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What’s the gravity set on in this trailer?

Personally I believe I’m seeing exactly what I thought this movie was going to look like. Holland is probably going to be great in this movie, he just comes across a little too small for how I imagine the Drake. And what’s with the jumping back into the plane? Looks bad on a completely unrealistic level. Other than those two observations, I can’t wait to see more!

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Very interesting so far…

Only 2 classes are revealed in this trailer. One is a stealth-style with a huge double-sided blade. The art of sneak. The other is an ice warrior. Wielding a giant ice axe, this character can jump forward to an enemy. They can also spin around swinging the axe in an iced frenzy. Before you asked me to rank them, I would say Stabbomancer #1, Brr-Zerker #2. We’ll have more Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands reports coming soon!

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In the latest tease from Starfield Devs…

Meet the Ecliptic Mercenaries, Pirates of the Crimson Fleet, Violent Spacers, and the Fanatic Religious Zealots. Now not much is known about these groups. They’re going to be in space. You as a player will come across these characters. Some factions you may friend and some you may do battle with. Who knows, the world is yours and inevitably you will rule the galaxy. Seriously though, this is just a short trailer. I’m glad they are trying to share some content for this game. Starfield doesn’t release until 11-11-22 and that’s a long way off. I know everyone is dying for a first look at the game actually moving. Stay tuned for more!

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Don't miss the thrilling escape!

In a daring escape from only the 4th stage in Back 4 Blood. We see FnJimmy experience a once in a lifetime epic action movie last second drama filled explosive ending. Live from Featuring GoukiJones, GrrrtyGirl, & BatRastered!

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It’s ya boys the... Court of Owls!

The thing I’m most excited about this game for is the co-op. Does it even have co-op? Yeah I believe it does, I’m very excited to play as any of the Bat Kids with FnJimmy, Batty, & Grrrty. In the past I was a huge fan of the first two Rocksteady Batman games and I’m really praying for this one to be good and the boys want to play it also. Only time will tell. Not really any gameplay in this trailer, they’re just tipping off the story. The DC game library is amping it up for 2022!

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Kill the WHAT?!

Who do you think the hardest JL member will be to kill? First off, they all look to be seriously cracked out. Batman right? He would be the toughest kill. Superman EZ Clap with some Kryptonite. Flash, I don’t know. Maybe if he was on a rage induced speedfest it could be difficult to trap him the right way. Wonder Woman looks like she may be fighting with the Suicide Sqaud, but her details still remain unknown. Green Lantern definitly has some big guns aimed at those squishy soft flesh Suicide Squad members. This is a great idea for the game, all the Justice League members are the bosses. Let’s do it!

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Look at the beauty of that Mario Kart 64 online!

I saw the Tweet that these controllers went live. Guess what though, before I could even verify my account information on AND I had the controllers in my cart… THEY WERE GONE! Instantly sold out. Nintendo is promising more “accessories” will be available before the end of October. Nintendo Online with Expansion Pack begins on October 25, 2021. Get ‘N’ Or Get OUT!

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You know me and those city building games.

You’re the captain and the mayor of a giant floating space rock with a city on it. Well an old destroyed city that you must break down and rebuild. Meanwhile you gotta dodge meteor showers and other attacks on your city. Grow your city, protect your city and explore. The graphics look really clean and vibrant. I can’t wait to give this a try. Hopefully more will come soon. Check out the trailer!

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The perfect game for FnJimmy’s tripod stance!

Oh my I had no idea Nintendo Switch was getting so heavy into the WANK GANG. At first when I caught a glance of this trailer I wasn’t too sure of what I was looking at. Ok, an arcade shooter game that reveals anime girl naughty parts the more you progress. Then they hit me with the ‘Discover the convenient practicality of ONE HAND MODE!’ That's when I knew this was more serious than I had originally thought.

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Squad VS Squad action!

A new game mode in any form is a welcome inclusion for me. This is what I want to see in gaming, more new shit! Maybe some of you think that Hazard Zone isn’t a big deal or it’s a rehash of another mode or you’ve seen this in other games. That’s fine. I never understood how when games went public and all of the sudden there’s private servers with hundreds of different game modes, that the devs never thought of any of this. Well here we are with Hazard Mode, one step closer to a utopia of game development.

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Ricochet to your grill means your COD days are over.

Has cheating got that out of control on Call Of Duty that there is a Stop-The-Presses sort of announcement that the DEVs are coming for you. How many non-cheating accounts will be banned when this drops? I can already imagine the Tweets and forum posts. Personally I’m not a big player of the COD’s. I’ve played a few and I always try the new betas to see if I may like it. Now what about the ‘Where’s the audio?’ complaints?!

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In another universe errrr GALAXY that needs savin'!

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has had my eye since the first time I saw it. A lot of the combat reminds me of Final Fantasy VII Remake, so I have my fingers crossed that I find the same enjoyment in GOTG as I did FF7R. The graphics and more specifically the colors of the game are very interesting. I always thought the Marvel movies made space look really cool. Well, Square Enix has done a wonderful job making space look cool in their new universe as well. I can’t wait to play.

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