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Over 100 Systems and 1000 Planets to land on and explore.

This 15 minute video goes over everything you want to know about Starfield. Only thing I didn’t see was a VATs system. Good or bad, maybe combat is more like Elder Scrolls, so you better be on your toes. We got base building folks! We got ship building and hiring a crew. You can hire a NPCs you meet to run your outposts. Huge skill trees and tons of crafting. All these cool ways to develop your character with the starting skills and traits. Watch the trailer switch from first person to third person, while you are on the ground or flying your ship. Just incredible, I can not wait to get my hands on this game some time in 2023. 

Some Starting Skills

Some Traits

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Face the likes of Andre The Giant & Macho Man Randy Savage.

This is a classic turn-based RPG similar to old school Final Fantasy fights. The developers say the game has up to 50 hours of gameplay. You gear up your wrestler, you travel the world, and you increase the size of your faction by adding other wrestlers to your party. Featuring legends like Andre The Giant, The Macho Man, and Jake The Snake Roberts. Will we see the actual legend himself? The Iron Shiek?!

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Big fan of over-the-shoulder limb removal?

The original Dead Space developers return to bring you a game that’s just like Dead Space, just not Dead Space. This is because EA owns Dead Space now and is making their own versions. We’ve seen this similar story with many different video games over the years. Halo for me being the most notable. The Callisto Protocol looks really good though and Dead Space fans have got to be excited for this one. There’s even a power meter on the back of his neck. Just like Issac had on his spine.

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Updated release date!

Did a double take on that demon Scarlet Witch. I didn’t realize what was happening in the moment. Then we see the guy on the left, who I don’t recognize right away. Big tonguey Venom comes through the portal and he just looks awesome. Oh that’s Sabertooth on the left, from the first trailer. Then the Hulk comes busting through with full-on demon horns. Plus this is my first time noticing a solid release date of October 7, 2022. I’ll be there. Pray to god Firaxis gets me good with this one.

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In a completely shocking reveal today at the Summer Game Fest, hosted by long time friend, Jeff Keighley. Capcom unveiled the Street Fighter 6 version of Guile. This time around all of his moves will be performed by doing a 360 on the controller similar to Zangief. Capcom likes to change up the characters so they don’t always feel the same with each new version of Street Fighter. Just kidding, he’s probably still a charge character.

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Tyrant spotted?

Come on now, how exciting does this look? I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to it. Yes, I’ve probably said this before, but you have to remove yourself from the history of the game and even the movies made for Resident Evil. At least there are some returning characters like the rabid doberman, the licker, and everyone’s favorite the giant spider. Has there been a giant worm before? Forgive it’s been since Code Veronica for me.

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Graphics are just Street Fighter 4.5.5?

Have you ever dreamed of running around Shoryukening some cardboard boxes? Well now you can. Fight randoms on the street as they travel to work or with gangs of box headed bad guys? Street Fighter 6 has it all. Parries appear to back, for the Street Fighter 3 fans. Jaime a new fighter. Maybe there are even some hints at tag team fighting. Check out the latest trailer for Street Fighter 6 coming in 2023!

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Oh My God! It’s finally happening!

Fans can get hype the new JoJo’s fighting finally has a release date of September 2, 2022! You can order it now from any of your favorite retailers. The new street date trailers show off a bunch of gameplay and features new fighters being added to the roster. Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Pet Shop, Mariah, and Diego Brando himself!

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Haven’t played Wonderlands in over a month.

Are you even playing the Wonderlands still? When we got to the endgame, the whole run-the-chaos-chamber-over-and-over deal. I was pretty much done at that point. Then they went from Chaos level 20 to 35 and we weren’t even at 10 yet. Boring. This new DLC hasn’t been getting much praise, as it is more of the same. Same skins, same looking levels, same guns. Couple new things for the look of your Fatemaker, but nothing game changing or changing your final builds. I’m still in the wind with Wonderlands. Don’t know why anybody thought this was a good idea for the $90 season pass version. 

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9 hours of “Halo” live action.

Important moments in the series will be discussed. This is your last warning. Spoiler Alert!

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Time To Get Your Suck On "V Rising" Out Now!

By: goukijones May 17, 2022 | 0 Comments

I’ve already played this game and I’m addicted.

Over the weekend we participated in the V Rising beta and let me tell you, I loved it. I clocked in over 30 out in just a few days. This is a beauty of a gothic vampire top-down rpg. It has everything I love in a game. Hunting, hunt down named monsters for special abilities and weapons. Building, build your vampire castle and capture servants and slaves. Gathering, farm valuable materials to bring back to your castle and craft into magnificent structures. It’s out now on steam. If you like Fallout 4, Rust, Valhiem, all that hunting and building and leveling up type stuff. You have got to check out V Rising!

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Sign up now for the Alpha and the Beta!

I gotta say Slobber looks a lot like the Tasmanian Devil. In this cinematic trailer we don’t get any gameplay, but the reveal of some characters that will be in the game. Superman and the Iron Giant? Is this game something you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it? 

There’s a closed alpha starting in just a few days on May 19, 2022. The open beta will be in June.

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