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Player Focus Vs. Spectator Focus

By: Cangry May 22, 2011 | 4 Comments

What i love about competitive fighting games is the focus that comes in play, but there are a few people in the FGC that try to knockdown the players decision, and im going to write about both players and spectators focus.

What i found interesting and now why i love the fighting game scene is the decision the players make in high pressure situations in a very veeeeery short amount of time and make it look so easy, but what i found kind of funny is that there are people that try to make fun of players even if they are top players, is not like im talking about stoping trash talk because thats what makes a good rilvary a good ol' trash talk before, during and after the match, and what a few people dont understand is that there is alot stuff going on when someone is playing for example:

Players Focus

  • Execution
  • Reaction
  • Strategy
  • Meter management
  • Spacing
  • Watch out for how much time he has
  • How much life he got left
  • All while trying to figure out his opponent strategy,  how much meter and life he got left.
  • (just to name a few)

Spectator Focus

  • Watch the match.
  • (Just to name a fe...oh wait thats the only thing)

So i see in alot of matches people saying or writing in streams "Retard didn't see that, that was so obvious" or "He should've punished that s***t that dude is f*****g dumb" in a unneccesaryway, of course the spectator is going to see the moves or setups from a mile away because his only focus is to watch the match and both of the guys that are playing have so much to think about, that's like saying you can beat Michael Jordan in bball lets just say that you are better than him for the sake of the story and you play him and by the end of the day he made you look stupid. So they talk like they know better but when you are put in the same situation the move when you said that you saw a mile away or you could have done it easy doesnt seem so obvious and happened so fastthat you didnt see it coming and when the match is over you finish by saying that nobody could react to that or make some other excuse.

So to conclude this, trolls will troll haters gon' hate but if you don't know whats really happening in a match please just shut up ;D or learn a little bit more before talking.


This is my first time writing an article so hope you guys like it.

Community Review


Hard Corps Uprising review

By: LegendaryLonewolf Mar 5, 2011 | 7 Comments

Hard Corps : Uprising... the review O_o


In 2613, the world is now ruled by an empire known as the Commonwealth under the reign of Tiberius. Neighboring nations have suffered under the Commonwealth's oppression and Resistance Forces rise across the land. However, so many Resistance Fighters have fallen to the overwhelming might of the empire, that their strength is now severely diminished. A group of elite soldiers rise through the ranks of the Resistance and band together to execute a desperate plan. The leader of this group is the war hero Bahamut.


Bahamut - Once a soldier of the Commonwealth army, he turned on his comrades after witnessing an imperial squad execute innocent people. He shares his name with the antagonist from Contra: Hard Corps, but the producers have said it could also be a different Bahamut.

Krystal - A woman with seemingly no previous combat experience. However, after her hometown is attacked by imperial forces, she decides to join Bahamut.

Harley Daniels - A bike-riding soldier sporting an extreme pompadour hairstyle. DLC

Sayuri - A samurai who wears a kimono and sugegasa. DLC


Uprising features two main game modes, Rising and Arcade. In Rising Mode, players can collect points throughout levels which are then used to purchase various upgrades and customizations for weapons, armor and character abilities. Rising Mode also features a health bar, similar to the Japanese version of Contra: Hard Corps, allowing the player to take more than one hit before losing a life. Arcade Mode is a harder game mode in which the power-up shops are removed.

Many new moves have been added. The character can dash, dash in mid-air, double-jump and deflect enemy projectiles by bouncing them back. Additional moves can also be purchased in Rising Mode.

Weapons include the standard rifle, the machine gun, the spread shot, the crush gun (shoots arcing grenades), the heat gun (shoots large blasts of fire) and the chain laser (homes in on enemy targets). As in Contra III: The Alien Wars, the player can carry two weapons and switch between them at any time. By collecting the same weapon several times the player will improve its firing rate and power. Other weapon upgrades are available in Rising Mode as well. 


The game is beautifully done by Arc Systems Works (Creators of Guilty Gear) so expect nothing but an anime style of destruction and of course the super upgraded gameplay thanks to Rising Mode system which gives hours and hours of extra gameplay. 


Cheap and easy deaths. That would be my only concern in this game since you will actually have to know the stages in order to do good in them. Especially if your online and your going up a platform just make sure you don't fall or take a hit that allows you to fall.

Buy it! If you are a Contra fan and have been waiting for a Contra style game then here it is with the difficulty. ENJOY

Can FnJimmy hold onto his coveted title or will he blow it by not firing that blue shell in time? Watch & see in another installment of Mario Kart NSFW,

Special guest tonight in the Mario Kart. CoryO stop by to replace the absent Choke. Who's into some red on red passion? Plus FnJimmy's more worthless blue shell ever. I can't even think about how mad I was during that last race.

Vote, comment & share. Thanks for watch. 

Now in its fourth year, presents ... Pwntober 4. Sign up for your chance to be in the annual Halo montage. UPDATED Deadline October 18, 2010.

PWNtober 2010. Number 1 on Planet Reach! UPDATED Deadline October 18, 2010

Halo Reach campaign screen

If you want to be a part of the biggest montage of the year Pwntober, leave a comment below and start saving your most PWNnest clips from Halo Reach.

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Nyko has an amazing controller for the Wii and yes it's real. Optimal for only 3 games.

Type Pad Pro for Wii

Wii Nyko Type pad pro

I just had to do some research to make sure this was a real apparatus. It's true. Optimal for games like and Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter Tri. It would probably work well with your Wii browsers when you want to check on your Wii. Who is doing that? Is that a privilege 5 year olds get now? BTW 5 years old should not be reading this site.

If you MUST HAVE this item, Amazon got you for $28.67 right now with free shipping.

Buy games get codes!

Square-Enix today announced that you can get some cool galmour and a mount in Final Fantasy XIV just from buying some goods from Amazon. (May I suggest pre-ordering the Stormblood expansion?)

FINAL FANTASY XIV and® are partnering to offer a unique opportunity for North American FINAL FANTASY XIV players! Qualifying orders of $19.99 or more on video games (purchase or pre-order) on will earn you an promotional code that, when redeemed, will grant you three Eastern-themed in-game items!

The items include:

A staff (Lancer/Dragoon main weapon) and a new glamour

and the previously JP exclusive cloud mount!


Pre order now!

From Gamescon 2010 a mix of gameplay and cutscenes. If it's all gameplay, I'll face paint myself with shit.

So the video says FIRST gameplay trailer, but it's not entirely gameplay is it? Some of these shots are obvious cutscenes and shots that are pulled out. Something doesn't look right, but the game still looks cool. I guess at this point I really need to play it. 

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grey walrus

Bowser's Inside Story, love it or hate it?

By: grey walrus Jan 10, 2011 | 6 Comments

Been playing this DS game, and frankly I'm sick of it.

Alright. So I've been playing this game for a while, and don't get me wrong it's not a horrible game, but it is not at all what I was hoping for. I played both of the predecessors, and loved them, but I can't really stand this game. They said it's full of variety, but it's not. You spend most of the game playing as bowser. Which isn't bad at first, but after a while you get sick of him, and want to go back to the Mario and Luigi games you already know and love. 

The graphics are good. The comedy is what I've come to expect from this line of games and it's great. I just get sick of playing as bowser, just to play as mario and luigi for a few minutes to help out the bowser play. I don't know. I have two boss battles left and I've lost almost all of my momentum. I'm pretty sick of the game.

Have you guys played this? Have you played the others? Did you like this one? Tell me why or why not. 

X-32 and Tron Bonne show up in MVC3 check out this video.

X-32? Really? We already have Wolverine. Oh well, not high on my list and getting lower. Where is Birdie? Seems like a perfect game for him.

Tons of new gadgets in the new Black Ops 2, but more of the same as far as shooting.

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Max Payne 3 trailer & Alleged release "Month"

By: goukijones Sep 14, 2011 | 2 Comments

Let me be the first to say ... March? Yeariiiiiiight. Max Payne Cinematic trailer reveals release "window" lol. Is this the new thing in gaming?

No way Rockstar release Max Payne 3 in March. Reason number 1, Mass Effect 3 & XCOM already have ACTUAL dates in the month of March. March 6th to be exact. Also note here that I expect XCOM to be pushed back. Either way we also can't forget that this is Rockstar we're talking about here, they love to delay stuff. Max Payne is also a very newly announced title and this trailer below doesn't show any gameplay for sure, there's definitely no HUD or menus or maps, you get my point. I loved the Hollywoodesque L.A. Noire commercials and that game didn't turn out at all as to what I expected. I didn't even play it I was so disappointed.

My history with Max Payne? I've played them, I haven't seen the movie like FnJimmy, but I'm not a Jimmy either. I'm always excited to see a new Rockstar game, RDR, GTA3 are 2 of my all time favorites. Max Payne is the original bullet time game and I'm excited to see where the franchise goes. The story? Irrelevant. The combat and action scenes, that's where it's at. I'm afraid though it could be another bomb that isn't cool, just because it doesn't run on the RDR engine. Could you imagine Deus Ex on the RDR engine? Wait, stop me. At least Max Payne 3 wasn't DEVELOPED by Team Bondi. (lol BatRastered has just notified me that Team Bondi has been shut down. This is what happens.)

Max Payne 3 - First Trailer

So what do you guys think? Me, it looks like all of the Die Hard movies rolled into one. 

Don't be a Jimmy! Vote, Comment, Share!

See you on November 6, the new Black Friday.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a dark, gritty future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the cutting-edge military robotics that define the future of combat.

See you on November 6, the new Black Friday.

Pre-order now and get access to the Multiplayer Beta. Learn more at:

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