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Concept art lookin' real slick here.

Here are a few short clips just giving us all a taste of the environments in Bethesda’s Starfield. Brought to you by Starfield Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, who has been working for Bethesda since 2002.

Akila - The Free City. This city is protected by walls and you don’t want to go outside those walls. Some terrible monsters will eat you.

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We got everything here to make another classic Metroid game.

Remember Kraid? He’s not looking so good in Metroid Dread. Somebody has him chained up. Doesn’t look like Samus gives much of a shit, it’s gonna be a missle to his grill for sure. We also get to see all of the classic Metroid game mechanics, Dread is looking to go all in on this one. Stay tuned for more updates. Metroid Dread comes out on October 8, 2021.

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Kung Fu with a deep combat Batman Arkham Asylum style system.

In this game you start off a young kung fu master hell bent on revenge. The twist, every time you go down you age a little bit. Do you have until the time that your life runs out to get revenge? We’ll find out next year with Sloclap Studios release of Sifu on the 22nd of February 2022.

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Shatter All Expectations!

King of Fighters XV Release date is 2/17/2022. In this trailer we get to see everything KOF15 has to offer. 39 fighters with more to come with DLC. All of your favorites here, even some ‘returning from the grave.’ SNK is promising the most in-depth and comprehensive battles in KOF history. There will be a story mode, trial mode, gallery mode and more!. A DJ Music station with over 300 tracks. So get ready! The King Of Fighters will be held once more!

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Check it out playable April!

Here we go. Classic Ninja Turtle arcade gameplay. All the turtles are here, but now you can finally play as April O'Neil. She even drops the mic! Will this lead to more playable characters from the TMNT universe? Let’s hope so, I need that Wingnut and Screwloose. 

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From Korean developer Pearl Abyss.

Out of all the games I got to see today at Gamescom, DokeV has to be one of the more unique looking games on display. Looks at these animations! DokeV is all about creature-collecting in an open world action-adventure game. C’mon man these graphics and animations are incredible. Total 100% HYPE!

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Who’s your favorite Skywalker?

Everyone loves the classic Lego adventure games. You see the humor that Lego has always brought to their video game franchises that guarantee a more light-hearted experience in the Star Wars universe. From Anakin to Rey you’ll get the full Skywalker saga. The graphics for the Lego bricks look better than ever. Whenever I see a galaxy map, the game has my attention.

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What did we just see here?

Halo Infinite multiplayer and campaign will launch together on December 8, 2021. We’ve got tons of footage below from Gamescom and the world premiere Multiplayer trailer that may not be exactly what you would expect, but the hype train is pulling up. Are you getting onboard? 

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Coming March 2022.

Well this certainly came out of left field for me. I thought this was another Marvel Ultimate Alliance at first. Then I saw that it was from the studio who brought us games like XCOM & Civilization. We’ll get our first look at Marvel's Midnight Suns actual gameplay on September 1st. The game is set to come out next year and we’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

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We’re scrapping the sequel numbers now.

Welcome to Santo Ileso. A brand new city built from scratch for the new Saints Row. Three gangs battle for control of the city and you’re caught in the middle. Do you have what it takes to be the top gangsta? Check out the official announcement trailer and an interview with one of the stars of the game below.

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Let’s get PSYCHO!

The original game came out way back in 2005. One of Tim Schafer’s first video games and everybody loved it. Now in 2021 we’re getting a follow that looks very promising and traditional to the original game. The game is out now on all consoles and PC. If you have XBOX Game Pass, you can play Psychonauts 2 for free!

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Mighty Xenomorphing Aliens are back!

The next game in the Aliens video game saga is out now. From Cold Iron Studios you get a third-person action game that pairs you up with two friends or two AI on this adventure. You will battle Xenomorphs and Weyland-Yutani Synthetics. You get to customize your marine and there are a bunch of different combinations with weapons and classes. Do you have what it takes to survive this dreadful planet?

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