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I made this to show fnjimmy how to grab a bunch of nubfarm mobs.

grasp rastered title

This build video will show you how to design your level 72 Amara in Borderlands 3 to kill the most mobs in the least time... it's okay for bosses too as long as there's some adds to grab.

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It’s not Borderlands 4, but it is.

We are getting Ork Avatars in a Borderlands game!😲 Well excuse me it’s not exactly a Borderlands game. There’s magic spells, melee, huge open worlds and guns! Just like in Borderlands. It’s not Borderlands though. Butt Stallion! Red chest full of loot that goes CHA-CHING when you get an orange, just like in Borderlands. Ok you get the picture. Coming March 25, 2022 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will have 3 different versions at launch.

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Do you remember the time... when we first met?

Take a new adventure in the Anime series and manage the town and do battles with your favorite characters. Registration is now open to get involved on iOS and Google Play. Check the links below to sign up!

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Quick before Sabretooth goes into a Frenzy!

The most in-depth look we’ve got at combat so far for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The action does look a lot more fast-paced than expected and that’s a good thing. Something that bothers me looking at this trailer is when The Hunter is walking around in the courtyard and her animation just isn’t smooth. It’s 2021 and we still can’t get a smooth looking animation for just walking around? But I’m just nitpicking I guess.

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Fans of Peppa Pig are hype!

Do you eat your fruits and vegetables at least 5 times a day? Well if you plan on heading to Potato Land you better be eating all of your nutrients through the day! This trailer features ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE and you’re not going to believe your eyes, Peppa Pig looks just like his cartoon self. Customize your character and become best friends with Peppa Pig.

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The long history of Tales games continues.

Starting way back in the 90’s, the Tales series of games has been a hit for BANDAI NAMCO for more than 20 years. The new game will be released on September 10, 2021, but you can check out the demo now on all consoles and PC. Check out the trailer. 

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Run & Gun Shoot’em Up Adventure Time!

From Apogee Entertainment Turbo Overkill is a First-Person Shooter set in the world of DrDisrespect. Just kidding the Doctor has nothing to do with this game. As somebody who grew up in the 80’s tho, I’m loving the vibe here. There is a chainsaw attached to your leg so when you can kick and slide through enemies they get obliterated. Better watch your toes! There are a variety of cool weapons to use. Turbo Overkill is going to be a high-octane blast when it’s released on PC and consoles “SOON.”

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Live the life... for a couple of weeks.

Tired of the big city? Pack up your things and just move out to the lake. It’s easy right? Meet Mildred The Cat Lady, Robert The Lumberjack, and Brutus The Barber. Will there be love? Will there be trouble? Will there be a viewing of the 1980’s classic starring Dolph Lundren, He-Man Masters Of The Universe? Find out about all of this and more when you play LAKE. Out now!

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I’m a vampire, remember. We invited stealth. *Blade

Featuring Avengers, X-Men, & Runaways. You get to create your own Marvel Superhero for this game and you even get a demon dog pet to accompany you on your adventure. Strategic combat is based on a card dealing system. You can level up your skills and teammates in your home base. Coming in February of 2022.

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New graphics, new features!

This is from Atari and it is serious! Classic arcade action updated for the modern gamer. Check out these new features: challenges, new power ups, Co-op. Centipede is one of the oldest games I remember watching my dad play in the arcade. The machine that only had coin slots, player start buttons, a rolling ball to move the shooter and that one button to fire your gun.

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Better be light on your feet in the zombie apocalypse.

The video is a bit teasey, but you can catch a glimpse of the hand-to-hand combat. The use of bicycle chains as knuckle dusters and wall running to get momentum for punches. The parkour looks easy for the devs right, this is their second shot at this game and I’m certain it’s going to be more fine-tuned than its predecessor. 

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Build incredible cities while flying over a large open world below.

Remember that movie with the giant cities driving around on a barren earth. Here we have the flying city version of that. Coming to consoles and PC you can build cities high up in the sky. How will your sky-high platform shape up in Airborne Kingdom?

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