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Borderlands: Zombie Island of Dr Ned Review

By: BatRastered Nov 27, 2009 | 5 Comments

Zombies and an additional 7 hours of gameplay for 10 bucks. Braaaaaaaaaaaains!

Borderlands may have been the surprise hit of the year in 2009. While I'm not a fan of paying for DLC so close to the release of a game, I can say that an extra 7 hours of play (co-op no less) for 10 bucks actually represents a pretty solid value these days.

There are new enemies to fight (zombies), though the main difference between them and the human raiders from the main game is that the zombies have no shields and tend to attack in swarms. (This make fire and blast elemental weapons particularly effective.) There are a few other new creatures such as the wereskags and some bat like creatures that take place of the flying rakk.

The new area (Jakob's Cove) is quite large, so much so that it was a bit dissapointing that you couldn't fast travel between the new areas that were in it. It doesn't appear that any new weapons or weapon types were added for this expansion (at least we didn't come accross any).

The humor from the main game is here, and is even turned up a notch with some laugh out loud moments when coming accross some of the characters.

If you enjoyed playing through the original quests, you should definitely pick this up, with the same caveat I'd give the full game; it's much more fun to play co-op online than alone.

Verdict: Buy it (or should I say, download it).

$49.99! Borderlands W/Free Shipping

This is probably a limited time only. Now is the time! Hadoken!

So it's Black Friday and the deals have been crazy. I just found this awesome deal if you're a Street Fighter fan or want to get ready for Super Street Fighter IV next year. The original Tournament Edition Street Fighter IV Fightstick for $99.99! AND free shipping! Stolen!

Street Fighter IV FightStick
Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition

You can always check out the Mad Catz Store.

This weekend only!

EBgames Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Get a deal on some games you missed out on or re-up on those controllers you smashed trying to get the Achievements in Halo 3: ODST.

Hurry while supplies last! 60% off! Black Friday Deals Jimmy!

Black Friday deals! You can not beat this just for the fight stick alone! Check this out Jimmy!

*You gotta click back once and go into the gold box for the deal!

Tekken 6 Limited Edition Wireless Fight Stick Bundle for $60!



Borderlands on sale for $44 and new DLC!

By: goukijones Nov 24, 2009 | 3 Comments

Check out the DLC for Borderlands and get the game on sale for $44!

It's the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. It's 800 Microsoft points and I hate paying for DLC, but I kinda wanna play this. I had a lot of fun playing Borderlands and this DLC might be reason to pop it back in and continue to level up my Sniper! Check out this Video.

So it looks like a lot of fun. I'd really like to know what "How of new gameplay" meant. 2 hours? 4 hours? 8 hours for 10 bucks would be nice. I've already maxed out level 50 on one character so I wouldn't even play with him since the level cap has not been increased. @Batrastered what up Jimmy?!

$44! Borderlands W/Free Shipping


Story Image

Xbox 360 12 Month Live Gold Card LOWEST PRICE!!

By: goukijones Nov 24, 2009 | 8 Comments

Don't pay full price for Xbox Live Jimmy! These two sites have amazing deals!

xbox live 12 month gold card

With an Xbox Live Gold subscription you can play games online! Like Modern Warfare 2 and Madden. Get special deals and discount only for gold members and of course stream Netflix!

So check it out, you can get Xbox Live for $10 Cheaper than a directly from Microsoft. You can order it now, put the code in and time will automatically be added to your account. You can't lose. Why not save $10 or more?! Don't be a Jimmy!

You got two options here ...

Read full story...



Bioshock 2 Limited Edition looks like garbage

By: goukijones Nov 20, 2009 | 8 Comments

Are you serious?! For $99.99?! The price must be wrong. There's no way Jimmy!

So just announced today the details for the Bioshock 2 Limited Edition. No bobbleheads, no scale versions of any of the guns.

Here's what you get ...

The Game

A 12" Vinyl LP (an old record for you youngsters out there) Something you can't actually play or use.

An audio CD of the soundtrack

Three posters from rapture

An art book (hardcover)

Bioshock 2 Limited Edition


All this for $99.99! WHAT?! What justifies that? For example the Mass Effect 2 limited edition is $69.99, comes with the game, a hardcover book, a bonus dvd and other bonus content for the game. For only an extra 10 bucks, I will get the Mass Effect 2 limited edtion. As far as Bioshock 2, goes pre-order the regular version now for $53.99 and get a $10.00 credit toward a future video game purchase. Now that's a deal Jimmy!

Nothing confirmed, but the guy does look bad ass!

A friend of mine sent me this link yesterday and I thought I would share it. There was a contest to create a character concept for Street Fighter IV. This is the winning submission. I think it's bad ass and I would love to see this guy fighting Dhalsim or El Fuerte. Give this guy some love check out his site he's got a sweet picture of T-bag from Prison Break and Heroes.


Street Fighter IV Concept Character

Read more and check out other great Street Fighter art here

Deals Jimmy! Don't pay full price Jimmy! Save 5 bucks! Save 10 bucks!! Free shipping!!!

I'm gonna start a new column on the site about the deals I find. I don't pay full price for any video game anymore. There are deals every where and I love to hunt them down. I'm going to share all the best deals I find with you Jimmy.

Check it out! Both of these games are on sale at Newegg and it's always free shipping!

Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360 Game EA

Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360 Game EA


Assassin's Creed 2 Xbox 360 Game UBISOFT

Assassin's Creed 2 Xbox 360 Game UBISOFT



Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition free giveaway

By: goukijones Nov 18, 2009 | 54 Comments

Register at and leave a comment to be entered!

The Drawing will be held January 25th and the game will be shipped out to you on January 26th.

Rules to be entered into the Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition drawing. Read Carefully Jimmy!

You must be a registered user on with a valid email address.

You must have uploaded an Avatar at

You must have added either your Xbox 360 Gamertag or PSN ID to your profile.

Log in and leave a comment on any story.

This drawing is for ONE copy of Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition.


Sponsored by [email protected]

Mass Effect 2 LE

*Terms/conditions subject to change at anytime. reserves all rights to this giveaway. Winner will be notified by email so make sure your email is correct in your profile Jimmy!



Wednesday Pwnfest Lineup 11/18/09

By: goukijones Nov 18, 2009 | 2 Comments

I have a lot of stuff I want to pwn and film today. Don't be a Jimmy!

Pwntober 3 featuring Big Merkle is going down today. I want o finish getting all of the acheivements in Borderlands. I want to make fun of Marvel Ultimate Alliance some how. That is a Jimmy ass game!

I gotta play some Modern Warfare to even though I absolutely suck at it.

Dragon Age: Origins has become a little more fun since I started over and built my character a little better. I was lookin' like a Nuab before!


Today's Lineup


Left 4 Dead 2

Modern Warfare 2

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Dragon Age: Origins

Halo 3


Maybe some ...

Street Fighter IV

Community Blog


Editorial: PS3 Rocks 360, End of Story

By: jalexbrown Nov 14, 2009 | 10 Comments

In this editorial, I'll discuss why I think the PS3 beats out the 360.

It was October the 17th - my birthday, in fact - and I just got home.  I had a big box under my arm, and what should be in it but a brand new 120GB PS3 Slim.  I unpacked it, hooked it up, and immediately got to popping in the games.  That was when I realized something about the PS3: it's freaking awesome!  And I mean there's no two ways about it; it's just freaking awesome.

Firstly let me discuss the exclusives.  I know some people - including a few close friends - who bash the PS3, saying it has no decent exclusives.  My response: you're nuts!  I could name one game - Metal Gear Solid 4 - and stop with my point proven, but why do that if I don't have to?  I can go on to Uncharted/Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo 5, White Knight Chronicles, Valkyria Chronicles, Resistance/Resistance 2, Demon's Soul (this game has cought some crap on here, but I'm still saying it's probably decent), Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma/Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (technically ports, but with PS3-exclusive upgrades), God of War 3, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Little Big Planet, and many more that I didn't name.  That's a fairly long list of PS3-exclusives that are or will be (most likely) decent, and that's not even a complete list!  How, oh how, can you say the PS3's exclusive library is bad?

You say you want free online play for all those awesome exclusives?  Guess what?  You get free online play with the PS3, as well as free access to Sony's avarar-based social networking application, Playstation Home.  You also get specific locations in Home only available during certain times, usually used to promote a big upcoming game for the PS3.

Did I mention the controller?  I think the PS3's controller surpasses the 360 controller in almost every way.  I have to admit that the 360's controller has a slight edge when playing FPS games, but the PS3's controller can compensate with a built-in rechargable battery.  That's right, no need to run out to the store to buy AA batteries at that crucial gaming moment when the batteries drain out in your controller.  The controller can be charged via a USB cable, and it can be charged using one of your PS3 ports or one of your PC's USB ports.  In addition, you can use it while it's charging if you're using one of your PS3's USB ports.  For all intents and purposes, I'd say the PS3's controller contour and design is identical to the PS2's controller, but that's not by any stretch a bad thing.

Oh yeah, and did I even mention yet that the PS3 is actually stable?  Unlike with the 360, where you have to worry every time you turn it on if it'll red-ring on you, the PS3 works every single time you turn it on.  You might, might, MIGHT be in the marginal percentage of people - less than 2%, I believe - that get a defective PS3, but the odds are highly against you getting two defective units in a row.  With the 360, I've heard of people getting two, three, or more defective 360 units in a row.  That won't happen with the PS3 (well, I don't like to say never, like I'd say the odds are highly opposed to that happening).

The technical capabilities of the PS3 are far more amazing than the 360.  The specs for the two systems weigh out to a balance, but the Cell in the PS3 - combined with the Blu-Ray drive - allows the PS3 more future potential as soon as the developers tap into all of it.  We're getting games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 now, and the PS3 hasn't even been tapped to its potential; hell, it probably hasn't been tapped to half of its potential.  There's still a bright future ahead of the PS3 on the technical front.

I'm sure I haven't covered all the reasons I think the PS3 is the superior console, but if I've missed any, they're irrelevent; I've hit enough of the points to get across what I think and why I think so.  I don't want to be confused for some hate-spewing fanboy, because I still have my 360 and I still intend to play and enjoy my 360; I just wanted to write a somewhat informative, fact-based article explaining why I believe the PS3 is better this gen.

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