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Luigi Get His Own "Luigi’s Mansion" Lego Sets (Kinda)

By: goukijones Jan 3 (22 days ago) | 0 Comments

Here we go!

Now some people would probably rather build an actual Luigi’s Mansion Lego more than this strange play set. I do have the Mario sets and I will get these Luigi’s sets, but they don’t really float my ghost with how I imagined my LEGO Super Mario sets. Of course I wanted Bowser’s Castle or a giant Chain-Chomp. I can think of all kinds of Super Mario sets. Like the Sonic is cool, it has Sonic Minifigs.

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Number 1 In The World!

The number 1 montage in the history of all montages returns. PWNTOBER 2021 featuring all the crew and more. Don't miss out on this cinematic montage event. Spectate the video immediately. Give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel. Want to watch me LIVE. Subscribe to GoukiTV on Twich and never miss a moment of my PWNN GODLIKE GAMING MOMENTS. Thank you for watching.

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Story Image TOP 5 Blog Posts 2021

By: goukijones Dec 29 (27 days ago) | 1 Comments

It’s been a great year for stories on Thank you to our MILLIONS of readers.


Video: Why Does Rindo Wear A Mask? "NEO: The World Ends With You"

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This new GameWorks opened in 2014.

GameWorks Las Vegas in a Facebook Post last week announced that the Las Vegas location in Town Square will close permanently. The FB post will probably be delete eveutally so here’s what it said:

GameWorks Guests,
Thank you for the many years of memories! The past 20 months and counting we have seen our business turned upside down and the continued slow economic recovery has left us no choice other than to close.

Thank you for all the love over these past decades. We hope you remember us fondly and wish you all the best. July 1996- December 2021

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I mean, if it were rated it would be R.

When you mess with Ken and his girl, you are asking for trouble. But when Ken gets too violent, Barlog thinks it’s a good idea to put on his loaded boxing gloves and go at it with Ken. How do you think things will turn out for Barlog? You’ll have to watch and see. You will also ge; Ryu, Gouken, Vega, Sagat, & M. Bison. This is the most shocking representation of M. Bison you will ever see. Really, whoever is in charge of ironing shirts in Shadoloo should be fired. Psycho POWER!

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New legendary nodes, new ephemeral nodes, and new white and purple scrip lists. Get to gathering!

Well, I've finally got my Botanist and Miner up to level 90 in Endwalker. I've also unlocked all the legendary nodes (a full 9,600 white scrips later!) the grind is over. Now we grind for gil! 

First, you'll probably want to grind white scrips, these are used to buy the books that unlock the legendary nodes, but they also provide massive XP. Best way to get to 90!

Once you've done that you can go for purple scrips to buy the new grade IX and X materias or some gear (and probably more once patch 6.05 drops with the new recipies). Or you could just start gathering new crafting materials from the legendary nodes.

The ephemeral nodes page has been updated too, though it does seem to be short 2 elements and time spans. Again, I'm guessing that this will be updated on January 4th with patch 6.05. Run this list to get tons of crystals and clusters plus the new Aethersands that will likely be in high demand with the new recipies.

New ephemeral ndoes

How will you justify your convictions?

This is going to be one complicated story. Good thing I didn’t really understand what was going on in the original Final Fantasy Tactics game, so I’ll fit right in here. There are 3 nations battling over control of the salt. The salt wars. In this video we get introduced to Roland Glenbrook. He’s got royal blood in his body and now he must win the SALT WARS!

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Now that all 4 classes have been revealed, which tickles your fancy?

I refuse to tank in this game. Are there tanks? Last time I picked the guy with the giant ax I ended up being in charge of parties and raids and I had no clue what I was doing. I just want to damage deal. So maybe the character with all the spells. I’ll go completely outta my wheelhouse and do ranged magic. I don’t even know what I’m talking about here, this is a Borderlands game, shoot and dodge and you will live. There are no strats!

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This games does look like it's going to SUCK.

From the excellently hidden rock monster to the great can’t-be-in-the-sunlight mechanic V RISING continues to look like one of the best indie titles coming out in 2022. Make sure you get your suck on, you’re a vampire and you have to drink blood to live. It’s better to be out at night when you need to gather materials, but it definitely isn’t safer. Watch out for those things that go RAWR in the night!

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Can’t wait to organize airport layouts!

You may not be able to tell, but I love the Cities: Skylines. I’ve got over 1000+ playing and I’ve built 100’s of cities. All of my life I have loved the SimCity. The Cities as we call it around here, has been such a great city builder these past few years, that it has surpassed my love for the SimCity. The Cities has everything and now we’re getting airports. Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype! Coming out January 25, 2022.

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"Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine II" Sign Up Now

By: goukijones Dec 13, 2021 | 1 Comments

The original blue boys are back to snatch up some evil alien heads!

Who else is a fan of storming monsters and you are armed like a small tank. Sounds awesome to me. There seems to be some kind of beta or advance showing of the game you can sign up for. So don’t miss your chance to play Warhammer Space Marine II early.

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Alan looks a lot younger in HD than I expected.

Alan Wake II from the depths. A decade later it’s time for a new Alan Wake. He looks younger and there’s a major jump scare. Being developed by Remedy. It will be a Survival Horror game. Will fans want the same old action or will they be for the new Resident Evil feel?

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