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I’m so emotional right now.

Happy Anniversary Halo! Here are some moments I will never forget.

Playing Halo CE on a rear-projection television on a system that was linked to another TV that was in the Kitchen and another that was in a bedroom. With twelve sometimes sixteen people in my house. I will never forget playing Halo 2 for the first time online and meeting people and making friends from all over the world. Gorilla Warbear, Geordski, Zero, Man of Ponage, Bad Shot, Estrada, and of course KDigga. You are truly missed on this day brother! Halo 3 and the ball of death. My trolly-ass video on YouTube “Sniper Master” got over a million views, but I deleted it because somebody copyrighted me. Halo 4 and my epic Ghost splatter kill record and making the Halo Top 10 on the leader boards. FnJimmy’s epic Golden Video Review of Halo uhhhhh Reach. Then finally Halo 5: Guardians. Honestly I didn’t play this one too much. Check out the Halo Infinite Multiplayer RELEASE TRAILER!

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Buy it again for the first time!

Here I will tell you my chain of events with this trailer today. I see it, at first I’m uncertain of what it is until I see Roland and realize it’s the DLC from Borderalnds 2. There’s not a price in sight. So I’m thinking, maybe it’s a pre-order bonus for the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. I downloaded the game and I don’t see anything. So I go back to the YouTube and track down the link to ‘Get Assault on Dragon Keep’ and it takes me to a page where I find the price. FREE on Epic Games. $9.99 everywhere else. This is absolutely my favorite DLC for any Borderlands game and it is totally worth the price. Especially if you have not played it yet. Have fun!

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Don’t worry, it’s still coming out this year!

The Final Final Fantasy XIV expansion is set to NOW release on December 7, 2021. A short delay from it’s original release date. The game’s director Naoki Yoshida was in tears during the announcement. People have been waiting for a very long time for this release. Fans of the game have taken days off from work and rescheduling during the holiday season won’t be easy. Shit happens though and Shigeru Miyamoto said it best: “It’ll come out when it’s GD ready!” or something like that.

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So why is everyone so excited about this?

Elden Ring from the creators of Dark Souls & Demon’s Souls. Now I tried to play Dark Souls way back in the day when it first came out and I just didn’t get it. I understand what’s happening now, but still this just isn’t my style. I do like to watch people play these games and have seen many speed runs and kill every boss videos. I’m very excited to watch people play Elden Ring!

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We love the Street Fighter here at

Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System just barely ahead of Street Fighter V for the PlayStation. I myself have purchased at least 10 copies of Street Fighter V. We love the capcom. I also probably owned more than one copy of Street Fighter II for the SNES. Let’s be honest, I’ve bought a lot of Street Fighter games in my day. Most importantly, let’s not forget all the quarters getting dropped in when I was a young boy living in arcades across America. 

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2 New "Battlefield 2042" Maps Revealed

By: goukijones Nov 1, 2021 | 1 Comments

We’re gonna go through all sorts of environments.

You also get a first look at the exoskeleton suit. Who else can just drop 20 feet through a glass ceiling and land perfectly on their feet, not losing their balance at all. You don't even take any damage. Only the militaries of Battlefield 2042. It’s all good, I know it’s a video game. For the guy in the chopper who is attacking those on the rooftop, the players that fell should take some damage, right? He should have shot his full-on rockets and not the machine gun. Silly pilot.

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This ain’t yo mama’s Witcher

We’re all patiently waiting for the release of The Witcher Season 2. The first season was great. The shows looks great, feels like a medieval epic. Superman is great in it and the rest of the cast is incredible. The show is just great! If you haven’t checked out the first season, you should. It's great!

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What they are calling a 'multiplayer melee survival action game.'

A new Battle Royale game coming to the PlayStation. Take a look at these characters. Very far out there, set in an almost 1940’s background, but with a lot of future / steampunk elements. The characters and some of the traversing across the map really stands out. Easily the highlight for me from the State of Play. We’ll have to wait to see more. The game is set for Spring, 2022.

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Check out just some of the characters in Triangle Strategy.

Fans of this genre have got to be going nuts for this game. Square Enix never rereleased the original Final Fantasy Tactics on any console. You could play on the phone, but mine would get so hot after just a few minutes of playing. Same with Final Fantasy III(6). That never worked out for me. I don’t want to play on those tiny ass screens with my fingers anyway. I want to play it with a controller on a big screen. Project Triangle looks like a whole new creation on the same level of Final Fantasy Tactics and I can’t wait. Check out the latest trailer.

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It’s only another 21 more years of Tom Brady.

Props to everyone for getting this in the game. Adding this joke about Tom Brady still playing football in 2042 has got this game a bunch of mainstream attention, especially from the football crowd. The Battlefield hype continues. What do you think my Tom Brady PSA 10 Rookie Card is worth in 2042?

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What was that trailer they showed us last year? Pretend it never happened.

The good news is, this trailer is nothing like the video they showed us last year. What we have here is pure excitement for the next installment in the Halo franchise. Watch the Brute charge full speed at you and the Master Chief just pop him in the grill with the butt of his gun. A new Elite hunter, who just has the hots for killing Spartans. He looks incredible! The over world map shows options for the Master Chief to attack and not just remain on the same path you find in a typical storyline. Something different, something interesting. Back to do whatever I can to land a few more Xbox Series X for me and the homies.

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I had to do a double take the first time I saw this trailer.

There is some really high-level detail involved in the animation process of this game. Absolutely incredible. From crawling under the car to walking through the party in a fancy red dress. Looking like Pauline from Super Mario. I love a good strategy game and the way War Mongrels looks is an easy one for me. I can’t wait to talk more about War Mongrels very soon.

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