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This list was submitted by's own Investigative Reporter Choke. These are the nominees for best iPhone game.

Angry Birds

Cut the Rope

Helsings Fire

Plants vs Zombies

Fruit Ninja

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Hunted Happy Together Launch Trailer

By: goukijones May 26, 2011 | 3 Comments

Look out everybody the GoukiJones hype machine is rolling through town again. Maybe because I'm just dying to play something good right now. The Hunted is an alleged dungeon crawler with tons of "Co-opportunity"

So if anybody is getting Hunter The Demon's Forge, hit me up on XBL for some serious co-op. I've just played through both Uncharted games recently and I'm working my way toward the end of Mass Effect. That's right part one. I need a new adventure fix and I love me some dungeon crawling. 

Side note, this is one of my favorite trailers so far this year and I'm strictly basing that on the song included. Enjoy.

Hunted - Happy Together

I was ready to pass on the next DLC until I saw the Zombie level..

Let's get right to what you want to see.

I could have done with out the extra DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops, then I saw what they had planned for the zombie mode.  To be able to play as Robert Englund had me sold, but then you add Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Danny Trejo.   It'll be out for Xbox 360 May 3, and PS3 will see it about a month later, and again it'll be $15.  So now if you have both DLC packs you're looking at around $100 put into this game. Hopefully we'll have PSN back by then.

I know most of you are done with Call of Duty, but does this make you want to play it any?  Let's Hear what you think.

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Here are the Achievements





So far these look like better new levels than what we got for first strike.  But 360 users are playing it now and for us waiting for the PS3 release and for PSN even.

But I think the rest of you are waiting for the good stuff.

Call of the Dead

Robert Englund had me sold.

And if you want more shots

  • Stand-in (35 Points, Everyone): In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in solo or co-op.
  • Ensemble Cast (45 Points, Everyone): In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in co-op.
  • Stuntman (20 Points, User of the Weapon): In Call of the Dead, make a zombie explode using the V-R11.
  • Shooting on Location (20 Points, User of the Weapon): In Call of the Dead, kill 10 zombies with one Scavenger shot from over 100 feet away.
  • Quiet on the Set (30 Points, Everyone): In Call of the Dead, cut the lights on the Director.

New box art and info on the Epic edition.

From the Bulletstorm - Epic Edition Amazon page:

For a limited time, pre-order Bulletstorm and receive a free upgrade to Bulletstorm - Epic Edition, which contains the full version of Bulletstorm plus early access to the Gears of War 3 beta, Peace Maker Carbine, boots and armor, 25,000 experience points, and visual upgrades for the iconic leash. Pre-order offer ends on February 21, 2011. 

PS3 and PC Users only get the limited edition, basically the same as the epic edition, minus the beta invitation (since Gears is an XBOX 360 exclusive).

Epic Edition


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We Love Hakan!!!!

By: Cinderkin Dec 10, 2010 | 4 Comments

NutsvsGuts does a funny parody video of Hakan. It's well worth watching. Check it out!


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



Singularity review one sitting

By: goukijones Jul 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

It's true 1 sitting is all it took for me to get through singularity. Dare you read on ...

Let the Twitter timeline speak for itself.

9:39 PM Jun 29th from #gouki is starting up Singularity Right now!

11:05 PM Jun 29th I unlocked the Secret Achievement achievement on Singularity! - Shockingly not the END.

4:01 AM Jun 30th I unlocked 15 Xbox achievements on Singularity!

7 hours of straight pwnn. And it was straight too, this must be the first ever FPS on rails. There are absolutely no left or right turns in Singularity. You have to bring what little action there is to a crawl to search around for things to level up with. Here's an idea, just give me XP for the enemies I kill, don't make me scour the frickin' floors man. I'm trying to save the world! Not that killing the enemies is any different, they just ran around like reh-tards. Worst AI ever. I did die a few times and then learned the enemies spawn order, I caught one enemy so off guard that he just ran circles around me. 

I guess the game is closely associated with Bioshock, but Jesus Christ was not looking down upon these nubs during the production of this game. Everything is in the wrong spot, too much of nothing is constantly happening around you. One of my favorite parts of the game are both endings. Very surreal cool imaginings of post apocalyptic worlds. As I'm writing this I have just found out there is a third ending. If only they spent more time on the game and not the ending cut scenes.

5:15 Kill yourself. Best ending in video game history.

7:00 Kill your buddy. Rule the world.

8:30 Fuck everybody. Go into hiding.

Pro Tip: As soon as you beat it, restart the last level and do the opposite ending for a quick achievement without having to relive this god awful game.

The game is bugged, fuckin' bugged out. Borderlands had invisible wall like a mutha. Singularity has invisible floors. I swear, I'd be running on a straight path and then something just stops me. I look down, I can't see anything blocking my way. Move forward, sure enough some brick or hose or something that is painted into the horrible rendered floors is blocking my way. Jimmy?

Pro Tip: Just run up to every enemy you come across and shotgun him in the face. Upgrade the shot gun, irrelevant. You have to switch guns when you fight the giant thing on the train. At that point use your mini-gun.

The guns suck, the thing on your hand is cool unfortunately the coolest thing about it is when you get to level it up. After each level ... well uh, I don't know what happened. Nothing ever seemed to change. I got new guns and powers, but leveling stuff up didn't seem to make a difference. Watch this video of leveling up your TDM Device(the thing on your hand)

I played one match of the multiplayer online. Nothing special here. I had no idea what was going on in the game. In real life I had the idea of what I was doing was horrible and I should stop immediately.

Pro Tip: Don't play this game. You just saw the coolest parts in the videos above.



I'm on the Twitter Jimmy and so is like half the planet. I follow chicks and stuff related to video games only. Don't be a Jimmy. Lets talk about the producer of Super Street Fighter IV here.

Yoshinori Ono is the Producer of Super Street Fighter IV and other classic fighting games. Street Fighter is a Capcom fighting game that this website is named after one of the characters. His Twitter is the best. He constantly updates and replies to everyone in Japanese and Engrish. Ono-son and the developer of the Tekken series, Katsuhiro Harada have constant Twitter battles. I don't understand what they are talking about half the time and the battles will go on for 100's of tweets. He's even responded to former friend and current member of the Nubfarm, Crimson Relic

Everytime Ono-son visits a convention, he's kind enough post a series of wonderful pictures like these seen below. 

Ono-son with boothbabes 001

Ono-son with boothbabes 002

Ono-son with boothbabes 003

You gotta think that some of these booth babes from other countries don't have a clue who this "Creepy old Japanese guy with a toy" is or what he is doing? The Bee girl is not impressed. But with plenty of game secrets revealed and other twitpics simply titled Wow!! You should check him out. Besides if you're a Street Fighter fan and you are on the Twitter, than you probably know all of this stuff.

Somebody just recently sent him this video. You can ALMOST see the crew in some of those clips from the San Diego Comic-Con. Don't mind the guy in the "Boys like me" t-shirt he's getting all types of shit for it on his youtube channel. BTW it's okay for everybody to say nigga or nigguh now. I hadn't gotten the memo.

You can follow me on Twitter as well @goukijones

Community Preview

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Sweet video preview for upcoming game Shadows of the Damned

By: iorilamia May 13, 2011 | 2 Comments

Destructoid has taken the pleasure in creating a great video preview for Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming game.

For the longest time all we have gotten form this game are screenshots, a few details and the videos were always short and didn't clearly show the feel of the game. Luckily over at , they got to play through the first couple of levels, and created a nice video preview for all of us curious cats. Seeing this has definitely got me more interested in the game. Check out the vid below and tell us what you think. Is this something you would buy or maybe try out?

Uploaded by (They haven't uploaded part 2 yet, I will update the story when they do)


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inFAMOUS Second Son Gameplay demo

By: BatRastered Jun 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Watch the first official gameplay reveal for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, inFAMOUS Second Son

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Get your PS3 tactical on April 19

Another day, another release date gets official. This time it's SOCOM 4, coming April 19 exclusively for the PS3. Check out the new trailer too.

SOCOM 4 "Not for Self" MP Trailer

Featuring Team Gouki: Gorilla Warbear, xErik Estradax and GoukiJones PWNn some Battlefield 3. We're new to the online streaming, please stop by and check it out sometime.

This is also somewhat of a test of the upload and transfer process from to YouTube. I believe it worked out very smoothly. Unfortunately the quality is HD, but its watchable. Lets get started with a quickie shall we.

'Cision 'Nade 001

I chuck g'nades. Sometimes they hit the mark. A badass nice toss up to some nuab camping in the rafters or some shit. #dontbeajimmy

Tanktage 001 Gorilla Warbear approves

In this highlight GoukiJones is seen PWNn the defending camp with a tank. Thermal & Motion detector FTW.

Tanktage 002 23-0

A deluxe PWNn clip from GoukiJones in a tank. Goes 23-0. The other team was just a bunch of proper nuabs.

If you're playing the Battlefield 3 and want to party up and be on the stream. Let me know, leave a comment and we shall PWN. Vote, comment and share. Don't be a Jimmy.

March 24, 2015 Welcome to the community match.

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