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I have carried the Goukijones on Halo for far to long, but eh he aint haevy, he's my brother.


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  • Still waiting for my free gouki t-shirt. 5 years in the post n counting. Dec 20, 2012
  • Thats how i roll. next weeks entry, even better Killsplatular. mowing down nubs ... Dec 20, 2012
  • hey hey. i wanna be remembered for my halo skillz. but that disband was hilariou... Sep 27, 2012
  • still jones even to jump on it for while and see how it goes will still be fun. Jul 10, 2012
  • lets get the reach on? xbox gamertag Gorilla WarBear. send me a msg gouki when y... Jul 1, 2012
  • jimmy bring back basterboi lol. i will play this again. i still got it. warbear... Jul 1, 2012
  • supp. get reach going on. lets hook up for one night of pwn. Jun 27, 2012
  • anything halo. i pwn. can not wait for this. relight the fire in ma belly for on... Jun 26, 2012
  • god dam sucks ass piles Apr 19, 2011
  • my footage sucks, all sniper shit Oct 21, 2010
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Halo 4 Specializations

By: Gorilla WarBear Nov 21, 2012 | 3 Comments

Which Halo 4 Specialization appeals to you? A great edition to the halo franchise enabling spartan personalization customed to the individual gamer.

Rogue or Stalker, Operator or Wetwork. Which would u choose when ranking up to level 50. Various choices to make, enabling a variation to ur Spartan warrior. Making Halo 4 matchmaking one of the best experiences on Xbox live.





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Gorilla WarBear

Seven Moons

By: Gorilla WarBear Sep 20, 2010 | 6 Comments

Hi Guys, just wanted to give you first preview to a book i am currently writing, introduction to first chapter,a little long but please read, please feel free to leave comments and feedback, also questions will be answered.

Seven Moons


The Beginning of the End


Chapter One


The earth is peaceful, the clouds pass by whilst the time ticks away, the sun rises and falls in an ever decreasing circle. Snow on a high mountain top blows over one ridge and covers another, the mighty ocean waves travel for miles crashing and corroding each shore across each continent, man seems so small as he tends his garden on a summers morning, the birds singing, the air fresh to breath, a way of life for the past millennia, life evolves, species perish.


Mankind is finally conquering space, the moon is now colonised after millions spent on space travel, Mars is next as the human race pushes to inhabit the planets and moons around the solar system. Mans time on planet earth was reaching an end, like the dinosaurs before them their destruction was to come from space; it had been prophesised that a cataclysmic or transformative event would occur. Man thought an asteroid would be its annihilation, but their annihilation descended upon them in the shape of an invading species, an alien race, and their technology far more superior to mankind’s feeble effort.


A battle occurred, a great battle, a war of all wars, fought in space, on the ground and at sea, until all that once was is now gone, exterminated, eradicated, disintegrated, destroyed, mankind perished for the resources of their once tranquil planet, perished for their minerals, the dead feasted on while the oceans  drained, the earth stripped to its core. All of this to supply a powerful race in their pursuit of greed, a greed for evolution so that their kind could be turned into galactic kings.


If only mankind could have foreseen this terror, or recognized the possible threats, defensive measures implemented, if some way or some how they could have prepared themselves, or maybe they did?, The human race was aware of this threat, but in small numbers, an ancient secret manuscript told of earths demise, how an alien race would appear from the sky’s and destroy its kind, its followers knew nothing where this manuscript foretelling the future appeared from, just that it had predicated all of the major events throughout mankind’s time on earth and its words where etched on a material that was alien to anything human.


Its followers consisted of all walks of human life, Politicians, Scientists and Teachers, Engineers, Kings and Councilors, family values and beliefs passed down throughout generations, preparing their ancestors for the inevitable event, enabling people in places of various power to implement a planned escape all powered by a belief in the manuscript.


The manuscript told of the stars, even before astrology became known, it stated that a gathering of stars would be mans destination, to look beyond these stars and within a new system would be mans new home, New Earth clustered by Seven Moons, a single planet which could inhabit mankind and sustain all their elemental needs. For thousands of years man had a prophecy to follow, their fate foretold so that the selected could prepare, the human race as a survivalist began to set plans and take action, so that when the time came man would be prepared.  


A journey, mans greatest journey, Noah’s ark but through space and time, their destination New Earth as foretold, all trust in an ancient book and a journey began, as the selected travelled to their new destination Earth was destroyed and all the occupants and living life upon it, a sense of great sadness bestowed those on board, if only more could have followed, if only more believed. The manuscript instructed those who believed to collect as much as they possible could of their planet, so that New Earth could be inhabited by as many creatures as it could sustain, mammals, reptiles, fish, plants, also to recover art, books, and history, so that new earth and its new occupants may breed new life and sustain a sense of legacy. The ark itself was large enough to sustain life on board for countless days until the end of their destination, trained pilots and crew charged with a safe passage to an unfamiliar port of resurrection so that the human race and their way of life may live on.


A safe and successful journey was foreseen by the manuscript and once again it proved true, for those selected where first to witness the beauty of their New Earth and the colonisation begun, New Earth was very similar to the destroyed earth, Oceans, mountains, Ice caps, seasons of weather change to sustain  life,  the solar system which occupied new earth had similarities to the old, seven moons  clustered this new planet and each moon seemed  purposely created to provide the minerals man needed to sustain life on new earth, so that their new planet could remain untouched and its inner beauty would remain rather than be destroyed like Old Earth. Mankind was not prepared to make the same mistakes twice; each human being learned to respect and cherish their existence, there had been no wars since the attempted annihilation of mankind.


An appointment of a high council sustained order to this new planet, chosen descendants from the selected who had inhabited this planet foremost, their role was to keep order to this new existence, schools for the children, health care, communities, jobs, money and policing. A world created to live in peace with tranquillity, a caring sharing world where every being mattered and none suffered, Mankind had now discovered not to make the same mistakes twice, and their second chance would be their last.


The High Council resided in a large city called Unified; this was a busy place with a large population, each resident working in tandem to create a peaceful existence, family and friends a motivation for life instead of the need for greed and selfishness. The city’s main vocal point is a highly constructed tower which can be seen from any part of the city; other buildings of importance surround this monument to Old Earth, school, hospitals, and business offices. Within the Tower lies the manuscript and the leaders of the council, the manuscript itself has been studied and researched through time, the leaders of the high council understand its purpose and have come to learn of its true dependence and value.


Scientists had discovered that the book itself had descended from New Earth, a volunteer had agreed to travel back through time and space to start a process of deliverance, to explain what will happen in the future to their planet and to gather followers and believers, therefore creating a chain of events to a galactic war. In the manuscript it states that New Earth will be invaded by a past enemy, the same enemy that once nearly destroyed mankind, that this enemy will again threaten an existence of human life and that the people of New Earth would need to act to prevent this. The High Council and its leaders played their cards close to their chest, as not to spread panic throughout this now peaceful planet, within the manuscript it states that a new breed of warrior needs to come forth, that seven warriors transported through time from ancient earth would be their salvation, these warriors would train armies to combat this old threat, to train them in their specialised combat ways.


Mankind would be ready this time, a time to stand and fight, a time to bring about eternal peace, the time is now and if this Manuscript is once again be proved true, only time will tell.




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Halo Reach

By: Gorilla WarBear Sep 17, 2010 | 14 Comments

Little let down by the reach, or do you think its the best thing since Mac D was invented, lemme know yoor opinion.

What is youre opinion of Reach right mow?, let me here your thoughts, personaaly i am a little disappointed ATM, feeling like i been ripped of, although it can be fun to play and i am having a blast, i feel as though Map wise, they have updated various maps from halo 2 poorly and the ranking system sucks,cmon Bungie, sort it out.
Reach is fun and i have enjoyed playing with familiar faces again, which is always fun once we all get on, but it feels like some thing is missing?
again guys lemme know what you think.

Community Blog

Gorilla WarBear

Halo Series

By: Gorilla WarBear Aug 12, 2010 | 3 Comments

"We used to sit and play unreal, johnny awsomes claim to fame was being in the top ten in the world at the fooker, a feat he would never ever reach on Halo."

I have always been into video games, playing on consoles such as Atari 2600, yes Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, Mega Drive. Throughout my teenage years i amused myself with games such as Fifa 94, Road Rash, Sonic the Hedgehog, i was never a mario fan, sorry, then i started to expand my gaming experiences with a super NES, nintendo 64, playstation 1 then 2.Original resident eviol lol and of course Golden eye my first, first person shooter. 

Each time new challenges within new games came to light and needed defeating, Mario Kart on the snes was mind blowing when sat with my pals smoking some weed for countless hours.

Then as i got older and consoles advanced i was introduced through some friends to Xbox, and Halo, a crowd of us would gather at a mates house drink in one hand weed in the other, we would sit for more hours playing one v one on halo, here i was introduced to system link and i thought that it was awesome.

One day in November 2002 i think, a good friend of mine who had shared all these experiences explained called me and told me that he had purchased an online account for £40 and that he could now play online, eh what the fuck i thought and scootered round to his house to see what the fuck was going on, here i was introduced to a mind blowing out of this world experience, playing other people online from around the world, now this may seem strange to all you tecno, gaming freaks, but i had not seen anything like it, i was hooked, i hardly seen my wife or 2 kids for a few days the amount of time i spent at johnnys house, god dam i did not have an internet connection and needed my fix of this new experience. We used to sit and play unreal, johnny awsomes claim to fame was being in the top ten in the world at the fooker, a feat he would never ever reach on Halo.

A few months passed and i eventually got myself an xbox just in time for the release of Halo 2, i had got myself online known as The Robbo but eventually changed this to Gorilla as you yanks kept on calling me robocop which was annoying, anyway, when Halo 2 came out my life changed forever i was now open to a world within a world, i remember meeting Erik Estrada, Chief noob Powercat, Gouki jones, late Kdigga( miss you man, an old school players who have disappeared Legit Detonator, Smelly Crack, pants party, i was now sharing my life with total strangers who all had one thing in common and that was the love and enjoyment of the Halo, man we spent sooooo many hours together kicking ass and getting our ass kicked, bitching to each other, going in moods and turning the console off mid game cause Kdigga had betrayed me again and again accidently of course. I would work my shift at work looking forward to getting home and playing some more, we shared so many new experiences online with the friendships that we created, Halo 3 came out and we pwned the shit out of it, i remember getting a call at 2 in the morning saying the Beta was available and i played it solid for nearly 2 days, my wife threatened to leave me lol.

Halo has been a major factor various times an issue, lol in my life over the years, the experience shared with the new friendships created will be with me forever, i thank bungie for this cheers chaps, and i also thank the guys i have played with for many years and hopefully will continue to do so in the up and coming months on Halo Reach, a new chapter to this story.

Thanks for reading and remember i never play for fun, its far to god dam serious to think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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