laughing for a second and was getting excited thinking of beating the shit out of ryu or even kazuya with pac-man. I really do hope they allow the ps3 exclusive characters for tournaments.

Now I'm a bit curious to hear about everybody else's team.

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