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The long history of Tales games continues.

Starting way back in the 90’s, the Tales series of games has been a hit for BANDAI NAMCO for more than 20 years. The new game will be released on September 10, 2021, but you can check out the demo now on all consoles and PC. Check out the trailer. 

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Run & Gun Shoot’em Up Adventure Time!

From Apogee Entertainment Turbo Overkill is a First-Person Shooter set in the world of DrDisrespect. Just kidding the Doctor has nothing to do with this game. As somebody who grew up in the 80’s tho, I’m loving the vibe here. There is a chainsaw attached to your leg so when you can kick and slide through enemies they get obliterated. Better watch your toes! There are a variety of cool weapons to use. Turbo Overkill is going to be a high-octane blast when it’s released on PC and consoles “SOON.”

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Live the life... for a couple of weeks.

Tired of the big city? Pack up your things and just move out to the lake. It’s easy right? Meet Mildred The Cat Lady, Robert The Lumberjack, and Brutus The Barber. Will there be love? Will there be trouble? Will there be a viewing of the 1980’s classic starring Dolph Lundren, He-Man Masters Of The Universe? Find out about all of this and more when you play LAKE. Out now!

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I’m a vampire, remember. We invited stealth. *Blade

Featuring Avengers, X-Men, & Runaways. You get to create your own Marvel Superhero for this game and you even get a demon dog pet to accompany you on your adventure. Strategic combat is based on a card dealing system. You can level up your skills and teammates in your home base. Coming in February of 2022.

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New graphics, new features!

This is from Atari and it is serious! Classic arcade action updated for the modern gamer. Check out these new features: challenges, new power ups, Co-op. Centipede is one of the oldest games I remember watching my dad play in the arcade. The machine that only had coin slots, player start buttons, a rolling ball to move the shooter and that one button to fire your gun.

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Better be light on your feet in the zombie apocalypse.

The video is a bit teasey, but you can catch a glimpse of the hand-to-hand combat. The use of bicycle chains as knuckle dusters and wall running to get momentum for punches. The parkour looks easy for the devs right, this is their second shot at this game and I’m certain it’s going to be more fine-tuned than its predecessor. 

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Build incredible cities while flying over a large open world below.

Remember that movie with the giant cities driving around on a barren earth. Here we have the flying city version of that. Coming to consoles and PC you can build cities high up in the sky. How will your sky-high platform shape up in Airborne Kingdom?

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Concept art lookin' real slick here.

Here are a few short clips just giving us all a taste of the environments in Bethesda’s Starfield. Brought to you by Starfield Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, who has been working for Bethesda since 2002.

Akila - The Free City. This city is protected by walls and you don’t want to go outside those walls. Some terrible monsters will eat you.

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We got everything here to make another classic Metroid game.

Remember Kraid? He’s not looking so good in Metroid Dread. Somebody has him chained up. Doesn’t look like Samus gives much of a shit, it’s gonna be a missle to his grill for sure. We also get to see all of the classic Metroid game mechanics, Dread is looking to go all in on this one. Stay tuned for more updates. Metroid Dread comes out on October 8, 2021.

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Kung Fu with a deep combat Batman Arkham Asylum style system.

In this game you start off a young kung fu master hell bent on revenge. The twist, every time you go down you age a little bit. Do you have until the time that your life runs out to get revenge? We’ll find out next year with Sloclap Studios release of Sifu on the 22nd of February 2022.

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Shatter All Expectations!

King of Fighters XV Release date is 2/17/2022. In this trailer we get to see everything KOF15 has to offer. 39 fighters with more to come with DLC. All of your favorites here, even some ‘returning from the grave.’ SNK is promising the most in-depth and comprehensive battles in KOF history. There will be a story mode, trial mode, gallery mode and more!. A DJ Music station with over 300 tracks. So get ready! The King Of Fighters will be held once more!

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Check it out playable April!

Here we go. Classic Ninja Turtle arcade gameplay. All the turtles are here, but now you can finally play as April O'Neil. She even drops the mic! Will this lead to more playable characters from the TMNT universe? Let’s hope so, I need that Wingnut and Screwloose. 

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